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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Setting Sun
Home Plane: Plane of Order
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Judgement of Crimes
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Law, Sun, Moon
Favored Weapon: Longsword/Katana
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Jag wears no helmet over his insect-like face, but the rest of his form is clad in gleaming, silver armour. He wields two blades, the Dawn Blade and the Dusk Blade, a golden longsword and a void-black katana respectively. Over his hands, growing from his forearms are two, skeletal blades, however he much prefers using his two swords rather than these natural weapons that drip a white liquid poisonous to creatures of chaos.


Jag wishes order and order alone from his servants. He cares little for mortal actions in truth, and few are large enough to attract his attention. When they do, he sends his followers to deal with them. Unlike most of the gods of Order, Jag knows and cares on the subject of Good and Evil, and his followers are forbidden from following either path.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Jag's temples double as court rooms, and most court rooms are considered by some to be his temples. In truth, he leaves the sentencing of mortals to his servants, the Judges, who act as both his elite fighting force, his proxies and those who spread his word. The Judges are themselves planar outsiders, but those who have attracted Jag's attention through extreme lawful acts can be transformed into a Judge via a long ritual. The strongest of his servants are known as the Four Judges, his personal guard who all are on the threshold of becoming demi-gods themselves.


Jag is the first born of the gods of Order, and as such the strongest of its children. However, even his power pales against its queen. He has almost an obsession with his queen/mother, and is willing to lay down even his life and justice itself to protect her.

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