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Karmic Soul[edit]

The Karmic Soul is a Sorcerous origin designed around the presence of karma in the universe (This may also be known as the Rule of Three, The Three-fold Law, or The Law of Return). Your innate magic was gifted to you in return for the lot you were given in life. A tiefling in a holy religious center. A half-elf in a city of humans and elves. A foreigner, an immigrant, a queer person. You and your creed have been continuously given the shortest stick. Through discrimination and hate, the universe has finally given someone the power to bring equality. This is you. Karmic Soul Sorcerers are given powers and ability to deal with individual threats more effectively.

Mark of Retribution

At 1st level, you may mark a target for your justice. As a bonus action, you may place a mark of retribution upon one creature who believes themselves better than you (DM's discretion). The mark remains for 1 hour. The target has disadvantage on saves against your spells and you have advantage on attack rolls against the target. You may use this feature once between long rests.

Warrior of Honor

At 1st level, you gain proficiency with light armor, simple weapons, and martial weapons

Combat the Masses

At 6th level, when a target marked by your Mark of Retribution dies or as a bonus action, you may change the target of your mark. You may add your charisma modifier to one damage roll against a marked creature

Scare the Horrors

At 14th level, you may spend your bonus action to attempt to frighten a marked target. You make an Intimidation check contested by their wisdom saving throw. If they fail the saving throw, they become frightened of you.

Retributive Fury

At 18th level, you may reroll 1s on damage rolls against marked targets. You may add you charisma modifier to damage rolls against marked creatures.

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