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Juiblex: The Faceless One[edit]

A gelatinous demon lord who seems to have few ambitions and even fewer allies and devotees. Juiblex is the master of many slimes, jellies, and oozes and little more.

  • Level: 1
  • Binding DC: 15
  • Special requirement: Juiblex will not answer the call of a binder who has hosted Zuggtmoy within the last three days.


Juiblex is a simple ambitionless demon lord whom has no goals beyond continuing his own existence, while killing and corroding anything he can get his tendrils on. He hates everything and revels only in destruction.

Juiblex shares the 222nd layer of the Abyss with Zuggtmoy, the Lady of Fungi. The two have a long history of war and conflict which mostly stems from Juiblex’s attempts to push out of the hollows and up on the surface of the layer, which is Zuggtmoy’s domain. Other demon have little more then distain for The Faceless Lord who is most often view by other lord to be unworthy of concern.

Juiblex care little for cultist and companions, yet there are a few one find reason to worship and revere The Faceless One. Yet there is no know organization or sizable following and likewise most of his minions are mindless oozes and slimes. One exception to this would be the elder black pudding know as Darkness Given Hunger who serves as Juiblex’s only willing agent.


The area within the seal becomes dark as the void, and then pillar of green slime and jelly with no defined form rise from the seal then looks in every direction at once with dozens of red which swim though out its form and dripping tendrils.


Your body becomes coated in translucent, odorless, slime.


Juiblex's infl uence causes you to become listless and emotionally remote. Juiblex quickly wearies of combat quickly, after only 10 rounds of battle you most not exert yourself for 1d4 rounds. You are limited to a single move action in each of these rounds.

Granted abilities[edit]

Acid barrier[edit]

When struck by a melee attack from any natural weapon or any melee weapon which is does not have reach your attacker immediately receives 1d6 points of acid damage. You may also make melee touch attacks at will, which deal 1d6 acid damage. You can benefit from this ability while showing Juiblex’s sign.

Acid resistance[edit]

You gain an energy resistance of 10-Acid. You can benefit from this ability while showing Juiblex’s sign.


You gain DR2/slashing or piercing.


You gain a tremorsense of 10ft plus 5ft per 2 EBL, Max 30ft.

Uses and adaptations[edit]

Juiblex is good choice for starting binders providing simple but well round abilities, and is also a good choice for more experience binder who need an easy pact that wont poses much risk of undesired influences and signs.

This pact can be adapt for a tradition binder as an alternative to Aym with relative ease.

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