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Calkara |creature=Calkara |size=Lg. |type=beast |hd=7d10+21 |hp=56 |init=+6(+2dex =4improv init |speed=45ft |ac=20(+2dex +8natural) |touch=12 |flat=18 |bab=+5 |grapple=+9 |at=2claws +9 1d8+3 each; bite-1 1d4+1 |full_at=same as attack |space=5ftx5ft |reach=10ft |sa=hypnosis |sq=fire vulnerability |fort=+8 |ref=+5 |will=+2 |str=18 |dex=14 |con=16 |int=4 |wis=9 |cha=5 |skills=intimidate+11 hide+5 wilderness lore+6 |feats=(please add) |env=usually cold mountainous |org=(please add) |cr=5 |treas=none(Lair has triple) |align=Chaotic neutral |adv=(please add) |la=(please add)

Calkara are big yellow-brown beasts with waxy matted hair. Because of this they are very scared of fire. A calkara will do almost anything for 2,000 GP worth of diamonds(DM's discretion) and do their absolute best to complete the task given. (DM's discretion)

Combat Information[edit]

Calkara attack the nearest creature not carrying fire with their deadly claws.

Hypnosis(Ex):A creature who looks into the eyes of a calkara must succeed a Will save DC 19 or be unable to act at all until the calkara dies or goes out of sight.

Fire Vulnerability(Ex): A calkara takes triple damage from fire because of it's waxy fur. There is a 50% chance that it catches on fire.

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