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Encounter: A thief in the wood[edit]

  • CR 10
  • Integration While the party is wandering about in the woods for whatever reason. Travelling to the nearest town, or looking for their lost horse. It doesn't matter how the encounter comes into play the DM should know the appropriate time to set the scene.
  • Prep Time 10 minutes
  • Play Time may vary


While traveling on a dirt road through a dense forest, you find a hooded figure with blonde hair approaching you. He looks to be wearing black robes with a purple colored trim around the outfit. He has a satchel slung over his neck, tucked under his left arm. A small sword is sheathed on a strap on his waist. He yells greetings. While smirking and, reaching for his dagger slipped in his boot.


Hooded stranger (Human thief)


(The thief has stats, and has a character sheet in case of combat or the group recruiting him as a party member)When the thief meets the party he will greet them and start a small conversation. When its is over he will walk past the last party member and, pick his/her pocket. He will steal a minimum of 50 gold pieces or, a maximum of 100 gold pieces. (Although as writer of this adventure, if the party character has 100 gold pieces or more. I recommend the thief to steal 100 gold pieces. If the PC has less than 50 gold pieces make him steal a very important item to the character or an item of worth. The thief steals this instantly no roll he steals it no stopping it. Have the PC's make a Perception check. If the DC was 20 or more it is noticed that, the thief stole the item(s). The thief will not willingly join the group if the party desires. He will only join if it means death if he does not join.


The Stranger wears a black robe with purple trim and carries A leather satchel. The satchel contains a small sack of herbs, flint and steel, and two potions. One of invisibility, the other of healing. He also wears high, hard leather boots, six daggers in his right pocket, one in his boot, and a leather backpack. Inside the backpack rests a small ivory box (which holds 3 magic scrolls, magic missile, burning hands, and levitation). In the backpack also lies a winter blanket, hand crossbow, and 50 bolts. A bedroll lies on top of his backpack. As well 374 gold pieces lie in his purse.

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