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Karma is an optional additional game mechanic that a Dungeon Master may choose to include within his or her game.


A karma point is awarded at the Dungeon Master's discretion to a player for some action that the dungeon master deems worthy. A player may spend karma points to help turn situations more favorable. Once spent, a karma point is lost forever; thus the player must earn more in order to reap more benefits.

Earning Karma[edit]

Though each Dungeon Master may vary on their ideas of what is and is not worthy of Karma, some basics tend to be used. These include the following:

In-Game Earning
Completing a difficult task or mission; Clever ingenuity on the player's part to solve a problem; Sacrifice for other's sake; Great Roleplaying
Out-of-Game Earning
Not Meta-gaming even when it makes life harder on a character; attendance; good attitude; hosting or providing food

Spending Karma[edit]

Every Dungeon Master may differ on what they allow Karma points to be spent on, and will usually provide a basic rundown when informing his or her player's that the system will be used. Some basics include:

To get a re-roll of a die; to add to a skill check; to get one more action in a round; to add one point to an attack or damage roll

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