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All of the following rules are entirely optional and not necessary for this campaign setting. However, I thought I would include the non-standard rules that I have used specifically for my own Karthica campaign.

Character Creation[edit]


Each player may choose up to two traits. A player may alternatively take three traits and one flaw, although in most situations this is inadvisable.

Ability Scores

When rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest die, the average sum of the dice is a fraction more than 12. Multiplied out by six (the number of attributes) and rounded up to the nearest 5pt interval generates a value of 75.

Therefore, instead of rolling 4d6 for each ability score, the player may choose to instead distribute 75 points however they wish to their six ability scores. The only limitation is that a player must assign between 3 and 18 points to each ability.


Prestige class levels may be taken. The DM should make sure that the prestige class fits within the context of the plot. A character must act in accordance with a certain specialization before they can take on the associated prestige class.

I did not use variant classes in my game, but there is nothing specifically wrong with using them.

Background Modifiers

Character's receive certain benefits based upon where they grew up. This is an optional component of the Karthica campaign.

Hoklipon: Character receives a +1 attack bonus, and 1 bonus rank in knowledge(military tactics).

Delios: Character receives 1 bonus rank in swim skill and sailing skill.

Ryon: Character gains +2 bonus to will saves.

New Zenbizir: Character gets a +1 bonus to initiative.

Afgar: Character gains 2 bonus ranks to survival skill.

Arcatus: Character has a natural +1 bonus to all crafting skills.

Talthor: Character may choose a single 1st level spell. They may use this spell once per day. Using it requires a DC-10 concentration check. Failure does not prevent the spell from being used later that day.

Hegetite: Character starts with 2 extra hit points.

Non-Affiliated: Character gets one extra skill point to spend on character creation. They also may choose to take a third trait (rather than the usual limit of two).


Heroic characters in Karthica stand apart from the rest of the population. For some reason, they are a bit more fortunate or gifted than others, and it seems that the gods themselves support their actions.

Each player may invoke fate ONCE during the campaign. Invoking fate will allow for a miraculous escape, or a chance to overcome a seemingly impossible obstacle, or something similar. It is something like a powerful "wish" or "miracle" spell.

Invoking fate removes all progress a character has made towards their next level. In other words, all experience for their level is reset to zero.

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