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The demon lord Ahzalakh, King of the Hells, Living Avatar of the Reaper, He of the Dark Flame, Black Mark on the Sun God, knows of these blades. Indeed, he probably knows them best. He did not forge them, but something happened to make him study them with all the time and resources he had available — they were used to threaten his life.

What, indeed, could threaten the life of a living god — the one living being who had managed to (permanently!) cripple Pelor and who was held as a deputy to Nerull? What could break through the clouds of black magic and the tainted armor that surrounded him?

He was about to find out.

Ahzalakh was given an ultimatum — call off an attack on the Material Plane and the home planes of the good deities, or be destroyed. He had but three days to give proof of his decision.

His body was found four days later.


These dirks look like a normal pair of dirks with a handle dyed a light green. The sheathes are the same color, and the blades are slightly darker than one might expect — as though they had once been stained with charcoal dust. Touching a dirk for the first time floods the creature with Kahmai's memories, particularly of when she combated Ahzalakh. A dirk in the hand gently nudges the palm of its wielder towards the nearest demon, demonic item, or portal to a demonic plane. The dirks nudge towards the same for devils, as well, but to a lesser extent, and if the dirks would have to choose between nudging towards a demonic or devilish presence, they will nudge to the demonic presence, even if it is up to 30 feet farther away.


Wielding one dirk causes the dirk to behave as a +4 dirk with the keen and speed special qualities. The dirk ignores any profane bonuses to armor class or miss chance. When making an attack roll, the dirk has a 20% chance to reduce the target's AC by 20%. When making a damage roll, the dirk has a 20% chance of dealing an additional 3 damage. The dirks are made of Adamantine.

Wielding both dirks at the same time causes both of them to behave as +9 dirks with the keen, holy power, vorpal, and speed special qualities. The dirks retain the abilities above (with the exception of the weapon enhancements). There is no penalty for wielding both dirks at once. If the wielder has the Dagger Defense class feature from the Assassin base class, he may increase the bonus to his armor class by five for each dirk as long as he wields only Kahmai's Dirks. This bonus lasts for fifteen rounds and counts as one of the assassin's elite abilities per day. Whenever the dirks strike a foe in combat (damage is not necessary, but the target's AC must be breached), that foe loses 3 health and the wielder gains 3 health. This affects all creatures with hit points, including Undead and Constructs.

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