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The Karadin are an interesting race. They mostly keep to themselves, and are distrusting of outsiders. The harsh winds of the deserts have made them tougher than one would expect at first look. They are an old and intelligent race, and they pride themselves in their ways. Their society has the Chantry on the top, with their Temple Guards under them, below them there is the nobles and soldiers, and at the bottom is the working class. They value family and their ancestors above all. Many who have encountered them have reported strange things happening around them. These are attributed to their ancestors ancient magic, which has been passed down throughout the ages. These curses take many forms, and can have catastrophic effects.


Karadin are Polytheistic and will have Priests to the different Gods. They have a deep set grudge against the Humans.


Karadin are serious race of beings. They tend to be blunt and matter of fact, preferring actions to words in most cases.

Physical Description[edit]

Karadin are usually 6-8 feet tall. They look like a human, save for their heads and feet, which belong to a jackal. They have a dark, almost charcoal like look to their skin. Their fur is short and black. Their eyes are either bright yellow or a intense green.


They are isolationists, so they have an indifferent perspective on most other races. Humans are the only ones that they have an opinion on, and it isn't a very good one.


Any alignment is acceptable.


They live in the furthest corners of the deserts in massive, awe inspiring cities.


They are Polytheistic, and they will usually devote themselves to one of them, similar to Clerics.


They speak Common and Karadic


They have Exotic, Middle Eastern-esque names.

Racial Traits[edit]

+2 to Intelligence
+2 to Strength
-2 to Charisma
+4 to Move Silently
+4 to Balance
+4 to Climb


Bite - A melee range attack for 1 d4.
Low Light Vision
Will of the Ancients - Reroll one roll per day
Bloodhunt - Your Sense of Smell is unparalleled. Get Scent as a bonus feat.

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