Karthica Traits and Flaws (Karthica Supplement)

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All of the following rules are entirely optional and not necessary for this campaign setting. However, I thought I would include the non-standard rules that I have used specifically for my own Karthica campaign.


Large pupils: gain low-light vision to 60 feet, but become blinded for one round if you move from an area of darkness to full light (i.e. daylight)

Disfigured: +2 intimidation, -2 charm

Squat: +2 to resist being knocked down, but -2 to jump checks

Impulsive: +2 initiative, must succeed on a DC-15 concentration check to delay an action

Voracious: The character can eat twice as much as a normal individual

Strong Metabolic Response: The player must resist any non-magical biological effects, whether he wants to or not. He gets a +4 on his throw.

Lucky: May add +1 to a single roll per session

Large hands: +1 unarmed damage, -1 to dexterity for manipulating fine objects (e.g. a lockpick), +1 to hand strength checks

Far-sighted: +2 spot, -2 search

Near-sighted: +2 search, -2 spot

Mental fortress: +4 to resist persuasion, -4 to persuade

Kleptomaniac: +4 sleight-of-hand, must DC-12 will check to avoid trying to steal an object of great monetary or personal value

Plain: +4 to disguise and to move unnoticed, but -1 charisma

Sleeping giant: -2 strength outside of combat, +1 strength in combat

Aggressive: +1 attack bonus, -1 AC

Defensive: +1 AC, -1 attack bonus

Cautious: Reflex save to avoid being flat-footed, +2 to notice a trap or ambush, -5 speed


Forgetful: -2 to remember a piece of information

Poor eyesight: -2 to sight

Poor hearing: -2 to listen

Heavy-footed: -2 to move silently

Stinking: -2 to charm when within 5 feet of other individual

Distracted: -2 to initiative

Narcoleptic: on an initiative roll of 1, you must test fortitude (DC-12) or fall asleep

Alcoholic: you are an incurable alcoholic

Phobia: You have a phobia. Must check or be shaken/afraid.

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