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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A hand with an eye in the palm
Home Plane: The Groves of Sylvaria
Alignment: Good
Portfolio: Half-Elves
Clergy Alignments: Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Good and Chaotic Good
Domains: Charm Domain
Favored Weapon: Light Mace


Keldelon ecourages his followers to be kind to those less fortunate, but also to respect those who are more fortunate. But to those who are overindulgant, he teaches to humble them. He often sends his clerics to go into the homes of such overindulgents and charm them into giving away at least some of their fortunes. He also teaches his followers not to steal outright, but to live a life of at least moderate humility. To his diligent followers, he sends riches and small fortunes; But to those who live "high on the hog" without any charitable donations, he sends both calamity and his followers to "Humble" them.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clergy of Keldelon are often poor, or at least slightly well off. They are nomadic, living in caravans that travel from city to city in their quest to do charity for the poor. They are often told what city to go to by contacting either Keldelon himself or one of his messengers, which look like oversized Bees. The caravans go where ever they are sent, no matter how far the distance.

Their temples aren't stationary, but are atop one of the wagons in every caravan. The temples are often decorated with wolf pelts, pictures of Keldelon, and in the center of the wagon is the scrying pool to contact their diety.

Clerics of Keldelon go on adventures for many reasons. Those who receive treasure often use it to better the lives of those less fortunate. They often give away all money they get in an adventure, but they keep the weapons and armor they may get. Clerics of Keldelon are also proficient with charm spells, using them to not only force sinful people to give away their riches, but to also charm their enemies in combat.

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