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April Fools!
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Just A Guy[edit]

You’re just a guy, man. You like liquor and the sort, as all guys should. Typically either nonchalant or always drunk. Be it a traumatic past, an addiction that can’t stop, or whatever else, you’ve become indulgent, strengthening your resistance to alcohol but making you susceptible to seduction.

Skill proficiencies: Survival

Tool proficiencies: Brewer’s Supplies

Languages: Common

Equipment: 1gp, 3 tankards, small knife, common clothes

Feature: Indulgence[edit]

You now gain advantage on Constitution saving throws made to resist the effects of drunkenness. You have disadvantage on saving throws made to resist being charmed.

Alternate Feature: Throw Down[edit]

During combat, you can enter a drunken brawl at the expense of a bottle of liquor, when drunken brawling, your melee attacks deal a bonus 1d3 bludgeoning damage and at the end, you fall asleep for 1d10×6 minutes, if woken up, while asleep from a drunken brawl, you do wake up, but you gain a level of exhaustion.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

I suggest you be “a guy”, remember, guys aren't just male, they can be female too! Act like you don’t care much about combat and that you simply want to drink. The reason you go out to adventure is either because you got kicked out of a bar you liked or maybe you need gold to pay said bar you liked, whatever it is, you aren’t adventuring for the sake of it. Chug every bottle of liquor you see and hit on half of the world, fighting the other. Oh, and make sure you are a Scottish black man with a sword, and maybe a grenade launcher if it’s a modern campaign, you’ll either get it or you won’t.

d8 Personality Trait
1 "Life is about having fun"
2 "Life isn't just about having fun"
3 "Life is like a box of chocolates, I just wanna get blown"
4 "You come here often? Cuz I'm here everyday"
5 "Alright m'lady, how's the evening treating you"
6 "Roses are red, violets are blue, you got nice tits"
7 "What's a girl like you cost for an hour?"
8 "Yo, I'm just a dude, I don't care"
d6 Ideal
1 You like fun (Lawful neutral)
2 You like fun slightly less (Neutral)
3 You like having fun at other people's expense (Chaotic Neutral)
4 You wanna ruin peoples fun (Lawful Good)
5 You wanna be the only one having fun (Chaotic Evil)
6 You don't care as long as fun is being had (Unaligned)
d6 Bond
1 I lost a game of card last week, I wanna earn my money back
2 I just really like drinking
3 I want to drink in every tavern there is
4 I just want to party
5 Idk, I'm just a guy, I'm just doing my thing
6 The world is a bleak place until I show up, so I best show up, amaright?
d6 Flaw
1 I drink allot
2 I hit on too many women for no reason
3 I'll do any dare
4 I'm overconfident in my abilities
5 I have allot of sexual harassment complaints from coworkers
6 I wanna sleep with everything and everyone I come across

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