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And yet, of all the alien wonders I have seen, these blood-thirsty keshalyen remain the greatest.
—Dr. Theseus Grey

The keshalyen are a mysterious and secretive alien race that has only recently been introduced to the human population as a whole. Their sole purpose as a unified race seems to be the annihilation of other sentient species.


Remarkably human-like, the keshalyen are classified by human biologists as primates. Males stand well over six feet tall, and weigh an average of 250 lbs. Females are on average a foot shorter than males, with a slightly lighter build that averages 200 lbs.

Very basically, keshalyen look like tall humans with a slightly elongated jaw and prominent canine teeth. Their skin tone is generally a pale shade from living in space and constantly wearing environment suits. Their facial features are notably different, with long ears and slitted pupils which contract in the light like a cat's. The shapes of protective bone-groups are visible through skin all over the body, especially on their shoulders, legs, chests, skulls, and hands. They have five digits on each hand and foot, and their fingers and toes are long, with an extra knuckle.

Keshalyen have hair on their bodies, and more concentrated on their heads just like humans, but the preferred (and in many cases mandatory) style is completely shaved for conformity and practicality. Their hair tends to be brown, grey, black, and white.

The natural environment for keshalyen is oxygen rich, like Earth, but genetic modification at birth has granted most individuals the ability to breathe carbon-dioxide as well. Keshalyen can hold their breath longer then humans and can withstand greater pressures.

Keshalyen are fast and agile creatures, easily outpacing most humans and having deadly reflexes, as well as a hardy constitution and greater strength. This is partially natural ability and partially due to intense genetic modification made to all keshalyen, as well as their "survival of the fittest" racial attitude.


The keshalyen have a bloody history of violence and genocide. Millenia ago, they destroyed their own planet through a destructive war that all but annihilated their race. Afterwards, they gathered under mysterious religious leaders who have the ability to be revived after death. These self-proclaimed prophets led the keshalyen throughout the galaxy, destroying any planet with sentient life they came across. Few planets escaped their fervor, and they destroyed some of the First's greatest work. When keshalyen encountered the human ship The Heavens, which subsequently led them to Earth, they began yet another crusade to eradicate a fellow sentient race.


The driving force behind keshalyen society is religion. Ultimately, they are ruled by a small class of prophets, whom the general population reveres. The prophecy that dominates the keshalyen race is the same motivating force that fosters their relentless hostility to other intelligent life: The keshalyen will destroy all other sentient races in the galaxy under the blood-soaked flag of their ancestors, and will then be allowed to return to their home planet, D'Janna, which will have been miraculously restored into a paradise.

As a race that is unified almost completely by religion, the keshalyen are very hardset in their ways. Fulfilling their great prophecy is the center of morality for the vast majority of keshalyen. Science, economy, agriculture etc. are all seen as stepping stones to their paradise.

Even before the great prophecy was revealed, keshalyen had always been extremely warlike and violent. Corporal punishment is an integral part of their militant caste-based society, and capital punishment is practiced frequently without hesitation or conflict.


The keshalyen are an intergalactic space-faring species. They use cryogenic preservation and near-lightspeed propulsion methods to get them where they want to go.

With a vast empire of planets to draw resources from, the keshalyen use complicated metallic alloys that are superior in weight:hardness ratio than any alloy produced by humanity. Their strongest and favourite alloy, known as D’Jonii, is present in their ships’ hulls, personal armor, and most other equipment. Although human scientists are baffled by keshalyen alloys, they have been able to manipulate D’Jonii to some extent.

Power sources and cryogenic preservation methods are a different story, however. Humanity’s capability in these terms has been revolutionized since contact with the keshalyen. Some human public figures controversially refer to the contact as “the best thing to ever happen to humanity”.

Racial Traits[edit]

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