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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Flying creature with strong magic theme (varies; see text)
Home Plane: Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia (high above the peak, coterminous with the Elemental Plane of Air)
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Wizards, mage knights, artificers, sages, psions, good kobolds, freedom with respect for order, disciplined self-improvement in strength of body and mind
Clergy Alignments: Lawful good, lawful neutral, neutral good
Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic, Storm, Sun
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Enemies: Baatezu, evil creatures of elemental air, evil members of the local desert pantheon, Kurtulmak, Tiamat
Allies: Archons, Bahamut, devas, djinn, good members of the local desert pantheon, hebdomad
Titles: Arch-Incantatar of the Sacred Sevenfold Veil, Great Wyrm Sirocco Dragon, the Wizard of War


Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn is the deity of sky magic, a patron of wizards and the storm -- with a focus on sandstorms and blistering, arid wind over rain and thunder, though that's covered as well. Unlike many gods of weather, he is not wantonly destructive. His storms, should he choose to perform such an act of chaos in the first place, are only done with purpose: to strengthen the roots of trees and inspire sturdy architecture. He is an enemy of evil, especially tyranny.

While he is a lawful good deity, Jonasriel is not unfriendly towards chaotic good or more benevolent chaotic neutral beings, for they hate and battle oppression as he always has. He believes that law and order are there to keep the people happy and safe, not to be wielded as tools to force your will onto others. When they are, the petty tyrants and their misuse of law should be destroyed as with any other form of evil.

His holy symbol is a flying creature, usually a bird or dragon but sometimes of the worshiper's race with wings and feathers or scales. It always displays a strong theme of magic, lightning, or both, such as a raven carrying a wand in its claws that is firing a lightning bolt, or a half-dragon in a wizard's robe. Its style is always recognizable to those familiar with the Wizard of War.


Jonasriel is either a god at rest or a god possessed; there is little in-between. He is collected and often cheerful, though his rage is explosive when he encounters the wicked. Surrounding him is an air of reason and brilliance, as with all great wizards and military leaders. When fighting his lust for battle swells the fighting hearts of all. He browbeats his enemies, cutting down their combat prowess and engaging in heavy self-promotion, at the same time as he exhorts his allies to greater and greater deeds. Those unfamiliar with him find his personality transformation from serene and studious loremaster at home to raucous paladin general in the field unsettling, at least the first few times.


Jonasriel (shorthand 'Jonas') hatched as a mortal during the birth of perhaps the earliest age of mortal history, when only the elves and wyrm-descendents were practiced in draconic magic. He was already destined for greatness as a kobold wrought of the imperious sand dragon. But he squandered his natural talents and chose the path of the wizard-warrior, shunning his nomadic tribe of desert raiders (especially by choosing a "soft, weak" human name). But his lifelong guilt from, as he saw it, snubbing his draconic heritage and thus missing his chance to be all that he could be, weighed him down with apathy. He shied away from worthy challenges, and chose to do little else but bide his time with study. He was barely a fifth-level wizard after a century of aimless reading, alone or with the occasional mage's guild-- but always left after the sting of envy from watching younger but far greater achievers became too much to bear. But when death loomed Jonasriel panicked and sought redemption for a wasted life, he sought another chance.

He found it in the Platinum Dragon, who recognized his potential and gave him a new life as one of his dragonborn. Finally the dragon he was always meant to be, Jonasriel took up Bahamut's banner with newfound zeal and lust for adventure and for life. He traveled and battled alongside many companions over the centuries as his new self, achieving heights of world-quaking power undreamed of by most earthly creatures. His devastating war magics bolstered his allies and felled legions of devils and hordes of demons. Jonasriel displayed the preserved heads of several great chromatic wyrms, each personally slain, in the Mithral Tower Above The Clouds. This was his personal redoubt, buoyed by its proximity to a planar tear between the world and the Elemental Plane of Air (which, with great magical effort, could be brought through and back again).

After a long life of constant adventure, Jonas nearly reached his age peak yet again, his level in the early 30's. But during his "final adventure," he found the greatest and rarest treasure an old man twice-over could: a second fountain of youth, in the form of the spark of godhood itself.

The Twice-Reborn, as he is known now, does not speak of what he found or how it made him a god. But in any case, these events took place an eon and multiple millenia in change ago, when the progenitors of the fathers of the world's eldest golden wyrms were themselves hatchlings. The Twice-Reborn's Mithral Tower still flies the remote regions of the Plane of Air, but it is no longer his home, instead it is his most holy pilgrimage site. It is said to always be on the "opposite" end of the Plane of Air from Jonasriel's godly realm, wherever the vast and eternal currents of wind may carry his home. But wherever it is on the Plane of Air, his godly realm always exists simultaneously with the upper atmosphere of the Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia, the holy plane of ultimate good and law. His realm could be considered a small para-elemental plane of air and holiness.

For his third lifetime he rested as he did his first, content that he had made his former patron proud. He still serves as ally and champion of the Platinum Dragon. His power and study of wizardry waxed as his divine influence grew. He rose through the ranks of godhood (beginning as a disciple but quickly reaching quasi-deity status, where he slowly worked up from there) and can now be considered part of the divine ruling class, an intermediate deity. While he is a young adult dragon compared to most other gods (all who were not originally mortal), many across the upper planes are the magically-bent who pay him great respect.


For the most part, Jonasriel's goal has been to to expand his knowledge and train his skill at the art of war magic, assisting those who pray to him by teaching them likewise. He has personally trained many powerful mortals and minor godlings over the millenia. When not honing his battle prowess, he embodies the stereotypical cloistered mage and spends much time scribing scrolls, brewing potions, crafting magic weapons, armor, wondrous items, and constructs (the few solid regions of his realm are packed with golems of all kinds and more), and creating brand new life forms with various Origin of Species spells and Create Wondrous Creature (mostly flying creatures that flock the skies of his home).

When the mood strikes him, the Twice-Reborn enacts campaigns against his sworn enemies; he has done so many times against the baatezu. He has never engaged in open war with them, though, so he escapes the notice of their most powerful archdukes. But one day he would dearly love to lead an army to march across Hell, and to simultaneously strike at the heart of Chromatic Wyrm's realm, whose spawn were his ancient nemeses during his second mortal lifetime. As for now, though, he is content to relax and rejoice in his deific power.

But recently (for a god, this means anywhere between a few hundred or thousand years), Jonasriel has been feeling that old itch, that desire to hunt monsters of legend and beings of blackest heart. It won't be long before he takes a much-needed break from his godly duties and goes out to personally battle the greatest enemies of the multiverse such as abominations and escaped entities, or lawfully duel titanium wyrms, or perhaps finally confront Tiamat herself after a long mortal lifetime of battling and slaying her spawn at the behest of the Master of the North Wind. She would certainly remember his legendary deeds so many millenia ago, and would relish the chance at vengeance.

Another who would declare himself immortal nemesis should the Twice-Reborn become more active is Kurtulmak, the diabolical progenitor of the kobold race. While Jonasriel cares little for the politics of the kobold people (though he is more than happy to assist any who spurn their evil society as he did so long ago), Kurtulmak feels otherwise. He would certainly love to see the rebellious upstart, as he views the relatively young Jonas, put in his place: at Kurtulmak's clawed feet. His hatred for Jonasriel stems from what he sees as Jonas' failure to bow before him thrice over -- first as a mortal when he refused to be one with his long-lost tribe as "all good, Kurtulmak-fearing kobolds should," the next when he denied his racial heritage altogether and became one of the hated god of metallic dragon's own, and finally, what is seen as a personal and grave insult, when he did not submit to the Horned Sorcerer's rule under his tyrannical dynasty. Not to mention Jonas' promotion of the "wrong" kind of magic, instead of the draconic power that flows through the blood of all kobolds. Perhaps he will attempt to force Jonasriel's "true heritage" to awaken at long last.

Wherever he goes, he would like to travel with peers, not fawning sycophants and other worshipers, who likewise aren't yet done with their adventure.


Bahamut is still his greatest ally, and perhaps, he is the greatest ally of Bahamut. He still views the Platinum Dragon as something of a father figure or an older brother, though they are now at least comparable in personal might and fighting prowess, though not influence and worship. The advantage will probably always belong to Bahamut, but should Jonasriel grow powerful enough to give him a run for his treasure horde in a good-natured duel most honorable, the plane-shaking event will be sung by bards for ages to come.

As an epic mortal, he single-handedly slew more worshipers of Tiamat than perhaps any other, even after several thousand years. Tiamat has not forgotten. Were it not for the protection of Bahamut, she would have personally murdered him the minute he ascended, to capture and torment his immortal soul until the end of time. The Twice-Reborn's hatred for the spawn of Tiamat has cooled somewhat since his frantic days of serving Bahamut, but those old feelings are always at the standby. Any aspect or avatar of Tiamat he or his avatar encounter will be met with violence.

As mentioned before, the moment Kurtulmak learned of one of his straying flock performing deeds of legend under another's banner, he immediately grew to resent what could have been a powerful champion and slave of his. Perhaps what he hates most is that Jonasriel holds no special feelings towards the kobolds (meaning: himself). The Twice-Reborn thinks of most no more than he thinks of any humanoid species; he neither loves nor hates them any more than he loves or hates humans, gnomes, dwarves, elves, orcs, hobgoblins, trolls, etc. He judges on personal merit, and blesses the good-hearted and smites the wicked accordingly. Of course, he hates the tyranny that Kurtulmak holds over the kobolds, like he hates any other, and would be pleased to dethrone him and let the kobolds choose their own destiny. Kurtulmak fears this possibility worst of all: the kobolds turning to Jonasriel and pledging their lives to what Kurtulmak thinks of as his most disappointing son of all. A war between the Twice-Reborn and the kobold dynasty would have far more devastating consequences than between him and Tiamat and the Baatezu, for its conclusion would decide the lord of the kobold race.


Jonasriel is a member of whatever desert pantheon exists within the campaign setting, if any. Depending on the world he was raised on, he could be an ally or an enemy of certain members of its respective desert god pantheon, or different pantheons from multiple worlds. For example, he could have frequent contact with the Mulhorandi, allied with Horus-Re and opposer of Set.


The Twice-Reborn is a favored patron of the more bookish and good giants of cloud and storm, and sand and sun. Good dragons who favor the wind and the open sky, such as silver dragons, also revere him. As do the djinn, who respect his mastery of arcane power and elemental air.

He is also a minor patron for oracles and diviners, for the warrior who knows his enemy is will always know victory.

Jonasriel is a risen mortal, raised by the desert wastes, and thus too do its tribal nomads pray to him to bring rain to their homeland. His lifetime in arid lands means he now greatly enjoys his power over the storm, though he never betrays his sandy roots. Though not psionic himself, the desert's many mages of the mind pay his religious tenets great respect, for his disciplined approach to esoteric power acquisition is equally applicable to wizardry as it is to the seers, the shapers, the telepaths, the kineticists, the egoists, the nomads, and the psychic warriors of the waste.


Jonasriel's tenets exalt the study of magic, most importantly the actual use of it over sitting in your tower. He teaches discipline (for, he maintains, it is necessary to free one's mind of the paralyzing grip of entropy and uncertainty), self-improvement and the improvement of those around you, should they request it.

He exhorts his followers to battle monsters and villains as the most ferocious of knights templar, wielding heated spell instead of sword and shield. He favors intelligent battlefield tactics and teaches his war wizards to use their magic like a general directs his troops to route, harry, confound, control, and ultimately defeat the enemy.

Clergy and Temples[edit]


The Twice-Reborn's Godly Realm[edit]

Name: Midday's Beauty
Size: 5812 mi/9,354 km radius (half the size of one on the outer plane as his realm resides as much in the Elemental Plane of Air as it does Celestia)
Alignment Traits: Strong good
Elemental Traits: Air dominant
Gravity Traits: Subjective Directional (for floating islands, normal gravity about 300 ft. above the highest structure and 100 ft. from the edge or rim)
Magic Traits: Enhanced (all spells not impeded are enlarged and extended, arcane spells widened), impeded (earth, evil)
Temporal Traits: Normal

Midday's Beauty is open sky forever noon. The night sky of Celestia isn't brightened, but as one floats further and further upward, the sky brightens and gets warmer until the flying being finally enters Jonasriel's realm proper. Beings are greeted to the clearest blue sky they likely have ever seen. At any point one can several or more floating islands or structures in the distance, free of the confines of the ground. All are adrift, but never risk moving closer than about 500 feet from one another unless they were designed to be near each other. There is always at least one flock or swarm of celestial air element or celestial half-air elemental creatures visible in the sky, usually many more when close to one of the larger islands.

As his realm is in the sky, the radius is not only two-dimensional left-and-right, and back-and-forward, it covers the third dimension of up-and-down as well. His entire home encompasses roughly 822,369 cubic miles multiplied by a factor of one million (or 1,324 cubic kilometers multiplied by a billion). The vast majority of his realm is empty, holy air, with the occasional floating island or continent dotting here and there.

While the sky is perfectly clear between islands, the atmosphere above major landmasses run the gamut of weather, depending on the island. One may be a desert, the other arctic. Most are temperate to dry arid, like grasslands or savanna bordering the wastes. On most land, the temperature is around 80 to 90 degrees, a dry heat uncomfortable for creatures from the frigid north. While there is no night in Midday's Beauty, most islands receive enough heavy cloud cover to darken the land enough to sleep peacefully.

Peace is a relative term here, though. As a god of war, many petitioners choose to spend their afterlives as they did in life: with the challenges and heady fun of battle. Not only are the combat of magic available, but intellectual challenge as well. There are dozens of wizard colleges to attend, study, and debate with its students for days on end. Each island puts a different focus on combat and challenge, from mostly relaxed arcane schools to armies at total war that would satisfy the warriors of Ysgard -- as soon as they get used to the lack of solid ground, that is.

There is always a form of inclement weather in some place on the larger islands, as befits a god of the storm. Most is not dangerous -- though very enjoyable for those who love the rumble of thunder and ripping lightning, or who like seeing the sky above blotted out by sand and stone -- except on specifically-designated landmasses that are constantly assaulted with hurricane-force winds or sandstorms to blow away all but the hardiest of people. These places are destinations for travelers looking for adventure and true challenges to stake their lives on. It's also where Jonasriel stashes treasure for any to take home, buy only those who can survive the weather and the many violent beasts who thrive in such an environment. If the Twice-Reborn knows that a particularly legendary adventurer or party is visiting one of these locales, he may pop in and cast spells such as Beast of a Thousand Legs just to make things interesting for them and the cheering crowds.

Servants of the Arch-Incantatar[edit]

Minions Archons, djinn, dragons, intelligent weapons
Petitioners: Dragon-blooded races (kobolds, half-dragons), humans and demi-humans (those that favor magic, storm, and/or battle), sentient constructs; most with levels in wizard, cleric (magic domain), archivist, psion, psychic warrior, warmage, soulborn, duskblade, warblade, and the like
Servitors: Constructs of all kinds and sizes, including at least one captured and reprogrammed orichalcum guardian (Jonasriel has yet to crack the mystery of orichalcum golem construction, a fact that irks him greatly)


Titanic living mithral golem and hero-deity. He is the boisterous right hand of the Wizard of War.

Manifestation of the Sirocco Dragon[edit]

The Twice-Reborn is a deity using the Immortal's Handbook rules, NOT Deities & Demigods. His combat stats were optimized and power-gamed in the extreme. Jonas' creator then lost his mind and threw on dozens of arbitrary feats and such. Jonas' CR and LA was inflated to account for this (IH's intermediate deity template is supposed to "only" have a LA of +60, the CR of a 60th-lvl intermediate god "only" supposed to be around 60-80 [depending on optimization]).

Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn
Intermediate God of Magic and the Sky
Gestalt Wizard 5/Incantatar 19/Archmage 8/Sacred Exorcist 2/Divine Oracle 4/Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil 23//Fighter 60
Size/Type: Small Outsider (Air, Augmented Dragon, Deity, Extraplanar, Lawful, Good, Shapechanger)
Hit Dice: 60d20+2,460+720 (4,380 hp); 8,760 hp within godly realm
Initiative: +68 (+28 Dex, +12 divine, +20 familiar, +8 Sup Init), always first
Speed: 270', fly 1,620' (perfect)
Armor Class: 244 (+1 size, +50 armor* [Atmos of Eternal Noon], +28 Dex, +33 deflection, +12 divine, +41 foresight, +45 natural, +24 shield [True Pharaoh]), touch 175, flat-footed - (Seventh Sense)
* simultaneously treated as force
Base Attack/Grapple: +60/+188
Attack: Dead Aubade +225 melee (8d6+45/18-20/x7) or wing +216 melee (1d4+17/18-20/x4)
Full Attack: 4 Dead Aubade +225 melee and 4 wings +211 melee (1d4+8/18-20/x4) and 8 wings +206, or 4 wings +216 melee (1d4+17/18-20/x4) and 8 wings +211 melee (1d4+8/18-20/x4)
Space/Reach: 5'/5'
Special Attacks: Cooperative metamagic (44/day), divine aura (11,200 ft/2.12 mi/3.41 km), instant metamagic (7/day), kaleidoscopic doom (3/day), metamagic spell trigger, metamagic effect (44/day), quadruple warding, reactive warding, seize concentration, seventh sense, snatch spell, spells (CL 84th, DC 137 + SL), spell-like abilities (CL 84th, DC 133 + SL), turn undead (74th-lvl cleric, 60/day), unanswerable strike, warding (12/day)
Special Qualities: Class features, darkvision 720 ft., DR 90/chaotic, divine, and orichalcum (20/- [hardness]), divine traits, eternal freedom, immunities, improved metamagic, portfolio (magic and sky) traits, prescient sense (as evasion except works in armor), self-hypnosis, shapechange, SR 154, unimpeachable abjuration, 1 virtual size category
Saves: Fort +109, Ref +109, Will +113
Abilities*: Str 45 (+17), Dex 67 (+28), Con29 (+9), Int 92 (+41), Wis 43 (+16), Cha 77 (+33)
* without artifact Symbol of Platinum: Str 21, Dex 43, Int 68, Cha 53
Skills: Omnicompetent - all skills 135 plus key ability modifier
Feats: Brew Greater Potion, Brew Potion, Brew Superior Potion, Chain Spell, Craft Anywhere, Craft Construct, Craft Contingent Spell, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Create Natural Creature, Create Supernal Creature, Create Wondrous Creature, Combat Casting, Deceptive Spell, Dragonwrought, Disciple of the Sun, Divine Might, Easy Metamagic (All), Empower Spell, Energize Spell, Energy Admixture (acid, cold, electricity, fire, sonic), Energy Substitution (acid, cold, electricity, fire, sonic), Enlarge Spell, Enspell Familiar, Exceptional Artisan, Extraordinary Artisan, Extend Spell, Extra Familiar (Hummingbird) x4, Extra Turning x6, Faerie Mysteries Initiate, Forge Ring, Fortify Spell, Greater Spell Focus (Abjuration), Greater Spell Penetration, Greater Weapon Focus (Ranged Spell, Touch Spell), Heavyweight Wings, Heighten Spell, Improved Rapidstrike (Wings x2), Insightful Reflexes, Invisible Spell, Keen Intellect, Legendary Artisan, Maximize Spell, Mindless Spell, Persist Spell, Power Attack, Purify Spell, Quicken Spell, Reach Spell, Rapid Spell, Rapidstrike (Wings x2), Residual Magic, Sacred Vitality, Scribe Scroll, Scribe Scroll Faster, Sculpt Spell, Spell Focus (Abjuration, Transmutation), Spell Penetration, Silent Spell, Split Ray, Still Spell, Tireless Creator, Toughness of Acumen, Track, Transdimensional Spell, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Ranged Spell, Touch Spell), Widen Spell
Epic Feats: Automatic Metamagic Capacity x25, Automatic Writing, Brew Perfect Potion, Brew Potion Much Faster, Craft Epic Magic Arms And Armor, Craft Epic Rod, Craft Epic Staff, Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Dire Spell, Divine Guidance, Divine Providence, Efficient Item Creation (All), Epic Skill Focus (Religion, Spellcraft), Epic Spell Penetration, Epic Spellcasting, Epic Will, Epic Weapon Focus (Ranged Spell, Touch Spell), Extra Contingency x4, Forge Epic Ring, Good Fortitude, Good Reflexes, Good Will, Greater Critical (Bludgeoning, Ranged Spell, Touch Spell), Heavy Armor Mastery, Ignore Material Components, Improved Casting, Improved Spell Capacity x20, Improved Spell Resistance x10, Intense Versatility, Intensify Spell, Legendary Tracker, Master Rod, Master Staff, Master Wand, Metamagic Freedom, Mythical Artisan, Penetrating Spell, Permanent Emanation (Adoration of the Frighful, Antimagic Field, Aura of Terror, Detect Scrying, Greater Anticipate Teleportation, Kiss of Draconic Defiance, Radiance, Repulsion, Suppressing Field [Evil, usually], Zone of Respite), Planar Turning, Self-Concealment (x5), Self-Mastery, Scribe Epic Scroll, Scribe Scroll Much Faster, Shield Mastery, Sky Walker, Spell Stowaway (Time Stop), Superior Initiative, Telluric Spell, Tenacious Magic (Warding), Tensegrity, Unbound Spell, Weapon Mastery (Bludgeoning)
Divine Abilities: Abnormality (Wings), Celerity, Cunning Mind, Cunning Spirit, Deific Emanation, Deific Stowaway, Divine Architect, Divine Immensity x6, Divine Sorcery, Divine Wizardry, Dolorous Spell, Enlarge Aura x4, Epic Spell Weaving, Eternal Freedom, Exoskeleton, Greater Aura, Greater Casting, Greater Critical Multiplier (Bludgeoning & Ranged Spell & Touch Spell), Improved Damage Reduction (Chaotic), Intellectual Body, Intellectual Mind, Intellectual Soul, Intellectual Spirit, Legendary Familiar, Natural Caster, Nescient, Obviate, Omnicompetent, Perfect Aura, Perfect Initiative, Perfect Weapon Focus (Bludgeoning), Polymorph, Quick Action Spells, Resonating Spell, Rune Spell, Sacred Spirit, Savior, Self-Hypnosis, Seventh Sense, Shapechange, Sixth Sense, Spell Abatement, Spell Absorption, Spell Immunity x7, Spell Reflection, Squamous, Superior Aura, Superior Combat Casting, Superior Damage Reduction (Orichalcum), Superior Power Attack, Superior Stowaway (Scrying & Teleportation), Sure-Footed, Theurgic Spell, Third Eye, True Seeing, True Strike (Ranged Spell & Touch Spell), Unearthly Artisan, Unknowing Spirit
Environment: Midday's Beauty, Godly Realm of Jonasriel
Organization: Unique
Challenge Rating: 100
Treasure: Quadruple Standard
Alignment: Lawful good
Advancement: By class
Level Adjustment: +90

At first glance you see an iron golem, cyan as the cloudless noon above, floating before you. Its height is less than that of a dwarf but just as stocky, and it's holding a very large scepter (light, shining bronze with a huge, almost invisible orange gem at the end) and an odd shield covered in small, sand-colored stone pyramids, its corners and edges tinged in deep blue, as if shadows cast upon it turned blue rather than darkening the area. After a moment you notice metallic, silvered-sandy wings and a draconic face the same shade, and you realize this "golem" is a heavily-plated suit of armor that, assuredly, could protect its reptile-headed wearer from a falling mountain. What at first you thought was the sun glinting off the sky-blue armor are what appears to be fine, translucent feathers, similar in appearance to the energy of a magic missile or a wall of force. On closer inspection, these "feathers" cover every inch of what can only be described as a dragon-headed halfling, wearing an expression that exudes confidence and intelligence, somehow without a trace of arrogance. The reflective, nearly invisible feathers don't obscure the man in any fashion, neither does the fact that the man and his equipment is translucent about three inches deep, where you see a constant swirling wind with the occasional soundless flashes of lightning. These effects simply make it so even brutish barbarians could tell he is a wellspring of magical might. This is in spite of being armed and armored as the paladin ideal. A gentle breeze whips around the short, draconic man, carrying the small bits of soft sand that billow from his shield. You notice his wings flap strangely, but after a moment you realize he has two pairs of wings, each somehow going through the other, one flapping down as the other rises.

Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn's manifestation is 2'10" tall (about half a foot taller in his armor), and his dense, lean musculature means he weighs 137 lbs (almost three times heavier than his size and height would indicate).

The custom class features of epic levels in archmage, incantatar, and initiate of the sevenfold veil are described under Other.


For convenience's sake, here's consolidated a list of all his craft-related feats and divine abilities (except for superseded prerequisites). Their specific applications are to be found in the SRD, or are described under Feats or Divine Abilities.

  • Brew Potions of any level. Special rules for 10th+ under Brew Perfect Potion.
  • Brew Potions Much Faster (5 minutes to brew a potion; exception to Divine Architect)
  • Craft Anywhere (can craft even when doing other strenuous activity like fighting in between)
  • Craft...
    • Constructs
    • Contingent Spells
    • Magic Arms and Armor
    • Rods
    • Staves
    • Wands
    • Wondrous Items
      • And any epic variations thereof.
  • Create Natural Creatures (make giants and puppies!)
  • Create Supernal Creatures (make genies and guardinals!)
  • Create Wondrous Creatures (make owlbears and duckbunnies!)
  • Divine Architect (craft times measured in hours rather than days)
  • * Efficient Item Creation for every item creation feat (1 hour per 10,000 GP cost; see Divine Architect)
  • Epic Spell Weaving (imbue epic spells into items)
  • Forge Rings
  • Scribe Scrolls
  • Scribe Scrolls Much Faster (5 minutes to scribe a scroll; exception to Divine Architect)
  • Tireless Creator (can craft constantly; not limited to 8 hours/day; one-third craft time if 24-hour crafting)
  • Unearthly Artisan (50% XP and GP cost, and 50% craft time)


He chants really slow, on the ultra-loud plane, while fighters around him are going insaaane-- he's a caster!

Do casters still win at mid- to high-epic levels? Let's find out.

His ability to turn undead is relatively weak -- though if he spends two Turn attempts instead of one when turning normally, undead will be destroyed (Disciple of the Sun) -- so he instead fuels the feats Divine Might, Divine Guidance, Divine Providence, and Sacred Vitality with his turn undead uses (each costs one). Respectively: free action to gain +33 damage to all weapon damage (including natural) hits for one full round-- for those few times he wishes to crush foes the old-fashioned way, free action 1/round to gain +20 bonus to any single attack roll, free action 1/round to re-roll any single die roll made that round (must accept re-roll etc.), or standard action gain immunity to ability damage, ability drain, and energy drain for 1 minute.

Favorite forms for Shapechange include: elder unelemental (to deal permanent damage), hecatoncheires (combine with several dozen Spell Flowers to deliver one-hundred touch spells with a full attack), kyriotates angel (cleric spellcasting*, epic rod of rulership voice), malakim angel (stealth, sneak attack with melee touch, difficult to hit), mercury gargant (nigh-invulnerability with its infinite fast healing), mithral golem (additional standard action a round), orichalcum golem (its plasma beam to deal extreme amounts of damage in lieu of, or alongside, spamming high-damage spells, or just to back a severe scepter-greatmaul beating with its 250+ Str; his most favorite alternative form, and not just because he was almost slain trying to become familiar with a captured golem's abilities). He may shapechange into any form up to 144 HD that doesn't have a divine rank or effective divine rank higher than his own (including if the creature has a +13 or higher bonus under something like Divine Traits, Cosmic Traits, etc), and the form has a maximum size category of Macro-Small. Note that, aside from the unelemental (it's an angry, human-shaped sphere of annihilation, what do you think would happen if Jonas still had on his iron bib?), all of these forms are humanoid enough to not meld equipment. *See superchangeshapethingy

He specializes in battling armies. Even a vast horde of the crawling dead will become little more than foul ash after a hit from a resonating detonate (a resonating spell affects any he wishes within his divine aura, a two-mile radius). Two empires of good about to enter total war for wrongful reasons can be made to stand down with a penetrating resonating split ray of exhaustion or even a resonating dominate person. He needn't harm the foes himself, however. He can easily mass-buff legions of allies fighting in his name at the same time as locking down the enemy horde so they can perform cleanup.

He is still a deadly threat one-on-one. Few are even the cosmic-level threat that can withstand four divine empowered x25 polar rays a round.

And that's just his ability at raw destruction. He is easily capable of bringing down the same powerful threats with petrification, insanity, blindness and deafness, terror, domination, instant death, etc.

But greater still is his versatility and intellect. No matter what he wishes to do, be it out-stealth deities of darkness, learn secrets lost even to pantheon heads, build wonders beyond the power of deities of craft, or even lay the smack down with his scepter-greatmaul like he was the god of warriors rather than wizards, he knows a spell or twelve to get the job done, or a way to do the same thing mundanely. This versatility extends to his battlefield tactics.

His third eye is normally closed and can't be seen except for those who know what they're looking for (scales suspiciously in the shape of closed eyelids). It's situated on top of his draconic forehead, and larger than his other two eyes put together, though it has the same color and appearance (its pupil is dialated from being shut all the time). It only opens the moment it fires a ray spell and stares for a second or two before slowly closing again, which can be frightening for those not expecting it.

He automatically blocks the first two spells coming at him each round (check for spell absorption, spell reflection, and spell turning [his shield] first, in that order), and is immune to any spell, spell-like ability, or other spell effect of 12th-lvl or below (not including epic spells; does not block spells he would be immune to, but he can still absorb or reflect them). He can choose to allow an individual spell to bypass all these defenses (such as a buff from an ally).

Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn's natural attacks, as well as any weapons he wields, are treated as lawful, good, and divine (intermediate) for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

If you wish to use the house rule that multiplies a creature's maximum hit points by one-tenth its CR once it reaches CR 11, the Twice-Reborn would instead have 43,800 maximum hit points (87,600 while within his godly realm).

If you wish to use the house rule that intermediate deities have a pseudo-CFM of 2, then his maximum hit points and damage reduction are doubled (DR 180/etc, hp 8,760/17,520 or 87,600/175,200 if this and the above houserule).


Divine Aura (Su): 11,200 ft. emanation, can apply a -12 penalty to any and all enemy's die rolls, can have one of the following effects, and can change the effect once a round as a free action (Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn typically has the Perfect Heroism or Insanity effect up, unless enemies are noticeably injured, in which case Death is active); all saves are 113 (Cha-based):
Daze - Enemies within the divine aura must make a Will save or be dazed for 1 round.
Death - Enemies must Fort save or die; Jonasriel may only slay up to 1,200 hp of creatures a round (starting with the creatures with the lowest current hit points).
Fear - Enemies Will save or be shaken.
Insanity - Enemies Will save or go permanently insane.
Pain - Enemies Fort or -4 attack rolls, saves, and skill checks for 1 hour.
Perfect Heroism - Allies gain +12 morale bonus on armor class, attack rolls, saves, skill checks, are immune to fear, and gain 120 temporary hit points.
Sleep - Enemies Will save or sleep for 1d4 rounds.
Stunning - Enemies Will or be stunned for 1d6 rounds.
Weakness - Enemies Fort or take 3d6 Strength damage.
Greater Atomic Blood (Su): Anyone striking and injuring Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn in melee is punished with the nuclear force of his splattering ichor. The offender is immediately assaulted with the following brutal combination: 7d6 divine fire damage, 15d4 force damage, Fort save (DC 101) or be disintegrated (half to take 15d6 damage; this affects objects, constructs, and corporeal undead, like any disintegration effect), 1 radiation damage to Str, Dex, and Con (poison effect that stacks with itself and all other radiation attacks, is permanent until magically cured, and works on poison-immune foes [still immune if the creature has no Constitution score] unless they are of a higher divine rank than Jonasriel; e.g., greater deities and above), and are hit with a gust of wind far stronger than a tornado, blowing them back 75 ft. (taking 1d6 damage per 10 feet moved, doing double damage if the target strikes a solid object like a wall or building; Large creatures take half this damage, Small takes double, Huge quarter, Tiny quadruple, etc.).
A Reflex save (DC 101) reduces the damaging effects by half. Note that even with a successful Reflex save, the target must Fort save or be disintegrated, taking 15d6 damage on a successful save; the victim needs Evasion or its equivalent to avoid having to Fort save vs. disintegration (and to avoid being blown away).
This ability takes effect automatically with no action or effort on Jonas' part, and it happens any number of times a round (as many times as he is struck and injured).
Spells: 60th-lvl wizard
Caster Level 84
CL 85 storm domain spells
CL 86 divination spells
CL 102 to overcome spell resistance
CL 103 overcome SR with storm dom spl
CL 104 div overcome SR
+12 to counter/dispel abjuration effects
DC's 137 + spell level
138 + spell level transmutations
139 + spell level abjurations
162 + spell level for others to overcome his abjuration effects
Four spells per day are bonus oracle and storm domain spells, must prepare two oracle domain spells of each level and must prepare two storm domain spells.
Oracle Domain spells: 1st-identify, 2nd-augury, 3rd-divination, 4th-scrying, 5th-commune, 6th-legend lore, 7th-greater scrying, 8th-discern location, 9th-foresight
Storm Domain spells: 1st-obscuring mist, 2nd-gust of wind, 3rd-capricious zephyr*, 4th-eye of the hurricane*, 5th-control winds, 6th-chain lightning, 7th-control weather, 8th-stormrage*, 9th-greater whirlwind*; *see Spell Compendium
Keep in mind he can use Automatic Metamagic Capacity to add 25 free metamagics to any spell cast, including ones already prepared with metamagic.
Metamagic options (see Improved Metamagic and Easy Metamagic): automatic metamagic capacity x25 & metamagic freedom, chain (+1), deceptive (+1) empower (+1), energize (+1), energy admixture (+2), energy substitution (+0), enlarge (+1), extend (+1), fortify (var), heighten (var), invisible (+0), intensify (+5), maximize (+1), mindless (x2-2), penetrating (x3-2), persist (+4), quicken (+2), rapid (+1), reach (+1), resonating (x4-2), rune (x6-2), silent (+1), split ray (+1), still (+1), telluric (x3-2), transdimensional (+1), unbound (+3), widen (+1)
Spell per day (0-30): 8/42/40/40/40/38/36/36/36/37/16/16/16/14/14/14/14/12/12/12/12/10/10/10/10/8/8/8/8/6/6
As a dozen-millenia-plus year old god of wizards, Jonasriel's spellbooks and vast libraries hold the knowledge of almost any spell you can imagine, aside from unique spells by powerful beings who refuse to share their knowledge.
Typical spells prepared:
0th-detect magic (4), prestidigitation (2), read magic (2)
1st-grease (4), guided shot (4), identify (2), nerveskitter (4), obscuring mist (2), targeting ray (2), true strike (6)
2nd-augury (2), blinding color surge (2), glitterdust (2), gust of wind (2), ray of stupidity (6), web (4)
3rd-anticipate teleportation, blacklight, capricious zephyr (2), dimension step (4), displacement (6), divination (2), glowing orb, great thunderclap (3), prismatic mist (2), sleet storm (2), shrink item (2), sonorous hum (5)
4th-assay spell resistance (3), baleful blink (3), black tentacles (2), celerity (6), dimensional anchor, eye of the hurricane (2), greater mirror image (6), scrying (2), voice of the dragon
5th-commune (2), extended persistent detect magic (2), control winds (2), indomitability (5), lord of the sky (3), refusal, wall of force (5)
6th-chain lightning (8), contingency (2), eye of stone (2), freezing fog (2), permanent image (2)
7th-choking cobwebs (4), control weather (2), extended persistent wraithstrike (2), forcecage (2), glass strike (4), grasping hand (2), greater scrying (2), ironguard (2), penetrating unluck (5), project image (5), waves of exhaustion
8th-delayed blast fireball (4), dimensional lock, discern location (2), greater planar binding, horrid wilting (4), Illusion purge (2), irresistible dance (2), moment of prescience (2), polar ray (8), polymorph any object (2), superior invisibility, stormrage (2)
9th-awaken construct, detonate, dominate monster (3), foresight (2), greater whirlwind (2), mage's disjunction (2), maw of chaos (2), reaving dispel (2), replicate casting (3), summon monster IX, time stop (4), wail of the banshee
10th-quickened x2 rapid x2 augury (2), resonating haste (4), resonating slow (4), resonating greater magic weapon, widened x6 eye of the hurricane (2), widened towering thunderhead
11th-rapid x5 legend lore (2), widened x7 eye of the hurricane (2), quickened heightened moment of prescience (4)
12th-enlarged x2 extended x2 polymorph any object (7), heightened greater scrying (2), widened x8 eye of the hurricane (2), widened x3 transmute rock to lava (5)
13th-quickened x2 rapid x3 divination (2), persistent effulgent epuration* (2), persistent time stop (3), widened x9 eye of the hurricane (2) * treat both 10th-lvl spells and epic spells cast by deities as "spells of deific power"; see spell description
14th-extended persistent time stop (2), quickened x3 rapid x2 augury (2), resonating baleful blink, resonating scramble portal, resonating split ray of exhaustion (5), resonating eye of the hurricane (2)
15th-empowered cold admixtured x4 chain lightning [cold substitution], empowered fire admixtured x4 chain lightning [fire substitution], heightened greater scrying (2), quickened rapid x4 awaken construct (3), unbound x2 eye of power, unbound x2 spell trigger (2)
16th-heightened greater scrying (2), penetrating chain lightning (8), penetrating fleshshiver (4)
17th-empowered acid admixtured x5 chain lightning [acid substitution], empowered sonic admixtured x5 chain lightning [sonic substitution], quickened x3 rapid x3 divination (2)
18th-acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic admixtured stormrage (2), mindless dominate person (4), quickened x4 rapid x2 augury (2), resonating dominate person (4)
19th-empowered acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic admixtured stormrage (2), heightened greater scrying (2)
20th-empowered x2 acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic admixtured stormrage (2), quickened x2 rapid x5 legend lore (2)
21st-empowered x3 acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic admixtured stormrage (2), enlarged x15 quickened dimension door (6), heightened greater scrying (2)
22nd- heightened legend lore (2), quickened x4 ruby ray of reversal (5), resonating chain lightning (2)
23rd-empowered resonating chain lightning (2), heightened greater scrying (2)
24th-energy admixture [electricity] resonating chain lightning (2), heightened greater scrying (2), resonating penetrating split ray of exhaustion (2), split ray x15 energy drain (4)
25th-heightened greater scrying (2), penetrating dominate monster, penetrating greater whirlwind (2)
26th-penetrating greater scrying (2), penetrating widened greater whirlwind (2), resonating banishment (2), unbound x6 greater planar binding
27th-extended penetrating greater scrying (2), penetrating widened x2 greater whirlwind (2), unbound x7 superior resistance (4)
28th-extended x2 penetrating greater scrying (2), widened x20 control weather (2), rune magic jar (3)
29th-fortified intensified x2 penetrating chain lightning, extended x3 penetrating greater scrying (2), empowered x7 resonating chain lightning
30th-fortified intensified resonating chain lightning, extended x4 penetrating greater scrying (2), resonating bestow greater curse, resonating superior invisibility, sonic admixtured x7 penetrating chain lightning
Jonasriel often leaves most of his spell slots open so that he may prepare a few more needed at that moment with an additional 15 minutes of spellbook study. When he knows what he will be facing, he always tailors his spell selection for those enemies. And he very rarely does not know every tactical thing there is to know about the enemy.
Epic spells known (18/day); new ones described below: Beast of a Thousand Legs (quickened, change mitigation to 120d20 backlash; see Sandstorm), Bestow the Mantle of Godhood (Ritual), Create Adamantine/Darkwood/Mithral, Eclipse (no mitigating factors), Epic Repulsion (standard action, +100 SR), Momento Mori (up to 800 HD, +35 DC), Nailed to the Sky (quickened, up to 3,250 lbs, no mitigation), Plate Mail of the Confident/Fortunate/Godly/Learned/Holy/Wise, Platinum/Timber Dragon Knight, Sanctify the Greatest Wicked, Sequoia Barkskin, Soul Scry (works on three targets simultaneously), Soul Dominion (quickened, no mitigation, 5 hour duration), Spell Guardian, Spell Worm (quickened, 3 spells slots lost/round), Superb Dispelling (+120 dispel check, quickened, no backlash), Time Duplicate, Weapon Guardian, Zone of Mage's Bane (Ritual)
Other casting abilities:
See class features for the myriad ways his incantatar abilities work with metamagic.
Third Eye allows an additional ray spell (arguably ranged touch spells as well, should they be considered a 'ray') to be cast as a free action once a round.
Any spell caps are doubled (see Greater Casting).
Jonas may have up to five contingent spells active upon himself (and his familiars if he chooses to Share Spells) with the Contingency spell.
All ranged spells (including rays) and touch spells have a +24 bonus to their attack rolls, score a critical threat on a roll of 18-20, and deal x4 damage on a confirmed critical hit.
Spells that deal damage (hit points, ability damage, poison, disease, negative levels, etc.) use d12's for damage die if they normally use d6's or higher, or d8's if they typically use d4's or lower. E.g., fireball uses d12's, energy drain and magic missile use d8's.
All hit point damage (not ability drain, poison, etc.) that is not permanent or untyped do half divine damage (like a flame strike spell) and thus half the damage bypasses resistance and immunity. If the spell already does half-divine, it now does (e.g., flame strike) 3/4 divine, 1/4 normal fire.
He may substitute his spell slots instead of using an item's charges with rods, staves, and wands.
All spells (including epic spells and spell-like abilities) ignore material, verbal, and somatic components, never provoke AoO's, and never need Concentration checks to use them, though he still pays XP for spells like Wish and still requires additional casters for ritual epic spells. See Natural Casting.


Class Features (Ex or Su): Any class abilities that would give no bonus due to his divinity (e.g., scry bonus, resist possession) were traded in for ECL-equivalent abilities (e.g., feats). The incantatar school ban was lifted via godly miracles or whatever; Jonas' ECL raised to compensate.
Cooperative Metamagic (Su):' 44/day, Jonasriel has the ability to apply any metamagic feat he possesses to a spell being cast by a willing allied spellcaster. The caster need not prepare the spell in metamagic form or in a higher-level spell slot; the incantatar simply modifies the spell during the casting. Using this ability is a standard action that provokes an opportunity, just like casting a spell, though he can use the Concentration skill with this ability as though he were casting defensively. Jonasriel must ready an action to use cooperative metamagic when his ally begins casting the spell and must be adjacent to the caster. He must make a Spellcraft check (DC 18 + [3 x modified spell level]) to succeed.
"Modified spell level" is the level of the spell slot that the spell would occupy if it were prepared with the metamagic feat applied. Any spell level increases from metamagic feats that the caster applied also count toward the modified spell level.
For example, if Jonasriel applies the Maximize Spell feat to an ally's Chain Lightning spell, the modified spell level is 9th (6th for the spell, +3 for the Maximize Spell feat), and the DC is 18 + (3 x 9) = 45. If he applies the same feat to an ally's Chain Lightning spell, the modified spell level is 10th and the Spellcraft DC is 48.
Note: Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn's "naked" Spellcraft is 174.
Divination Enhancement (Ex): May roll twice and take best result when using divination spells such as Augury or Divination.
Epic Arcana (Superior Spell Power x3) (Su): +6 (+2 each) to spell DC's and +12 (+4 each) to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance. Lose one 9th-lvl spell slot with every three selections (so the first and second times require no spell slot "payment").
High Arcana (Arcane Reach x2, Mastery of Shaping, Spell-Like Ability) (Su): Spells with range of touch affect target up to 60 ft. away, as ranged touch. Lose two 7th-level spell slots. Can alter area and effect spells that use one of the following shapes: burst, cone, cylinder, emanation, or spread. The alteration consists of creating spaces within the spell's area or effect that are not subject to the spell. The minimum dimension for these spaces is a 5-foot cube. Furthermore, any shapeable spells have a minimum dimension of 5 feet instead of 10 feet. Lose one 6th-lvl spell slot. Gain the following spell-like ability usable 4/day: greater celerity. Lose two 5th-lvl and 8th-lvl spell slots.
N.B. I applied the lost spells retroactively; since Divine Wizardry was gained after this, he should lose twice as many of these slots. But we're going for cheese here so we're doing it the naughty way.
Improved Metamagic (Su): Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn has mastered metamagic to such an extent that whenever he uses a metamagic feat, the required increase in spell level (if any) is reduced by one (minimum +1 spell level). For example, he could prepare a quickened fireball as a 6th-lvl spell instead of a 7th-lvl.
This benefit also applies to Jonasriel's other incantatar class abilities. Thus, the DC for using his metamagic effects or cooperative metamagic ability is reduced appropriately for the metamagic feats involved, and he spends fewer charges when using metamagic spell trigger.
N.B. Powerful in the hands of mortals, this becomes criminally apocalyptic for a god to play with. This is probably the only truly overpowered ability (from two overpowered prestige classes; though they're both probably just fine as epic prestige classes) for an ECL 150 character, and it just gets deadlier the more Automatic Metamagic Capacity feats you feed it. This should be at least a cosmic ability, maybe even a transcendental.
Instant Metamagic (Su): 7/day as a free action, Jonasriel can apply a single metamagic feat he possesses to a spell without preparing it that way beforehand. That included epic or deific metamagic such as Rune or Penetrating.
Kaleidoscopic Doom (Sp): 3/day as a standard action, Jonas designates one creature within 60 feet and turns magical effects currently affecting the creature against it. This effect functions like a targeted Greater Dispel Magic, except that for every spell or effect negated on the target, the effect of one veil (see Warding below) is visited on the victim as if the subject had crossed it. The veil created around the victim proceed through the spectrum from red to violet, with one veil activated per spell negated. Thus, a creature with three spells negated would be the subject of the effects of the red, orange, and yellow veils. The subject is still entitled to the normal saving throws allowed by each veil. This ability is the equivalent of an 18th-level spell.
Metamagic Spell Trigger (Su): Jonasriel has the ability to apply a metamagic feat he possesses to the effect of a spell trigger item (generally a wand). To use this ability, he must have the appropriate item creation feat to make the spell trigger item he is using. Using metamagic spell trigger expends a number of additional charges from the item equal to the number of effective spell levels the metamagic feat would add to the spell. E.g., the Twice-Reborn can use Quicken Spell to modify a spell cast from a wand by spending 5 charges (1 + 4 additional charges for the spell slot increase). Alternatively, he can apply Empower to the effect by spending 3 charges, or trigger it silently by spending 2 charges. Still Spell confers no benefit when applied to a spell trigger item. Jonas cannot use this ability when using a spell trigger item that do not have charges, such as a strand of prayer beads.
Metamagic Effect (Su): 44/day, full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity, Jonas can attempt to apply a metamagic feat he possesses to a persistent spell effect that is already in place. For example, he could use Extend Spell to extend the duration of a Wall of Force or Maximize Spell to maximize the damage dealt by a Cloudkill. To use this ability, the Jonasriel must be adjacent to or within the spell effect and make a successful Spellcraft check (DC 18 + [3 x modified spell level]); see Cooperative Metamagic for further explanation. Spell slot increases for metamagic feats that were applied to affect the spell's casting (e.g., Silent, Still, Quicken Spell) do not count toward the modified spell level, but adjustments for metamagic that change the spell's effect (Empower, Enlarge, Widen) do count.
Oracle Domain: Gain access to Oracle domain. Gain power of Oracle domain (+2 divination spells), and can choose the spells in that domain as daily domain spells.
Prescient Sense (Ex): Works like evasion, but still applicable while armored.
Reactive Warding: Jonasriel can create a Warding in response to an attack. He can raise a Warding as an immediate action, after an opponent begins an action but before it is completed. For example, if he sees an enemy warrior charging him, he can raise a Warding to protect himself. The opponent can choose to continue the charge through the Warding or can halt outside it.
Seize Concentration (Su): Jonasriel can wrest control of a spell that requires concentration (implosion, major image) from another spellcaster within 30 feet. If the target caster is willing, this transfer of concentration occurs automatically. Otherwise, Jonasriel and the target caster make an opposed CL check. A divine caster receives a +2 bonus on this check. If he wins, he gains control of the spell for as long as he maintains concentration or until the original spell duration requires. The spell functions as though the Twice-Reborn were the caster (even if it's a spell he cannot cast), except that any variables determined when the spell was cast (including its CL) remain as determined by the original caster. The original caster can be affected by his own spell, though she receives a +2 circumstance bonus on any saving throw allowed against it. If Jonas allows his concentration to lapse before the spell expires, the original caster may reassert control over her spell by making a successful CL check (15 + spell level). If she fails to do so, no one controls the spell.
Snatch Spell (Su): Jonasriel can attempt to seize control over a persistent effect created by another spellcaster. The effect must be one that does not depend on concentration but still relies on or responds to the caster's control (such as a summon monster spell or spiritual weapon, but not a wall of fire or acid fog). Furthermore, the effect (but not necessarily the caster) must be within 30 ft. of the Twice-Reborn. The target spellcaster and Jonas make an opposed CL check. A divine caster receives a +2 bonus on this check. If Jonasriel wins, he gains control of the spell until its original duration expires. The spell functions as though he had cast it, except that any variables determined when the spell was cast (including its CL) remain as determined by the caster. The original caster can be affected by his own spell, though she receives a +2 circumstance bonus on any saving throw allowed against it. If the spell is dismissible and Jonas wishes to dismiss it, he must make a second successful opposed CL check to do so. If he fails, the spell remains in effect and control reverts to the original caster.
Spells: 60th-lvl wizard. See above.
Turn Undead (Su): As 74th-lvl cleric, 60/day. Always turning check 78 and turning damage 2d6+111.
Unanswerable Strike (Ex): Due to his study of magical defenses, the Twice-Reborn learns how to defeat them more easily. He gains a +12 bonus on caster level checks to counter or dispel abjuration spells or effects.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Retains Dex mod to AC when flat-footed or struck by invisible caster.
Unimpeachable Abjuration (Ex): Jonasriel's abjuration spells are particularly difficult to defeat with spells or effects that dispel them. He adds +23 to the DC to dispel any abjuration spell or effect he creates.
Warding (Sp): 12/day as a standard action or an immediate action (see Reactive Warding), Jonasriel can create a warding. He can choose one or more veils, up to four (see Warding [Quadruple]) he knows (see below) to be imbued in the warding. A warding lasts for a certain amount of time as indicated in its description, unless it is dismissed. When Jonasriel creates a warding, he can choose one of three types:
Personal: This warding is a sphere whose diameter is equal to his space (5 ft.) and encapsulates him. It moves with him, but he cannot force another creature to pass through it (for example, by attempting to grapple an enemy). If he does force a creature to pass through, the warding has no effect on that creature. Any creature striking at him with a melee weapon or natural attack is subject to the veil's effect (although creatures using reach weapons are not). The warding provides total concealment to the initiate, but he can see out with no hindrance. It lasts for 23 minutes or until dismissed
Area: An area warding affects Jonas' space and all adjacent squares (a sphere 15 feet in diameter while Small or Medium, 20 feet in diameter if his size category [actual, not virtual] becomes Large, etc.). Any creature who remains adjacent to the Twice-Reborn gains the benefit of the warding's protection, even if part of its body lies outside the sphere. Moving out of the warding (stepping away from Jonasriel) is completely safe, but anyone attempting to enter the warding—even someone who was formerly inside it and left—becomes subject to the effects of the chosen veil. The warding moves with Jonas, but he cannot force another creature to pass through it (for example, by moving adjacent to an enemy). If he does force a creature to pass through, the warding has no effect on that creature. This warding provides total concealment to all within from creatures outside, but anyone inside the warding can see out with no hindrance. It lasts for 23 minutes or until dismissed
Wall: This warding takes the form of a wall, up to 230 feet long and 115 feet high. The wall can be made smaller, but it is not otherwise shapeable. The wall must begin within 30 feet of Jonas, but can extend beyond that distance. The wall is immobile once created. The Twice-Reborn may decide to make crossing through the wall in one direction safe, if he chooses. In any event, he can pass through him own warding wall with no danger. This warding provides total concealment to creatures on either side. It lasts for 230 minutes (3 hours, 50 minutes) or until dismissed.
The save DC for any of Jonasriel's wardings is equal to 131 (Int-based). The spell level equivalent of a warding depends on which veil is integrated into it.
Supposed to be (Su), but I changed it to a spell-like ability just so you could AMC your veils. Yes, I is a basrad.
Warding Veils: When Jonasriel creates a warding, he can choose and imbue the warding with any one veil he knows how to create. These veils duplicate the layers of a prismatic wall and are described below. The caster level for these veils is 84.
Red Veil: A warding imbued with this veil blocks all nonmagical ranged attacks and missiles. A creature crossing a red veil takes 100 points of divine fire damage (Reflex half). A cone of cold spell or effect destroys a warding with this veil but is negated in the process, but only if it is heightened or fortified to 9th-lvl or higher (or one higher than the spell level, should he choose to heighten the veil with Automatic Metamagic Capacity -- it can be applied to any spell or spell-like ability [only useful ones I can imagine would be heighten to up the DC or maybe invisible spell if he doesn't want people to know he's so protected]). A warding with this veil is the equivalent of an 8th-level spell. I upped the veils' powers and allowed AMC to work with 'em so they wouldn't be completely irrelevant.
Orange Veil: A warding with this veil halts magical ranged attacks, including spells that conjure missiles (such as Melf's acid arrow) or create rays (such as disintegrate or a beholder's eye rays) but not spells that do not require a ranged attack (such as magic missile). A creature crossing an orange veil takes 200 points of divine acid damage (Reflex half). A gust of wind spell (heightened to 11th-lvl or higher) or similar effect destroys the veil but is negated in the process. A warding with this veil is the equivalent of a 10th-level spell.
Yellow Veil: This veil prevents gases or clouds from entering the warded area, and it defeats petrification attacks. In addition, a character inside a personal or area warding imbued with a yellow veil has immunity to poison introduced from outside the warding (such as from a creature with an envenomed weapon striking through the barrier). A creature crossing a yellow veil takes 400 points of divine electricity damage (Reflex half). A disintegrate spell (heightened to 13th-lvl or higher) destroys the veil but is negated in the process. A warding with this veil is the equivalent of a 12th-level spell.
Green Veil: This veil stops the passage of breath weapons. A creature crossing a green veil must succeed on a Fortitude save or die; on a successful save, the creature takes 5d6 points of Constitution damage. This veil is a poison effect. A passwall spell (heightened to 13th-lvl or higher) destroys a green veil. A warding with this veil is the equivalent of a 12th-level spell.
Blue Veil: This veil blocks all divinations and mind-affecting spells and abilities. Any creature crossing a blue veil must succeed on a Fortitude save or be petrified, on a failed save the target is instead slowed for 23 rounds. A magic missile spell (heightened to 13th-lvl) destroys a blue veil but is negated by it. A warding with this is the equivalent of a 12th-level spell.
Indigo Veil: This veil prevents the passage of all spells or spell-like abilities. Any creature crossing an indigo veil must succeed on a Will save or become confused, as if by an insanity spell, those who succeed on the save are instead dazed for 23 rounds. A daylight spell (heightened to 15th-lvl) negates and is negated by an indigo veil. A warding with this veil is the equivalent of a 14th-level spell.
Violet Veil: This barrier destroys all objects and effects that cross it, as if they were disintegrated. Living creatures passing a violet veil must succeed on a Will save or be shifted to a random place on a random plane (as the plane shift spell), on a successful save they are instead teleported 14d6x100 miles in a random direction on the same plane/world. A violet veil is destroyed by a successful greater dispel magic spell (heightened to 17th-lvl or higher). A warding with this veil is the equivalent of a 16th-level spell.
Warding (Quadruple): Jonasriel can raise up to four veils at once any time he creates a Warding. This still counts as only one of his uses of his Warding ability. The less powerful effect (progressing from red up through violet) is always considered to be "outside" the more powerful effect, so a quadruple warding consisting of a blue veil, a green veil, a red, and a yellow would subject any creature passing through the red veil first, followed by the yellow veil, etc. To negate the entire warding, the outermost veil must be negated before the inner veil(s) can be negated. If he gains one more level in Initiate of the Sevenfold Veils, this becomes Pentuple Warding (five veils); level 30 IotSV gets sextuple (six of seven veils) and 36 heptuple (all seven).
Wizard Alternative Class Features: Domain (Storm), alternative familiar: hummingbird (+4 to master's Initiative).
Damage Reduction: Weapons need to be made of at least 1% orichalcum (superdense metal smelted from the cooled and compacted remains of a dying sun) in order to penetrate his damage reduction.
Divine Abilities (Ex or Su): Comparable to the salient divine abilities of Deities & Demigods, however Immortal's Handbook: Ascension offers these alternative with its gods.
Abnormality (Wings): Grow a pair of wings, gain flight speed equal to triple land speed. If you already had wings, gain second pair and double flight speed. Either case, gain 2 wing slaps, doing base damage for your size or the same damage as the wing slaps you already have (e.g., true dragons).
Celerity: Triple all movement speeds.
Brew Godly Potion [Item Creation]: As Brew Potion, but up to 9th-lvl. Cost for 7th-, 8th-, and 9th-lvl potion is SL + CL x 1250. Time stop and shapechange is but 32,500 gp away! Now let's hope your Diplomacy skill is above, say, 80 to convince a god to take time out of his busy day just for you, instead of just smiting your impertinent mortal ass. Stuff like Wish should probably cost 25,000 more (5 more gp per XP cost, making Potions of Wish less cost effective than a Ring of Three Wishes), and costly material components would also add to the potion (like 25,000 more for a Potion of True Resurrection... wait, would that work? Could you make an Oil of Resurrection and be able to pour it on a corpse? I don't see why not... more costly than just casting it, and you can't really afford more than a handful of these at any lower level.). Oh wow, imagine how nasty a Potion of Forcecage would be as a trap!!
Cunning Mind: Add Intelligence modifier as circumstance bonus to attack rolls.
Cunning Spirit: +12 (equal to divine bonus) circumstance bonus to all DC's you force others to make.
Divine Architect [Item Creation]: Your creation times are measured in hours, rather than days, and items can be created in less than a day. N.B. I gave him all the item creation feats for free (no ECL adjustment), as wizards should automatically know how to do that stuff anyway, without wasting feats!
Divine Wizardry: Can cast twice as many spells in a day than normal, no longer needs to sleep or rest to regain spells (only spend 1 hour studying spellbook).
Divine Immensity: As a free action once a round you can increase or decrease your size category by one more or less than your normal one, with all the benefits and penalties this entails. This stacks with temporary effects that change your size, like Reduce Person or Righteous Might. Each time this is taken, you can raise or lower your size by one more. Jonas has taken this six times, allowing him to be anywhere between Fine to Titanic (one size larger than Colossal; -16 size modifier, etc.)
Dolorous Spell: Spells doing d8 damage (naturally or with Dire Spell) increase damage die by two steps, to a maximum of d12. Spells that do d6 or less increase by one step. Fireballs do 10d12 fire, magic missile does 5d8+5 force, enervations do 1d8 negative levels, etc.
Enlarge Aura: Each time it's taken, double size of divine aura. Unlike most cases, a double-double is a quadruple, rather than a triple. An Intermediate Deity with 60 hit dice normally has a divine aura of 700 ft. Enlarge once: 1,400 ft. Twice: 2,400 ft. Three times: 5,800 ft. Four times: 11,600 ft.
Exoskeleton: The natural armor bonus from divinity is equal to 1/2 hit dice, rather than 1/4.
Extra Contingency: Each time this divine ability is taken, you can keep up one more contingent spell (see the spell Contingency) than you could normally.
Greater Aura: See Divine Aura, below.
Greater Casting: Spell caps are doubled. E.g. polar ray does 50d6, max; rainbow pattern affects up to 48 HD of creatures.
Heavenly Mind: Add luck bonus to attack rolls equal to Charisma modifier.
Heavenly Soul: +12 luck bonus (equal to divine rank) to saving throws.
Heavenly Spirit: +12 luck bonus (equal to divine rank) to DC's.
Improved Damage Reduction: Add alignment factor to what is needed to pierce damage reduction.
Intellectual Body: Int mod as competence bonus to armor class. (note that I switched the bonuses from Body and Soul; Ascension states Body only adds DR to AC, whereas Soul adds ability modifier to saving throws. I think Krusty reversed the importance of AC and saving throws [not to mention you're getting a possible +20, +50, +100 to THREE scores with Soul as it is normally]; low AC means I get punched in the face, maybe burnt or electrocuted, at worst a negative level, a failed saving throw means I'm dead, I'm a statue [AKA dead], I'm the caster's mind slave [AKA worse than dead]. Also, high AC really just means enemies power attack for fewer points, big whoop; plus even at sub-epic levels you're getting all your protection from hits from stacked Mirror Image and Displacement anyway [which are both negated by True Seeing... sigh]).
Intellectual Mind: Intelligence modifier as competence bonus to attack rolls.
Intellectual Soul: +12 competence bonus (equal to DR) to saving throws.
Intellectual Spirit: +12 competence bonus to DC's you force others to make.
Legendary Familiar: Familiar gains the Legendary template (double-dire but without size increase, adds SR, DR, doubles speed, extra natural armor; not much help with Jonas' tiny little birds, but with a big familiar like a worg, the bonuses are substantial)
Master Rod: Can expend spells in place of rod charges to use its effects.
Mindless Spell [Metamagic]: Spell modified ignores mind-affecting immunity, even from mindless creatures with - Intelligence scores. x4 spell level.
Multifaceted: Each time this feat is taken, you gain six bonus feats. You must meet their prerequisites.
Natural Caster: You cast spells as naturally as a grown human walks. All spells you cast and all spell-like abilities you use, including epic spells, never provoke attacks of opportunity nor ever require Concentration checks. They also never require verbal, somatic, material, or focus components. XP components, if any, are still needed for spells like Wish, as well as other, more unusual spell components like sacrifice, disease, drug, ritual, backlash, etc. They are still considered spells or spell-like abilities for all purposes, and interact no differently to effects reliant on them other than the exceptions listed here.
Nescient: Ignore ALL feat preresquisites. This is so cheesy if you take it as a disciple as your only divine ability, because now you get epic feats, and powerful feats needing a dozen prerequisites! But the minimum ECL of a disciple, the very weakest deity, is 10. I wonder if that's worth the +5 level adjustment, and being level 10 with only 5 hit dice?
Omnicompetent: All skills are class skills. Factotums just got a little less awesome. Also note the Maven ability under Divine Traits.
Penetrating Spell [Metamagic]: Ignores spell resistance, effectively altering that modified spell's stat block to say Spell Resistance: No. Multiplies spell by x3 (a Penetrating Inflict Serious Wounds would take a 9th-lvl spell slot, or use 6 AMC slots) -- apply after all non-multiplicative metamagic modifiers (more than one multiplying metamagic stack, so a Penetrating Resonating spell would be x7; it wouldn't be x3x4), e.g., Penetrating Empowered x5 Storm of Vengeance would be (9 + 10) x 3 = 57th-lvl spell; it would require 48 AMC feats to cast this (original spell level 9, which is being modified by AMC, so subtract this from the final spell level).
Perfect Aura: See Divine Aura, below.
Perfect Initiative: Always acts first. If two or more beings who have this fight, they roll against each other, and everyone else take their turns after them.
Polymorph: Can polymorph at will. Superseded by Shapechange.
Quick Action Spells: Allows quickened spells to be cast with no action once a round rather than a swift action, which frees up his swift action for other uses, such as with spells that use a swift action to cast, or to cast more quickened spells as normal, if so chosen. This effectively gives him an extra action from which to cast spells every round: he could, for example, use his standard action to cast mass hold monster, his swift action to cast a quickened wail of the banshee, his 'quick action spells' action to cast a quickened dominate monster, and his move action to get the heck out of there.
Resonating Spell [Metamagic]: Any spell modified affects everyone in his divine aura that he wishes to affect. E.g., Resonating Mass Heal to aid an army, Resonating Detonate to blow up an army, or Resonating Dominate Monster to take over an army. Multiplies spell by x4, as with Penetrating Spell. To quickly resolve the spell's level with AMC, multiply by x4, then subtract original spell level. This is the kind of thing gods were meant to do.
Rune Spell [Metamagic]: The spell modified ignores anti-magic; it functions normally as if it were an extraordinary ability. Ignores the effects of an area of dead magic, impeded magic, wild magic, spellplague, or anything else that screws with magic and/or spells with a successful Spellcraft check [some arbitrary number that Jonasriel auto-succeeds] or an opposed Spellcraft check if the dead zone or whatever was erected by another immortal (e.g. Dead Zone transcendental ability), otherwise it's suppressed normally. Multiplies spell level by x6.
Sacred Spirit: +12 sacred bonus to DC's you force others to make.
Savior: Choose one or more allies within divine aura. Whenever they take hit point damage, you take half the damage dealt to them from any source. This ability only applies to hit point damage, not ability damage, negative levels, etc.
Self-Hypnosis: Always treated as under the effect of Mind Blank. Can raise or lower this defense as a free action.
Self Mastery: Your body parts can operate independently, making you immune to attacks like vorpal. I can see some comedic potential as well.
Seventh Sense: Your senses extend one round into the future. You cannot be caught flat-footed or surprised and you gain your Dex bonus against foes you cannot even perceive. You can replay a number of rounds per day equal to your divine rank (in Jonas' case, 12). When replay a round, everyone else uses the same actions, whereas you can change your actions based on the knowledge of what they are going to do. You can only replay a given round once.
Shapechange: You may Shapechange (as the spell) to a different form as a free action once a round. Any new form cannot have more than twice your hit die. You gain all the extraordinary and supernatural abilities of the assumed form, however, you lose all your own supernatural abilities (except those from the divinity template, including divine abilities).
Spell Abatement: Ignore the first spell cast against you each round. This stacks with Spell Block from the magic portfolio, meaning Jonasriel ignores the first two spells cast against him each round.
Spell Absorption: As a free action, automatically absorb one spell cast at you each round. The magic absorbed must be a single target or ray directed at the immortal or his equipment. The spell can then be used by the immortal at any time in the future (as a standard action). An immortal can store a number of spell levels at a time equal to their hit die.
Spell Immunity: Become immune to 0th- and 1st-lvl spells, regardless of whether or not they allow saving throws or spell resistance. Each time this is taken, become immune to the next two levels. You cannot become immune to more spell levels than your divine rank (e.g., taken seven times by an intermediate deity, Jonas is immune to 0th-through-12th-lvl, rather than up to 13th).
Spell Reflection: Any spell targeted at you, which does not penetrate your spell resistance, is reflected back at the caster. Effect and area spells are not affected.
Squamous: The natural armor bonus from your deity template is equal to 3/4 your hit die.
Superior Aura: See Divine Aura, below.
Superior Combat Casting: Your concentration cannot be broken when casting a spell; you never need to make Concentration checks in relation to spellcasting or using spell-like abilities. Superseded by, but also a preresquisite of, Natural Caster.
Superior Damage Reduction (Orichalcum): Add material factor to that which penetrates your damage reduction.
Sure-Footed: Can never be tripped, except by deities of a higher divine rank.
Third Eye: Grow a third eye. Cast ray ability, spell, or spell-like ability as a free action once a round.
Theurgic Spell: Any and all spells that do damage other than untyped or permanent deals half divine damage. For example, Jonas casts an empowered x25 (yes, Improved Metamagic is a killer) delayed blast fireball. He rolls 40d12 (see Dolorous Spell) and the result is 251. He multiplies the result by 13 (+1250%) dealing 3,263 divine fire damage, which is only reduced to 1,631 by fire immunity.
True Seeing: Has True Seeing as a constant effect, with a range out to his line of sight.
Unknowing Spirit: +12 insight bonus to DC's.
(Yes, he has a heck of a lot more divine abilities than an Intermediate Deity should. I don't care. His vastly inflated ECL should cover it.)
Divine Traits: Jonasriel is an intermediate deity (Divine Rank 12) and thus gains the following benefits:
Ability Scores: +24 to each ability score. Already added to statistics.
Damage Reduction (Ex): Intermediate deities gain divine damage reduction (equal to half hit dice, rounded down to nearest multiple of five, plus divine rank times five). Divine DR a step up from epic DR, may only be penetrated by artifact weapons created by an immortal with a divine rank higher than the being with DDR (ha!), or by any attack (extraordinary, spell, supernatural) from immortals of a higher divine rank. If a being with DDR has no effective divine rank, then any artifact or immortal may penetrate it. Anyone with DRR or uses a divine weapon penetrates epic or magic damage reduction, just as epic pierces magic.
Divine Bonus (Ex): Intermediate deities add a +12 divine bonus to: armor class; attack rolls; checks (ability checks, caster level checks, skill checks, turning checks); difficulty class (for any special abilities, spell-like abilities, spells); initiative; saving throws and spell resistance. Basically a bonus to everything except for damage rolls. They are also treated as having 12 higher hit dice for any purpose relating to hit dice (e.g., whether or not the immortal is affected by Rainbow Pattern or Momento Mori, or whether or not a deity can wild shape into something [among other limitations], but not things like a higher caster level [that's already covered]). In this case, 72.
Divine Senses (Ex): The senses of an intermediate deity are twelve times superior to that of the base creature.
Deflection (Ex): Gain deflection bonus to AC equal to ChaMod.
Godly Realm (Var.): The size of his godly realm is equal to the radius of his divine aura multiplied by the number of years he has ruled over the area. Within that area it can impose a divine penalty to any or all creatures or characters (even more powerful deities) equal to its divine bonus. In this case -12.
Grant Spells (Su): Intermediate deities can grant spells of any level to clerics and others who pray to him for their spells.
Immortality (Ex): An intermediate deity does not age, requires no air to breathe, no food or drink, nor sleep.
Immunities (Ex): An intermediate deity is unaffected by natural effects such as: ability damage, disease, natural elements (cold, drowning, fire, lava, lightning etc.), poison and so forth. They can still be affected by magical cold, magical disease, magical fire, etc. Deities and their artifacts and supernatural abilities, as well as epic spells and spells cast by them 10th-lvl and above (called epic spells as well when speaking of immortals for brevity), are unaffected by antimagic, but their non-artifact equipment and 9th-lvl or lower spells are suppressed as normal.
Maven (Ex): Skill ranks raised to maximum for each skill they know.
Natural Armor Bonus (Ex): Gain a bonus to natural armor equal to 1/4 hit dice.
Spell Resistance (Su): Intermediate deities gain Spell Resistance equal to their challenge rating (0.75 * ECL) plus 22 (10 + Divine Bonus special quality).
Feats (Ex or Su): Explained here if not locatable in the SRD.
Automatic Metamagic Capacity [Epic]: However many times this feat is taken, gain that many free metamagic slots which may be applied on the fly to any spell or spell-like ability being cast, even if it's already modified by metamagic (e.g., Jonas can cast a regular delayed blast fireball, and apply Quicken and Empower x23 to it [see Metamagic Freedom] or heighten a 1st-lvl spell to level 29 [very useful for dealing with foes with the Spell Immunity divine ability, or if you finally want to smack a Rakshasa with Magic Missile without wasting a 9th-lvl spell slot]).
Automatic Writing [Epic] (Su): When Jonas sees any sorcerer/wizard spell being cast, after its effects it's automatically added to his spellbook, if it isn't there already (which it probably it).
Brew Epic Potion [Item Creation]: As Brew Potion, but up to 6th-lvl, and the base price for 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-lvl is SL + CL x 250. Can finally make the Potions of Heal that you drank in abundance in Neverwinter Nights! XP components and material components should be added to the cost (XP * 5 in gold) rather than the resulting potion price be "free" like normal potions of 3rd-lvl or lower.
Brew Epic Potion Faster [Item Creation]: Takes only 1 minute to brew any potion. Say hello to Morrowind Alchemy shenanigans.
Brew Potion Faster [Item Creation]: Takes only 1 hour to brew any potion. Obviously prereq and superseded by Brew Epic Potion Faster.
Chain Spell: A spell with a single target whose range is greater than Touch now effects a primary target normally and also a number of secondary targets up to your CL (max 40 thanks to Greater Casting). No creature can be targeted more than once. If the spell does damage, the secondary targets take 1/2 damage and are allowed a Ref save to cut damage in half again, even if the original spell did not allow a save. If the spell does not do damage, the secondary targets have a saving throw that is 4 easier. This is totally obsolete in the wake of resonating spell.. well not really, this is a lot 'cheaper' to cast.
Craft Contingent Spell [Item Creation]: Can do something similar to the Contingency spell, but it works like item creation. Crafting takes one day per 1,000 gp (see Divine Architect) in its base price (spell level x caster level x 100 gp). You expend 1/25 this cost in XP like every other item creation, even though spending XP for making items is stupid and should be ignored; the time it takes to make crap should be deterrent to adventuring types enough. See Complete Arcane pg. 139 for the nitty-gritty (such as only being able to have up to HD in contingent spells active at any one time). This probably doesn't stack with the spell Contingency, but for Jonasriel I'm going to say it does, because we're casting Maximize Cheese here!
Disciple of the Sun [Divine]: Described above.
Dire Spell [Epic]: All spells raise their damage die by one step. Fireballs do 10d8, enervations do 1d6 negative levels, etc.
Divine Guidance [Epic, Divine] (Su): Described above.
Divine Metamagic [Divine] (Su): KIDDING! But if it didn't only work with divine spells, I so totally would have picked this up. Imagine a sub-epic incantatrix with this baby. *drool*
Divine Might [Divine]: Described above.
Divine Providence [Epic, Divine]: Described above.
Dragonwrought: At 1st-level, a kobold changes his type from humanoid (reptilian) to dragon. Also doesn't take aging penalties. Also arguably makes kobolds into true dragons with age categories -- Jonas was made with this assumption.
Easy Metamagic: Choose one metamagic feat you know that modifies a spell by +2 or higher. With that metamagic, the modified level is now 1 lower (so Easy Metamagic [Widen] can be prepared with +2 level). You can take this feat multiple times, each applying to a different metamagic feat of yours. Jonas has it as many times as needed to apply to any metamagic that, after Improved Metamagic, was still +2 or higher (like Maximize and Widen). Oh boy. Ooohhhhh boy.
Energize Spell [Metamagic]: +1 spell level, spell does 150% damage (including ability damage and negative levels if they can somehow affect them) to undead, 50% to everything else, for +1 spell level. Doesn't stack with itself with Metamagic Freedom (keep reading), as it modifies the spell to do that damage, rather than working like Empower Spell.
Enspell Familiar: Familiar considered in contact up to 1 mile from master.
Extra Familiar: Gain an additional familiar. Probably can't take this multiple times, but I decided that you can. Be glad I chose to only give him four more hummingbirds instead of thirty more.
Faerie Mysteries Initiate: Elven trance for 4 hours (see Nescient divine ability) then "act of passion" (chaka now-wow) with another Faerie Mystery Initiate. For the rest of the day, use Int instead of Con for hit point bonuses.
Good Fort/Ref/Will [Epic]: Make those saves use good saving throw progressions for your hit dice, regardless of what they were before.
Greater Critical [Epic]: Selected weapon crits get triple threat range.
Greater Critical Multiplier [Epic]: Crits do more damage. x2 becomes x4, x3 becomes x7, x4 becomes x10. Immortal's Handbook: Ascension's replacement for Devastating Critical, as they both amount to the same thing, really.
Heavy Armor Mastery [Epic]: Take no penalty for wearing heavy armor. No maximum dexterity, no skill check penalties, and most importantly: no arcane spell failure. Boo-yeah!
Improved Casting: All spell caps are 1.5 times higher. E.g. delayed blast fireball does 30d6, max., and deep slumber affects up to 15 HD of targets. Superseded by Greater Casting.
Improved Rapidstrike (prereq Rapidstrike): Do iterative attacks with a pair of natural weapons. See Full Attack line for exact result.
Improved Spell Capacity: I know this is in the SRD, but I just wanted to mention that, while this spell reeks when you have a limited number of feats and can instead pick Automatic Metamagic Capacity, this guy is NOT so limited, so why not throw this on top of the goodies pile!? We ARE trying to turn this guy into a colossal nacho sauce ooze/elemental with this afterall!
Insightful Reflexes: Use Int in place of Dex for Reflex saving throws.
Keen Intellect: Int in place of Wis for Will.
Metamagic Freedom [Epic]: Can stack any metamagic with itself, just like you could in 3.0. This lets you empower a spell 9 times and do +450% (times five) a spell's damage. This is needed for casters to keep up with the damage output of immortal warriors (they regularly do thousands to tens of thousands of damage with their full attacks at ECL 50+).
Persist Spell [Metamagic]: +6 spell level, spell lasts 24 hours. No reason why this can't stack with Extend Spell.
Rapid Spell: Decreases the casting time for spells: (old casting time vs. new) 1 full round > 1 standard action, multiple round > 1 full round, multiple minutes > 1 minute, multiple hours > 1 hour. Now let's Metamagic Freedom up in dis thang and Empower x21 Rapid x4 Awaken Construct a buddy in with 3d6x11 Int, Wis, and Cha with but a (Arcane Reach) touch! Too cheesy for most, but the Twice-Born has cheese oozing from his pores! Wait, does someone with alligator hide have pores?
Reach Spell: Changes touch spells to ranged touch out to 30 feet. The cheesy thing to do here is to have this stack with Arcane Reach and, each time this spell is applied, add 30 ft. to the ranged touch, to a maximum of 810 ft. for a reach x25 whatever.
Sculpt Spell [Metamagic]: An area of effect spell can have its area changed to one of the following: Cylinder with a 10' radius and 30' height; 40' cone, four 10' cubes, 20' radius sphere; 120' line. Can do some naughty stuff with this, like cast antimagic at a distance by turning it into cubes.
Shield Mastery [Epic]: Like heavy armor mastery, only for shields.
Sixth Sense [Epic]: Cannot be surprised. Cannot be caught flat-footed except by rogue 4 levels higher than your HD (64th-lvl rogues).
Split Ray [Metamagic]: +2 spell level, ray spell (arguably any ranged touch spell, including melee touch spells altered with Arcane Reach or Reach Spell) shoots two rays at either the same target or two targets up to 30 ft. apart.
Tensegrity [Epic]: Carrying capacity is doubled. Even with this he still barely keeps the weight of his equipment under a light load.
Toughness of Acumen: Int in place of Con for Fort. Doesn't actually exist; I just made this up.
Unbound Spell [Epic, Metamagic]: +5 spell level: any non-variable numeric components of the spell (e.g., many spells Empower does not affect) are multiplied by 1.5 (half-again). i.e. A Transformation spell affected by this feat would provide +6 to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution, +7 to Natural Armor, a +7 Competence Bonus on Fortitude Saves, and last for 3 rounds every twp Caster Levels. More examples: an Unbound Mass Heal cures 375 damage at its normal peak, and Unbound Contingency can make contingent up to 9th-lvl and would last 3 days/2 CL or until discharged
Immunities: Jonasriel is unaffected by natural effects such as: ability damage, disease, natural elements (cold, drowning, fire, lava, lightning etc.), poison and so forth. He can still be affected by magical cold, magical disease, magical fire, etc. Not subject to death from massive damage. Immune to mind-affecting effects and information-gathering by divination effects from being under the effect of the spell mind blank (self-hypnosis DA) and is under the effect of the spells eternal freedom and freedom of movement (eternal freedom DA). Jonas' spells and supernatural abilities that are usually negated automatically by certain spells or effects (e.g., true seeing vs. illusions) only works with a Spellcraft check with a DC equal to his caster level plus other bonuses to DC's, etc. (156; 179 for his abjuration effects), and this check may be used only once per spell cast or use of an ability (a continuous use ability such as permanent true seeing checks once a round). His artifacts make him immune to critical hits, poison, sleep, paralysis, and stunning so long as they are not sundered nor disjoined.
Portfolio (Magic) Traits (Ex or Su): An intermediate deity with the magic portfolio has the following traits.
Deific Magic (Ex): 50% of the Twice-Reborn's spells or spell-like abilities affect magic-immune targets normally (e.g., demilich, epic golems, Spell Immunity divine ability)
Fly's Endurance (Ex): Portfolio penalty to Constitution equal to divine rank. Already added to statistics.
Improved Summoning (Construct): Constructs created/summoned by Jonasriel have 50% more HD without increasing cost.
Sheep's Strength (Ex): Portfolio penalty to Strength equal to divine rank. Already added to statistics.
Scion of Magic (Ex): Portfolio bonus equal to divine rank on caster level, spell DC's, and spell resistance. Already added to statistics.
Spell Block (Ex): Automatically blocks the first spell used against him per round. Stacks with other, similar abilities (such as the Spell Abatement divine ability).
Portfolio (Sky) Traits (Ex or Su): An intermediate deity with the sky portfolio has the following traits.
Embodiment of the Wind (Su): Jonasriel can deny magical flight within your divine aura. As a free action once a round, such enemies must Will save DC 145 or any magical flight is suppressed (if innate) or negated (if temporary spell or effect). They must repeat the save every round, and it remains suppressed until they leave Jonas' divine aura.
Flight (Perfect): Fly at x3 land speed (or x3 existing flight speed). Already added to statistics. Keeps its flight speed regardless of form (grows wings or simply hovers if need be), or the form's flight, whichever is faster.
Hostile Environment (Earth) (Ex): Portfolio penalty (equal to divine rank) on all die rolls while standing on solid ground.
Improved Summoning (Avian): Avian creatures summoned have 50% more HD without increasing cost (for abilities such as Adjuration that limit the amount of summoned creatures based on HD, etc).
Scion of the Sky (Ex): Portfolio bonus (equal to divine rank) on attack rolls, damage rolls, and armor class while both Jonasriel and his opponent are flying. Not added to statistics.
Vulnerable While Grounded (Ex): Suffer 50% extra damage from attacks and spells when not flying.
Wind Resistance (Ex): Sustain only 50% effect from wind based attacks and effects; half damage, blown back half as far, etc.
Virtual Size Category: Jonasriel the Twice-Reborn's natural strength (though increased through miraculous means) is so far and above the norm for his size that it's enough to grant him a virtual size category, permanently raising his Constitution by two, lowering his Dexterity by two, and being treated as Medium for the purpose of base natural attack damage die and weapon and shield size or weight that can be wielded without penalty (though weapons above his size can never be treated as light weapons, unless he takes some ability that allows such). He gains no other benefits of an actual size increase (grapple modifier, size bonus, etc.).



Atmos of Eternal Noon

Atmos of Eternal Noon is a peerless bulwark, as vast and unreachable as the empty midday sky. It's title is almost a misnomer, for its layers of armor plates are the very opposite of airy. Indeed, they are impossibly heavy, almost to the point of absurdity. The wearer's head, for example, is comparable in size to the armor's gauntlets, and its feet could crush a small dog. One could be mistaken for a miniature, sky-colored golem wearing this, especially should the person inside the suit choose not to wear the helmet (the Twice-Reborn typically doesn't). It is a +30 glamered mithral fortress plate of heavy fortification and universal energy immunity mixed with 0.003% orichalcum (see the artifact description for Dead Aubade for orichalcum's exact effects); mithral is the primary material to halve its still considerable weight of one-and-a-half tons (much more awestriking when you consider this is being worn by someone just under three feet tall).

Fortress plate is the pinnacle of immobile impenetrability. Its armor bonus is two higher than even full plate, but at great cost: 0 max dexterity bonus (wearing it penalizes your dexterity by 4; if your Strength score is 20 [18 if Small wearing appropriately sized, 24 if Large, etc.] or higher reduce Dex penalty by 2; masterwork fortress plate only penalizes Dex by 2), -9 armor check penalty, 50% arcane spell failure chance, speed reduced to 15 ft. (Medium, 30 ft.) or 10 ft (Small, 20 ft.), weighs 150 lbs, and costs 2,000 gp. mithral fortress plate is still considered heavy armor, but it improves the speed to 20 ft./15 ft. as normal for heavy armor (and is no longer unbearably heavy for all but the bulkiest of warriors). It is easier to magically enhance fortress plate with protection from critical hits: moderate fortification is +2 and heavy fortification is +4. It freely gains light fortification when it becomes magic armor (+1 enhancement bonus or more).

Note that the only thing that matters to the Twice-Reborn (thanks to his epic feat Heavy Armor Mastery) is its armor bonus.

The orichalcum in the Atmos protects the wearer with its hardness-- the wearer (if the energy immunity is somehow negated) reduces cold damage to one-quarter, electricity and fire by half, and ranged weapons (unless they're siege engines or similar) by half, taking normal damage from acid and sonic damage. Certain weapons, such as daggers, cannot deal damage at all (unless they succeed with a sneak attack, see Eradication feat tree). The wearer doesn't gain any other benefits of hardness nor is he treated as an object. The wearer is immune to to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic damage, and is 100% immune to critical hits The armor itself is interlaced with force, meaning its armor bonus applies to touch attacks, even from incorporeal beings. Note that creatures that ignore force effects (force dragons) can make touch attacks and disregard the armor (reduce touch AC to 118 in this case), but the mundane and magical armor bonuses still apply to their normal attacks. Because it is both an armor and force bonus, neither armor bonuses nor force bonuses to AC stack.

The wearer is also constantly under the effect of an Elemental Body (Air) spell, giving him the air subtype and granting him flight at his normal land speed (perfect maneuverability; irrelevant for Jonasriel), air mastery (airborne creatures take -1 penalty on attack rolls and damage rolls against the wearer), gains darkvision out to 60 ft., and is immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, and critical hits -- even if this spell effect is somehow negated, the wearer is still immune to critical hits thanks to the armor's heavy fortification.

When glamered, the Atmos of Eternal Noon takes the form of a ye olde fashioned blue robe. Jonasriel and everything he wears still appears covered in nearly-invisible feathers, but the whirlwind look is suppressed while the armor is glamered -- this is from the Elemental Body spell, not Jonasriel himself.

Dead Aubade

This weapon normally exists as a dark, well-polished, solid amber staff as long as about half to three-fourths the height of its current wielder, its handle shaped like a bolt of lightning with a head like a storm cloud, shaped just right for a comfortable grip. Tiny, glowing motes of deep purple slowly fall from the cloud about six inches before they gradually dim until they disappear. When its wielder speaks the correct command word, it grows, grows, and grows into a true weapon: an absurdly large scepter, like it belonged to the king of storm giants. It is colored a highly-metallic, sandy bronze. Every inch of the metal portion is covered in small writing that travels in gentle yet confusing currents, each hovering about an inch off the weapon and sometimes floating over one another. If one follows a single line, though, it's always a poetic song about the power of magic, praise for the dragons and their descendents, or both. The handle is wide, tapering near the bottom just small enough to grip, and the opposite end is tipped with a gigantic gem of glassy, near-clear orange, at least twice the size of the head of the holder. If one looks deep within, they can see evershifting shapes like winged lizardmen orbiting a flaring, dying sun, each one's jaws wide in song and ecstasy. The giant gem seems to be within another, even bigger one, but that one's merely an orange glow that's shaped perfectly like the gem it's emanating from, like an ethereal double.

The Dead Aubade (oh-BAHD) strikes fools that stand before it as a +20 epic spell storing defending adamantine greatmaul (two-handed warhammer/maul, martial, 1d12/x3). The adamantine is mixed with 0.003% orichalcum, the extremely dense metal of a cooled, collapsed dwarf star-- even this miniscule trace of orichalcum makes any alloy it's mixed with sixty-four times heavier than steel or adamantine of the same size; pure orichalcum is over two million times heavier. It has four times more hit points than weapons and such made of steel, has 200 hit points per inch of thickness and a hardness of 100.

Epic Spell Storing: Maximum spell level 6th, up to three separate stored spells, all dischargable simultaneously or with separate strikes. Otherwise same as spell storing.

The weapon sizes itself two higher than the wielder's size category, and may be used as a one-handed weapon without penalty (though in combat, Jonasriel wields it two-handed anyway while animating his shield). It is treated as the wielder's size category-- thus in the hands of a Medium creature it is a Huge weapon in every aspect, weighs roughly half a ton and deals a base damage die of 8d6 (four weapon size categories higher than the base 1d12, two for the size increase, which is then doubled by the orichalcum material). It can never be treated as a light weapon, unless one has the ability to treat weapons two or more size categories higher as light weapons.

Medium creatures require a minimum of 40 Strength to attack with 0.003% orichalcum weapons for their size (30 for Small, 50 for Huge, etc.); if their Strength decreases below this for any reason while wielding it, the weapon drops from their hand. It may still be picked up and placed in their backpack if they're still strong enough to carry such a load. The orichalcum greatmaul remains in its form until the same command word is repeated but only by its current wielder, in which case it reverts to amber staff.

1/hour as a full-round action -- usable only while in cane form -- the wielder can cast an extended double-widened Control Weather (as druid), with a 9-mile radius and lasts for 8d12 hours.

1/day as a full-round action -- usable only while in scepter form -- the wielder can summon an orichalcum guardian for 10 minutes (+50% more HD thanks to the Twice-Reborn's Improved Summoning), that acts immediately after the wielder's turn; the wielder is treated as the guardian's master for the duration. If the golem is destroyed, its death throes do not activate-- it merely disappears, the summon's duration prematurely ended.

Symbol of Platinum

This is a platinum coin (treat as a holy symbol) etched with the symbol of Bahamut. It is embedded on the upper surface (near the middle, taking up no body slot) of the Twice-Reborn's tongue. It doesn't restrict his speech (so he doesn't "sound funny") nor does it blunt his sense of taste; it is as unnoticeable and comfortable as anyone is with their own tongue. The symbol is easily visible whenever he speaks, unless he makes an effort to talk closed-mouthed.

Whenever Jonasriel performs an overly aggressive action, such as shouting in anger or ecstasy, swinging a weapon or casting a spell at an enemy, or turning undead, it flashes with a glow of soft, silvery white light, illuminating his mouth through his bared fangs (or providing illumination like a bullseye lantern if he opens his mouth wide or sticks his tongue out).

It cannot be removed; it is as much a part of him as his divinity. However it can be disjoined or sundered as any artifact can, but it can only become a target if he's grappled and someone else (or the same grappler if it has more than two appendages, such as a dragon) makes an opposed Strength check to force his jaws open.

It increases the Twice-Reborn's Intelligence, Charisma, Dexterity, and Strength by +24, akin to equipping belt of strength, headband of intellect, etc (they are enhancement bonuses). These bonuses always apply, even if the Twice-Reborn shapechanges into a form that would meld all his gear. The strength is required for him to carry his orichalcum equipment. It also acts as a ring of wizardry of levels I through IX, granting him 8 extra spells of each of levels 1 through 9 (normally 4 each, but he has Divine Wizardry).

True Pharaoh

The True Pharaoh is a +20 animated heavy mithral spiked shield of epic bashing and superior negation and reflection. The mithral is made with inlays of 0.003% orichalcum-- its base shield bonus is doubled (as well as shield bash damage) and it weighs 480 lbs (thanks to his virtual size category, he can use Medium shields without penalty). The shield's surface is covered in interlocking pyramids -- which serve as the shield's spikes -- each the color of the shifting sands. Any shadows falling upon the shield (including the shadows from the pyramids onto itself, should light them from the other side) turns the sandy color to varying shades of azure (rather than a normal shadow's "color"). Small amounts of dust and sand constantly billow from the shield, as if the miniaturized tombs of pharaohs were wracked by endless sandstorm. Jonasriel tends to carry the shield when not in battle, but when a fight begins, he immediately animates it and grabs his weapon in both hands.

Epic Bashing: enhancement bonus to shield AC add to attack and damage with shield bashes.

Superior Negation: Every time the wearer is hit by a magic weapon, the shield immediately casts greater dispel magic on it (CL 62nd), any number of times.

Superior Reflection: Any time the wearer is targeted with a spell, that spell is automatically reflected back at the caster (as Spell Turning, heightened to 28th level [5d10+10 spell levels, CL 62nd]).

Whenever the wearer is about to be attacked in melee (after the attack is rolled but before it hits) either with a melee weapon or a melee touch attack or spell, the True Pharaoh as a free immediate action once a round (that doesn't count as the wearer's immediate action) makes a shield bash attack. This shield bash doesn't impede the wearer (e.g., no TWF penalties), and it may make the attacker swing wide.

Anyone struck with this special shield bash (+225 attack bonus, 2d4+37) takes a -20 circumstance penalty with that attack roll, which may make the attack miss if it was normally high enough to hit. If this was part of a spell, the caster must make the appropriate Concentration check or lose the spell. Any further attacks made by the same creature expects to be bashed and can prepare for it; the penalty is -10 circumstance to that attack roll for the rest of the current encounter (though it reverts to -20 in subsequent encounters). The bash happens so quick that observers don't catch it; they themselves must be struck at before they can reduce the penalty. It may hit regardless of reach-- it hits the striking appendage if it's a natural weapon, and weapons held by large creatures with a natural reach outside Jonasriel's instead take sunder damage (no AoO); any reach weapon (not merely normal weapons held by larger creatures) take a penalty of -30/-15 and always take sunder damage, even if Jonasriel's personal reach is longer than the weapon's (such as when he increases his size through magic or ability).


As Jonasriel spends much of his time creating magic items, he has literally hundreds of pieces of equipment to use when needed. However, most of the time he doesn't carry a single one with him, as they're highly vulnerable to antimagic, disjunction, dispel magic, sundering, theft, etc. But when he's sure his enemy cannot resort to these, and is in need of an edge against a great challenge, it takes him but a moment to Plane Shift home and return, ornamented like a Christmas tree with a backpack full of staves and wands.

Alternatively, he gifts these to his greatest priests and adventurous champions, or hides them around his godly realm for anyone with the skill to find and keep.

Note that I price items that give continuous spell effects by the minimum caster level a wizard can access that spell level; some items here normally calculated would be worth in excess of half a billion gp, which is far too much for what they actually do.

Circlet of Primal Air

This circlet appears grey like a stormcloud in constant motion, as if it were made of solid wind, with the occasional flash of lightning deep inside (but with no accompanying thunder). When worn, the wearer and his equipment all look about the same, though everything keeps their color and outer texture, now resembling an invisible glass sculpture with stormy wind in a endless tornado swirl.

The wearer is constantly under the effect of an Elemental Body (Air) spell, giving him the air subtype and granting him flight at his normal land speed (perfect maneuverability), air mastery (airborne creatures take -1 penalty on attack rolls and damage rolls against the wearer), gains darkvision out to 60 ft., and immunity to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, and critical hits.

Strong Transmutation; CL 21st; Craft Epic Wondrous Item, elemental body; Price 273,000 gp

Cloak of Resistance +24 and Universal Energy Immunity, 6,840,000 gp
Coldest Shades

These deep blue glasses look carved from sapphire ice. Those who look into them risk becoming entombed by darkest frost.

This gives the wearer a constant gaze out to 225 ft. which may be targeted at one creature per round with no action. Enemies that fail a Will save (DC 40; 112 when worn by Jonasriel) are frozen in place for 1 hour and 20 minutes. This is not a mind-affecting spell, so mind blank and the like are useless.

Frozen creatures cannot move, attack, cast spells, or defend themselves; they are considered immobile, losing shield and Dex bonuses to AC and taking a further -4 penalty to AC. Frozen creatures are entitled to an additional Will save if attacked, but this provides no immunity to the gaze. A creature that has been immobilized with a freezing glance, then restored to motion after an attack, can still be the target of the same freezing glance in a later round.

Overpowering Enchantment; CL 80th; Craft Epic Wondrous Item, freezing glance; Price 19,680,000 gp.

Epic class[edit]

These were made so he could take Archmage, Incantatar (male form of incantatrix, incase you were wondering), and Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil above their respective levels. They say you can't do so with <10-lvl prestige classes, plus you can only advance abilities that are mathematically precise in when you get them pre-epic (or however that's supposed to work), but that is dumb. A lot of epic rules are dumb. That's why we have guys like Upper_Krust around to write the Immortal's Handbook.

Some of these, especially the incantatar and ISV, are excessive. They're already two of the most "broken" prestige classes around, so why not?

Epic Progression for ISV:

9: warding 5/day
10: unanswerable strike +6
11: warding 6/day
12: bonus feat, triple warding (exactly what it sounds like)
13: warding 7/day
14: kaleidoscopic doom 2/day, unanswerable strike +8
15: warding 8/day
17: bonus feat, warding 9/day
18: quadruple warding, unanswerable strike +10
19: warding 10/day
21: warding 11/day, kaleidoscopic doom 3/day
22: bonus feat, unanswerable strike +12
23: warding 12/day

Seem to have lost the ones for archmage and incantatar. Meh, the abilites are already accounted for.

Epic spells[edit]

Feel free to come up with more spells for him; he's a god of wizards, he probably knows high-double-digit epic spells for all sorts of things, most of them having nothing to do with combat. E.g., lots of Origin of Species, custom Raise Island (Raise Floating Island?). That is, when he doesn't want to spend quintessence or the time for Create Wondrous Creature on creating things -- Origin of Species are for those he wants to create over and over, the others are for experimenting.
Bestow the Mantle of Godhood
DC 164
Components: V, Ritual, S
Casting Time: 1 day
Range: One mortal touched
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Seeds: fortify (27), summon (14); total factors added up: 1,990. Mitigating factors: increase casting time by nine minutes (-18), increase casting time to one hour (-2), increase casting time by twenty-three hours (-46)*, ritual of ten additional casters each giving up four 6th (-440), 7th (-520), and 8th (-600) level spell slots; burn 20,000 XP (-200).

This ritual spell permanently applies the hero-deity template (see Immortal's Handbook: Ascension, pg. 31; they gain +3 divine bonus almost everything, 3 divine abilities, +6 to each ability score, a divine aura, two portfolios, etc.) upon the mortal touched, who undergoes apotheosis into a god of Divine Rank 3, effective immediately. This spell may not be applied to any being that is not already a deity or deity-equivalent (such as an intelligent outsider with high racial hit dice, or any being with divine traits similar to a god's [epic dragons]). As all the individual special attacks and special qualities are being applied directly upon the creature, it ignores the minimum hit dice normally necessary to achieve that rank of godhood; Jonasriel may transform a 1st-lvl commoner into a hero-deity if he wishes. Furthermore, Jonasriel need not spend quintessence or anything but the epic spell slot and the time it takes to perform the ritual to craft immortality.

This spell makes one a hero-deity in raw stature. However, the recipient of this spell has zero quintessence. This means the new hero-god have no "fuel" to power his divinity (and might not benefit from any of the divine template's abilities unless he has at least 1,000 QP); he must go and acquire quintessence on his own (see Ascension). This assumes that the being had none to begin with, or if the epic caster's a god and decided to be nice and transfer a portion of his (gifting the spark of godhood is pretty damn generous to begin with). Furthermore, the new god must undergo a portfolio trial (see IH: A, pg. 46) for each of his two new portfolios before he manifest their powers, as normal for all newly ascended gods -- the portfolios are not decided upon casting; the new deity is free to choose after his apotheosis.

The new hero-deity is not specially bonded or anything of the sort to the caster, though like any being whose peers are most likely members of unimaginably powerful organizations (a deific dynasty or pantheon), it is wise to make friends. E.g., Jonasriel only casts this on his most loyal servants and companions, therefore they are more than glad to choose him as their divine sponsor (they were already under his protective wing anyway, so this relationship is unchanged). Beings who are not themselves deities who somehow acquire the power to cast this spell and perform more than a few ascension rituals are likely to come under deific attention -- whether the outcome is good or ill depends on the alignment or attitude of the god(s) who got to them first.

Create Adamantine
DC: 155
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: 0 ft.
Effect: Unattended, nonmagical object of nonliving matter up to 25 cu. ft.
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
Seed: conjure (DC 21). Factors: add 5 cubic feet (+10), make permanent (x5).

Upon completion of the spell, creates a solid, 25 cubic-foot block of pure adamantine. Raw material for smithing and the like.

Create Darkwood

Upon completion of the spell, creates a solid, 25 cubic-foot block of darkwood. Raw material for weapons, furniture, or to make big ol' decorative carvings.

Create Mithral

Upon completion of the spell, creates a solid, 25 cubic-foot block of pure mithral. Raw material for smithing or making golems. Note that Jonasriel knows dozens or even hundreds of these "Create X" spells for just about any useful material that he can't just make with Polymorph Any Object (but not orichalcum, as its hardness and rarity is far, far higher than adamantine and mithral put together), but I don't feel like adding all those names to his Epic Spells Known list.

Plate Mail of the Confident Bard
DC: 172
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 quickened spell
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 24 hours (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Seed: armor (DC 14), +25 morale bonus to armor (+250), quickened (+28). Mitigating factors: backlash 120d20x10 (-120) [I decided backlash should equal the caster's largest-sided HD to keep, say, HD 180d100 elder gods or HD 640d1000 demiurges from suffering only a mosquito bite in exchange for -340 or -1280 off their epic spell DC's respectively].

Adds a +25 morale bonus to AC for 24 hours as a quickened spell, and deals 120d20x10 backlash damage (average 12,600) to the caster when cast. Y'know, all this information is right there in the stat block...

Plate Mail of the Fortunate Rogue

Like Plate Mail of the Confident Bard, only it's a +25 luck bonus to AC.

Plate Mail of the Godly Wizard

Like Plate Mail of the Fortunate Rogue, only it's a +25 perfection bonus to AC.

Plate Mail of the Learned Psion

Like Plate Mail of the Godly Wizard, only it's a +25 competence bonus to AC.

Plate Mail of the Holy Paladin

Like Plate Mail of the Learned Psion, only it's a +25 sacred bonus to AC.

Plate Mail of the Wise Druid

Like Plate Mail of the Holy Paladin, only +25 insight bonus to AC.

Platinum Dragon Knight
DC: 174
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 quickened spell
Range: 225 ft.
Effect: Summon one very old platinum dragon
Duration: 1 hour
Saving Throw: Will negates (see summon seed)
Spell Resistance: Yes (see summon seed)
Seed: summon (DC 14). Factors: other than outsider (+10), summon CR 77 creature (+150), quickened (+28), increase time summoned by 580 rounds (+58), increase range by 150 ft. (+4). Mitigating factors: 90d20 backlash (-90).

Works like the epic spell Dragon Knight, except it summons a very old platinum dragon (see IH: Epic Bestiary; note that Bahamut according to IH: EB is a great, great, great wyrm platinum dragon, though I believe he should be given a deity template as well) for its 38th-lvl cleric spellcasting and its 770 hit point iatric (healing) breath weapon. If there are no enemies around, the dragon usually chooses to heal a good portion of Jonasriel's ~950 point backlash damage.

Sanctify the Greatest Wicked
DC: 174
Components: V, S
Casting Time: Quickened
Range: 300 ft.
Effect: Summon one malakim angel
Duration: 10 minutes
Saving Throw: Will negates (see summon seed)
Spell Resistance: Yes (see summon seed)
Seed: summon (DC 14). Factors: quickened (+28), increase range by 225 ft. (+6), increase duration by 80 rounds (+8), summon CR 61 creature (+118).

This spell summons one nebulous deva (IH: EB pg 62), an angelic assassin who specializes in terminating evil deities. They are the third most powerful of the second choir of devas (to compare, solars are the most powerful of the third and lowest choir, the only choir to regularly interact with mortals), each a lesser deity in power who represents one of each of the upper plane's layers (the kyriotates are intermediate powers who represent each of the seven upper planes, second only to the skyfather and archangel Sandalphon, who ostensibly rules all the outer planes, though he has long lost all but the upper planes to the various daemonic, demonic, diabolic, and other aligned hierarchies ages ago; furthermore, with the rise of other deities of good, Sandalphon is now lord only of the angels).

Jonasriel usually casts this spell twice so they can both flank and sneak attack to great effect. A malakim works best if one (or more) can reach its mark with stealth.

The Twice-Reborn may be expected to return the favor to the hecaloth (the angelic hierarchy), perhaps by supplying epic weapons as well as war-wizards or golem shock troops to the chaylim (angelic armies) or by sending an aspect or three to directly assist one or more of the koph nia (secret holy force each lead by a malakim). This is a debt he is more than glad to pay with interest. They likely won't require a favor, though, if he summons them against extremely powerful entities or servants of evil, in which case their chance at slaying the deadly threat is payment enough.

Sequoia Barkskin
DC 163
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 quickened spell
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 20 hours; permanent for age adjustment
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Seed: fortify (DC 17). Factors: +60 enhancement bonus to natural armor (+118). quickened (+28).

Quickened spell, +60 enhancement bonus to natural armor. For when he's fighting a plain old brute.

Spell Guardian

Exactly like Sequoia Barkskin, only it's a +60 enhancement bonus to spell resistance. For when he wants to laugh even harder at other casters. Man is the fortify seed broken. I could do the exact same thing to every ability score and saving throw, too, limited only by his number of epic spell slots. Oh, maybe we can chain Int bonuses, and cast each one in succession when it raises your Spellcraft (and thus your number of epic spell slots), until you can cast DC 1000 stuff at level 21. It's Morrowind Alchemy all over again.

Timber Dragon Knight

Exactly the same as Platinum Dragon Knight, only instead it's a very old timber dragon. For when he needs 38th-lvl druidic support.

Weapon Guardian
DC 168
Components: V, S
Casting Time: Standard
Range: Touch
Target: Touched creature or object of 2,000 lb. or less
Duration: 24 hours
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes
Seed: ward (DC 14). Bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing (+4), 130 damage reduced per round (+250), standard action casting time (+20). Mitigating factors: 120d20 backlash (-120).

The target of this spell is protected from physical damage (bludgeoning, piercing, slashing) from any source, be it magical or natural: such damage is reduced by up to 130 per round while this spell is in effect.

Zone of Mage's Bane
DC: 174
Components: V, Ritual, S
Casting Time: 1 day
Range: Touch
Target: One creature touched
Area: One mile radius emanation, centered on target creature
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: See the spell Antimagic Field
Seed: antimagic (DC 25). Factors: increase personal to 20 ft. radius (+15), increase area by 5,260 ft. (+526), creature may lower or raise the field as a free action once a round (ad hoc x2), permanent (x5). Mitigating factors: increase casting time by nine minutes (-18), increase casting time to one hour (-2), increase casting time by twenty-three hours (-46), thirty giving up five 1st (-150), 2nd (-450), 3rd (-750), 4th (-1050), 5th (-1350), and 6th (-1650) level spell slots, burn 2,000 XP (-20).

This spell gives a creature a permanent one-mile radius of antimagic. This creature may lower or raise this field of antimagic as a free action once a round. The antimagic field may still be destroyed by disjunction, though it is almost impossible for anyone who is not a deity to get close enough to cast it, though the creature will probably lower the field if he knows he is facing a god, since antimagic doesn't affect deities nor their artifacts anyway (this also makes it so the field cannot be disjoined, until it is raised again).

This is a ritual spell that lasts 24 hours, and requires fifty mages each spending unused spell slots of the following: three 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, and two 8th and 9th level. Such a congregation of mages with near god-like power each is nigh impossible for any being to gather who is not himself a deity (likely by summoning his most powerful worshipers from across dozens of worlds and planes, an event nothing short of epic).

Jonasriel performs this impressive deific act on his most powerful golems who eternally guard his most treasured secrets and upon his greatest and proven champions who would not be bothered by antimagic. He has not casted this on himself as he needn't.


Achaziah, Gavrel, Kiva, Nataniella, and Tziporah
Legendary Hummingbird
Size/Type: Fine Outsider (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 1d8-3 (2,190 hp), 4,380 hp while master is in godly realm
* treated as having 60 hit dice for effects relative to hit dice
Initiative: +4
Speed: 120' fly (perfect)
Armor Class: 29 (+8 size, +4 Dex, +7 natural), touch 22, flat-footed 25
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/-19
Attack: Peck +113 melee (1d2-3)
Full Attack: Peck +113 melee (1d2-3)
Space/Reach: 5"/0
Special Attacks: Deliver touch spells
Special Qualities: Alertness, DR 5/magic, empathic link, improved evasion, share spells, speak with master, spell resistance 11
Saves: Fort +30, Ref +36, Will +32
Abilities: Str 4, Dex 19, Con 5, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 6
Skills: Omnicompetent - all skills 63 plus key ability modifier
Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse [b]
Alignment: Neutral good

Achaziah, Gavrel, Kiva, Nataniella, and Tziporah are especially beautiful hummingbirds, each a unique riot of color and symmetry. Kiva's feathers are bands of soft pink and baby blue to match her caring, happy personality. Gavrel's throat is red, his back several shades of dark grey and royal violet, and his belly tallow yellow with sparse black spots on his chest, all feathers with a metallic sheen; he is the confident warchief, always eager to lead an army to glorious victory. Tziporah is entirely ruby red, including his eyes, beak, and legs; when standing still he could be mistaken for a well-cut gem -- his serenity and inner peace is the envy of mortal monks, and just like them he can be an explosion of speed and violence when the need arises. Achaziah exudes grace, power, and wisdom, represented by her sparkling snow-white and glittering golden plumage. Nataniella is hot-tempered yet never unkind to her friends-- enemies recieve the full brunt of her anger. Her colors are the most chaotic: from seagreen to red orange, patterned like fire, rise from her underside, with cracks and openings between the licking, multi-hued flames resembling dark tree bark along her back and topside of her wings; her beak and legs are the same color, and her eyes piercing white. Her form is always covered in heat waves.

Each one was acquired by Jonasriel late in his second lifetime -- he was already powerful enough to summon more than one familiar. Each was a gift from different godly aspects of the elven hedgemony. After becoming a god himself, each of the Twice-Reborn's familiars achieved their own ascension as legendary animals. Now, and forevermore, are they his friends to travel with him to the ends of the multiverse.

Anytime there is danger, or when Jonasriel is traveling (they have no hope of keeping up with his deific flight) they can hide under his armor and avoid all damage. But they are tough enough, bolstered by the Twice-Reborn's deific wizardry, to survive multiple low-epic threats. And that's before he makes each one a comet of destruction by sharing spells (including contingent spells). Indeed, he often puts forth trials for epic mortals and god-heroes by having them dual his legendary hummingbirds (delivering touch spells as needed).

Note that thanks to Jonas' feat Enspell Familiar, all of his familiars are treated as being in contact with him while they're within one mile of him. Meaning up to this range they can deliver a touch spell.

Tactics Round-By-Round[edit]

It's next to impossible to catalog exactly how Jonasriel will defeat the enemy, as he has so many options at his command. Even if removed of all his spells, he still knows a few warrior tricks to crush his opposers. A typical battle is one where his goal is to destroy the enemy, which is as thus:

Prior to combat: Cast all of his Plate Mail epic spells, sequoia barkskin, spell guardian, weapon guardian, platinum dragon knight, titanium dragon knight, timber dragon knight, sanctify the greatest wicked once or twice, scintillating scales, superior invisibility, greater mirror image, displacement, blur, freezing glance, ironguard, wraithstrike, ghostform, lord of the skies, perfect summons, magic circle against evil or chaos, indomitability, superior resistance, effulgent epuration, nerveskitter, etc., persisting or extending that which cannot be persisted, buffing allies likewise. Use Sacred Vitality. Summon orichalcum guardian. Animate shield, shapechange into orichalcum golem. If enemy known to be vulnerable, activate permanent emanations: antimagic field. If enemy is a spellcaster, activate permanent emanation: suppression field for its favorite or most dangerous spells. Activate warding with the following four veils: red, orange, indigo, and violet (heightened x25).
Round 1: If enemy can be stopped with a simple battlefield control spell like grease or wall of force, do so. If not, use plasma beam from golem form and Third Eye to hit with a polar ray, a free action each (penetrating, intensified, admixtured, whatever). If enemy survives, use no action (Quick Action Spells) to try to incapacitate or weaken enemy by gazing at enemy with freezing glance and a spell such as irresistible dance, ray of stupidity, black tentacles (if they're earthbound), freezing fog, energy drain, unluck, dominate monster, energy drain, bestow greater curse, disjunction, etc., making them heightened or penetrating or mindless as needed. If there's more than one enemy, incapacitate the next. If there's only one, now use quickened spells try to end the threat with glass strike, wail of the banshee, polymorph any object, ray of stupidity, etc. If they're still around, but incapacitated, engage in melee and shift all BAB to power attack. If the enemy survives and the save-or-die failed, blast enemy with metamagic'd out the wazoo polar ray, chain lightning, delayed blast fireball, horrid wilting, etc, making sure the damaging spell is telluric. Send summons to perform cleanup or support with their own casting abilities (their DC's are likely too low to affect anything strong enough to threaten Jonasriel enough for him to self-buff like mad, so they too use self-buffs, or cast spells that don't rely on saving throws).
Round 2: If the enemy is incapacitated, Divine Immensity to Macro-Small size (~820 ft. tall) and full attack. If not, and they're still a threat and resistant to debuffing, battlefield control, and save-or-die, cast Time Duplicate and both Jonasriels to full effort into destroying the enemy with as many metamagic'd chain lightnings and polar rays as they can muster (a x5 intensified polar ray deals exactly 6000 damage each [exactly ten times maximum normal damage], and each x5 intensified chain lightning is 4800, which he has plenty in reserve as bonus domain spells; if they're purified and energized, they do 12000 and 9600, respectively). If enemy is vulnerable to temporal attacks, cast extended or persistent time stop and drop all the metamagic'd delayed blast fireballs that he has prepared, and dismiss the time stop. Rely on warding, buffs, and summons to keep safe.
Round 3: Disappears into the time stream (see Time Duplicate description). Summons do their best to harry and attack.
Round 4: Continue assaulting enemy as round 2, using Time Duplicate again if he has epic spell slots left. Use plasma beam whenever it recharges (free action every 1d2 rounds). Repeat until threat is eliminated.

If the Twice-Reborn merely wishes to stop a threat without killing it, he relies solely on battlefield control and debuffing, with the occasional nonlethal save-or-"die" (like flesh to stone or glass strike; he can dispel it later after the enemy is captured and imprisoned). If facing an army, he attacks in the same manner, only all of his spells are resonating, and he relies on methods like his insanity aura and aura of terror with adoration of the frightful to incapacitate and sow chaos among their ranks.

Nacregentian: Living Mithral Golem[edit]

Manifestation of Nacregentian
Hero-Deity of Strength and War, Champion of Jonasriel
Size/Type: Titanic Construct (Extraplanar, Living)
Hit Dice: 177d20+7,080+531 (11,151 hp), 22,302 while in godly realm
Initiative: +30 (+19 Dex, +3 divine, +8 Superior Initiative), always first
Speed: 1,440 ft, burrow 720 ft (through any material with up to hardness 51), fly 1,440 ft (perfect)
Armor Class: 301 (-16 size, +19 Dex, +36 deflection, +1 dodge, +61 insight,, +61 sacred, +132 natural), touch 169, flat-footed 301 (Improved Uncanny Dodge)
Base Attack/Grapple: +132/+333
Attack: Skysplitter +350 melee (96d8+102/13-20/x9), or slam +340 melee (120d10+67/17-20/x5)
Full Attack: Skysplitter +350/+350/+350/+345/+340/+335 melee, or 3 slams melee
Space/Reach: 100 ft/150 ft
Special Attacks: Alacrity, divine aura (465 ft.), integrated class levels (88th-lvl warblade), pounce, spell-like abilities
Special Qualities: DR 60/adamantine and divine, hero-deity traits, living construct traits, portfolio (strength and war) traits, spell resistance 100, zone of mage's bane
Saves: Fort +133, Ref +137 (+118 flat-footed), Will +154
Abilities: Str 128, Dex 49, Con 90, Int 59, Wis 132, Cha 83 ; * without gauntlets: Str 80 (burrow through hardness 27 material)
Skills: Omnicompetent - 183 plus key ability modifier
Feats: Clarion Commander, Combat Brute, Combat Reflexes, Defensive Sweep, Greater Combat Reflexes, Greater Weapon Focus (Bludgeoning), Greater Weapon Specialization (Bludgeoning), Heighten Spell, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (Bludgeoning), Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Karmic Strike, Large and in Charge, Leap Attack, Martial Stance x3, Robilar's Gambit, Run, Shock Trooper, Spring Attack, Weapon Focus (Bludgeoning), Weapon Specialization (Bludgeoning)
Epic Feats: Automatic Metamagic Capacity x9, Blinding Speed, Epic Adaptive Style, Epic Boost, Epic Combat Reflexes, Epic Martial Study, Epic Speed, Epic Weapon Focus (Bludgeoning), Epic Weapon Specialization (Bludgeoning), Flying Stone Dragon, Good Fortitude, Good Reflexes, Good Will, Greater Critical (Bludgeoning), Greater Critical Multiplier (Bludgeoning), Greater Power Attack, Improved Critical Multiplier (Bludgeoning), Improved Martial Study x6, Legendary Leaper, Legendary Martial Adept (Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Stone Dragon, White Raven), Light Eradication, Martial Harrier, Martial Opportunity, Multistrike x4, Reaching Maneuver, Sixth Sense, Stance Mastery, Superior Initiative, Weapon Mastery (Bludgeoning)
Divine Abilities: Bludgeoning Debasement, Celerity, Divine Martial Adept, Divine Stance, Divine Ready, Divine Recovery, Divine Toughness, Eternal Freedom, Moderate Eradication, Nescient, Omnicompetent, Perfect Disarm, Perfect Initiative, Perfect Trip, Quickness, Sacred Body, Sacred Mind, Self-Hypnosis, Superior Critical (Bludgeoning), Superior Critical Multiplier (Bludgeoning), Swift Adept, Superior Power Attack, True Immortal Fortitude, True Strike (Bludgeoning), Unknowing Body, Unknowing Mind
Environment: Midday's Beauty
Organization: Unique
Challenge Rating: 87
Treasure: Quadruple Standard
Alignment: Chaotic good
Advancement: 178+ (Titanic)
Level Adjustment: +0

This immense golem, crafted from silvery-blue metal, is almost tall enough to reach the clouds. It is hunched forward, though understandable as it must be difficult to adopt a proud posture with that enormous upper body and pair of forearms, though its lower legs are bulky enough to carry it. Despite its unwieldy appearance, it doesn't seem unbalanced at all. Its movements in particular seem more fluid than water. In each of its eye sockets glow bright cyan. When it locks eyes with yours, you are amazed to see what seems like intelligence and kindness, with overtones of fearlessness and battlelust.

Nacregentian (meaning something like silver-blue or blue pearl) is one of Jonasriel's finest creations. May not be the most powerful, but the one that fills him with the most fatherly pride. He was built a mithral "leviathan" (advanced hit dice), then subject to an Awaken Construct spell (empowered just enough times to be about as intelligent as Jonasriel without his lucky platinum coin) and further modified to be more akin to a living creature. The golem served his master and friend very well for a century when Jonasriel gifted him with the divine spark.

He is a headstrong and boisterous character. Always is he itching to prove himself in tests of strength, and never turns down a challenge. Nacregentian is merciful, though, and never does he try to cut anyone down with harsh words (except when "tough love" would benefit the recipient in the long run). Against villains and monsters he is just like his patron sponsor: loud and proud, amplified by his extreme size. Unlike Jonasriel, he almost never seems to have his mood set far from "infectiously (or annoyingly) enthusiastic."

One of his favorite pastimes is soaring through the open sky of Midday's Beauty, exulting in his power. Newcomers are always warned of a gigantic ball of silver blue that may hurtle through the air unexpectedly, though no one is ever injured thanks to the hurricane-force winds generated by his flight that harmlessly push aside any who do not or cannot get out of his way. He loves to travel, though his great size limits the locales he can visit without inadvertently stepping on. To get around this he usually burrows through the ground with just his face or upper head exposed (a sight as unsettling as it is amusing), or he has a friend carry him in a very large portable hole, which he looks out of. He doesn't stick around in Celestia for long after leaving the confines of Jonasriel's realm, as he doesn't care much for the "stuffy" inhabitants, so he merely flies past them and onto his more favorite vacation spots. Ysgard matches his love of battle and lack of restraint, and Elysium and Arborea (especially the more hostile layers Belieren and Mithardir) both present many wondrous, open environments to explore for months on end. When his hunger to wreak destruction as a warrior-built becomes too great, he comes battering on the doorstep of Limbo to test his considerable skills against the most unpredictable beasts in the multiverse. If nothing else, he can always fly the "boring" skies of the Plane of Air, destroying hostile elementals in the process, or even descending to the material plane and traveling far above the clouds of a mortal world to enjoy the silence of the vast, starry void.

His own godly realm lies within Jonasriel's, encompassing the surface of a fourty-mile diameter floating island. The entire island is covered in solid steel and other metals, its buildings merging seamlessly into the ground. In some ways it is comparable to the clockwork realm of Mechanus, and indeed connects via a few portals here for those less bothered by its patron's chaotic nature than most. It is a favorite location for artificers, gnomish tinkers, and others interested in all related to golems and other magical, mechanical creations. It's also the home for almost every awakened or incarnated construct, or warforged, in Midday's Beauty, whom Nacregentian refers to as his "little brothers and sisters." To whom, he is the embodiment of Father Wolf: any who threatens a golem, whether sentient or not, here or elsewhere (unless they're or their masters are evil), will remember for the rest of their lives the terror of a 150 ft. high parent defending its young. Its planar traits are the same as Midday's Beauty except as follows: not air dominant (and therefore not earth impeded) and only mildly good-aligned.

Nacregentian is roughly 150 feet tall and almost as wide at the arms, and thanks to the mithral that is his form he weighs only 2,176 tons.


In many ways he in combat is the opposite of Jonasriel, for he enjoys facing his foes head-on with reckless abandon. Nacregentian serves as "dumb muscle" to complement the Twice-Reborn's magical arts -- or as a surprise for those expecting the god of war wizards to send a champion who is antithetical to magic itself -- though he is far more than a simple sword-swinger. He is learned in the Sublime Way, the Nine Swords, making his brand of battle prowess the envy of gods of war. Few have lived until they witness one as tall as the mountains parry, strike, throw, and slaughter with the precise and inhumanly fast skill, training, and instinct of an epic weapon master. Whereas Jonasriel is best when fighting hordes, Nacregentian is superb in one-on-one combat, especially when he has a few allies.

If you wish to use the house rule that multiplies a creature's maximum hit points by one-tenth its CR once it reaches CR 11, Nacregentian would instead have 97,013 maximum hit points (194,026 while within his godly realm).


Alacrity (Ex): Once per round, Nacregentian may take an extra standard action (either before or after its other actions in the round). This is supposed to be (su), but I didn't want the main reason I picked mithral golem over the others for Nacregentian to go away with his second-biggest schtick. Pretend his patron used his godly essences to make it extraordinary, or something.
Integrated Class Levels (Ex or Su): 88th-lvl warblade. Initiator Level 180.
Class features:
Battle Ardor (Ex): Gain insight bonus equal to Intelligence modifier on rolls made to confirm critical hits.
Battle Clarity (Ex): As long as you aren't flat-footed, gain insight bonus equal to intelligence (maximum equals warblade level) to Reflex saves.
Battle Cunning (Ex): Gain insight bonus equal to Intelligence modifier on rolls made to confirm critical hits.
Battle Mastery (Ex): Gain insight bonus equal to Intelligence modifier to attack rolls and melee damage rolls with any attack of opportunity.
Battle Skill (Ex): Gain insight bonus equal to your Intelligence modifier on any check to oppose an enemy's bull rush, disarm, feint, overrun, sunder, or trip attempt.
Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex): RTSRD.
Stance Mastery (Ex): Can have two stances active simultaneously. When you use a swift action to initiate or change your stance, you can initiate or change one or both stances.
Weapon Aptitude (Ex): Qualify for fighter-only feats like weapon specialization.
Maneuvers and stances:
Boost - clarion call (WR 7th), covering strike (WR 4th), defensive rebuke (DS 3rd), moment of alacrity (DM 6th), quicksilver motion (DM 7th), raging mongoose (TC 8th), scything blade (IH 7th)
Counter - action before thought (DM 2nd), counter charge (SS 1st), diamond defense (DM 8th), feigned opening (SS 2nd), fool's strike (SS 8th), iron heart focus (IH 5th), lightning recovery (IH 4th), manticore parry (IH 6th), mind over body (DM 3rd), moment of perfect mind (DM 1st), mirrored pursuit (SS 5th), rapid counter (5th), wall of blades (IH 2nd)
Strike - adamantine hurricane (IH 8th), ancient mountain hammer (SD 7th), avalanche of blades (DM 7th), bounding assault (DM 4th), crushing vise (SD 6th), douse the flames (WR 1st), diamond nightmare blade (DM 8th), disrupting blow (DM 5th), emerald razor (DS 2nd), feral death blow (TC 9th), hydra slaying strike (SS 7th), irresistible mountain strike (SD 6th), mountain tombstone strike (SD 9th), strike of the broken shield (SS 4th), strike of perfect clarity (IH 9th), strike of righteous vitality (DS 9th), swarming assault (WR 7th), time stands still (DM 9th), tornado throw (SS 9th), vanguard strike (DS 1st), war master's charge (WR 9th), white raven hammer (WR 8th), white raven strike (WR 4th)
Stance - aura of chaos (DS 6th), blood in the water (TC 1st), immortal fortitude (DS 8th), leaping dragon stance (TC 3rd), stance of alacrity (DS 8th), step of the wind (SS 1st), thicket of blades (DS 3rd), wolverine stance (TC 3rd); usually has Aura of Chaos, Immortal Fortitude, Stance of Alacrity, and Thicket of Blades up.
Other - iron heart surge (IH 3rd)
Disciplines: Devoted Spirit, Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Setting Sun, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw, White Raven
Pounce (Ex): If Nacregentian charges, he can follow up with a full attack.
Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): At-will - blade barrier, bull's strength, clenched fist, commune, crushing hand, dream, divine power, enlarge person, ethereal jaunt, flame strike, geas/quest, grasping hand, greater dispel magic, greater teleport, magic vestment, magic jar, magic weapon, power word blind, power word kill, power word stun, reconstruct*, righteous might, sending, spell immunity, spiritual weapon, stoneskin, tongues; 3/day limited wish. CL 180, DC's 46 plus spell level.
* as Heal, but instead works on constructs like a repair critical damage spell; another gift from Jonasriel.
Zone of Mage's Bane: Nacregentian is the recipient of Jonasriel's casting of the epic spell Zone of Mage's Bane, which gives him a permanent field of antimagic out to a 1-mile radius. He may lower or raise this radius as a free action once a round. If it is up, it may be disjoined as normal, meaning Jonasriel would need to cast it again, but if it's not up it cannot be disjoined. Nacregentian keeps this field up at all times unless it would be disruptive to allies and the like, or if he knows he's facing an enemy god who would be unaffected by his antimagic (and would be itching to disjunction it). Against everyone else, this puts him on even ground for a good old fashioned steel-and-sinew slugfest.


Divine Abilities: Explained here if not already in Jonasriel's ridiculously huge stat block.
Bludgeoning Debasement (Ex): All bludgeoning damage (be it from weapon, natural weapon, or spell) always deals the minimum damage.
Divine Martial Adept (Ex): Double all martial maneuvers and stances known. Double the number of readied or granted maneuvers. Works with martial study, martial stance, etc. doubling them as well, retroactively if need be. E.g., a level 20 warblade (before taking martial study feats or the like) knows 26 maneuvers, 8 of them stances, can ready up to 14 maneuvers.
Divine Stance (Ex): Can now have up to three stances active. If you are a level 20+ warblade, you can have four.
Divine Ready (Ex): All your maneuvers are always considered readied, granted, etc.
Divine Recovery (Ex): No longer needs to recover or refresh maneuvers; the maneuver is automatically recovered the instant you expend it. Can change current stances with a free action once a round (your turn only). You are still limited in the number of maneuvers readied or granted.
Divine Toughness (Ex): Use d20's for hit dice. Hero-deities still use their maximized normal HD. As if Blue Pearl wasn't healthy enough.
Moderate Eradication (Ex): 50% of the time, ignore critical hit immunity.
Perfect Disarm (Ex): Freely disarm with every attack, doesn't work against deities of a higher divine rank.
Perfect Trip (Ex): Freely trip with every attack, doesn't work against deities of a higher divine rank.
Quickness (Ex): Treated as if constantly hasted. Prereq blinding speed.
Superior Critical: Quadrupled threat range. 20 becomes 17-20, 19-20 becomes 13-20, 18-20 becomes 9-20.
Superior Critical Multiplier: x2 becomes x5, x3 becomes x9, x4 becomes x13. I bet Death likes this one.
Superior Power Attack: Power attack on a 1:2 basis (1:4 with two-handed weapons).
Swift Adept (Ex): As a free action once a round, use any metamartial maneuver that is normally usable as a swift action or immediate action (in which case, it can be used as an "free immediate action" on top of another immediate action you may have used that round, or before the use of another immediate action, etc). N.B. This was just to free up his swift action to do all the nifty other martial adept stuff, since he can use every martial maneuver as a swift action thanks to his feats. He's a god of the Sublime Way, so why not?
True Immortal Fortitude (Ex): You only fail the fortitude saving throw from the Immortal Fortitude on a natural 1.
Divine Traits (Ex): Basically the same as Jonasriel, only hero-deities get a +3 divine bonus to everything, +6 to all ability scores, senses three times greater than base creature, DR equal to 1/4 HD plus divine rank times five, etc.
Immunities: Nacregentian is unaffected by natural attacks such as: disease, natural elements (cold, drowning, fire, lava, lightning etc.), poison and so forth. He can still be affected by magical cold, magical disease, magical fire etc. He is also under the effect of the spells Eternal Freedom, Freedom of Movement, and Mind Blank, and is immune to strength damage/drain.
Living Construct Traits: Unlike a construct, a living construct has a Constitution score and doesn't gain bonus it points based on size. They do not have low-light vision nor darkvision, are not immune to mind-affecting effects, are subject to critical hits, death from massive damage, stunning, ability damage, ability drain, death effects, necromancy effects. They can be affected by spells that target living creatures and constructs, but spells of the healing subschool heal only half damage. When reduced to 0 hit points, they are disabled like a living creature. They can take a move or standard action, but strenuous activity does not risk further injury. When his hit points are less than 0 and greater than -10, a living construct is inert. He is unconscious and helpless, and cannot perform any actions. However, an inert living construct does not lose additional hit points unless more damage is dealt to him, as with a living creature. They can be raised or resurrected, do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe, but can still benefit from consumable effects like potions and heroes' feast spells.
Magic Immunity (Ex): Nacregentian is immune to all magical and supernatural effects, except as follows. A slow spell negates its alacrity for 1d4 rounds, while a haste spell restores 1d6 hit points per level of the caster (maximum 10d6) or restores its alacrity, if previously negated by a slow spell. Multiple slow spells simply extend the duration of the effect.
Portfolio (Strength) Traits (Ex or Su): Hero-deities with the strength portfolio have the following traits.
Death Before Dishonor (Ex): You cannot renege on a personal challenge.
Rhino's Cunning (Ex): Portfolio penalty to intelligence equal to divine rank.
Scion of Strength (Ex): Portfolio bonus to strength equal to divine rank.
Shield of Strength (Ex): You are immune to strength damage/drain.
Portfolio (War) Traits (Ex or Su): Hero-deities with the war portfolio have the following traits.
Battle Ready (Ex): You can use armor or shields without penalty.
Lemming's Wisdom (Ex): Portfolio penalty to wisdom equal to divine rank.
Soldier's Death (Ex): Portfolio penalty to all die rolls equal to your divine rank for one week if you ever retreat.



Gauntlets of Anakim Power

These bulky gauntlets are a coppery-red color, the color of pure orichalcum. If the wearer is a golem, they permanently fuse with its hands, multiplying its slam damage die by a factor of 12. Whether the wearer is a golem or not, it benefits from a +48 enhancement bonus to Strength.


This weapon, with the same color pattern as a mithral golem, looks like a mix of a massive battleaxe and warhammer. Its paint job is such a match for Nacregentian that if it weren't for Nacregantian's gauntlets, no one could tell where his grip ended and the weapon began.

Skysplitter is a +10 Titanic brutal surging, echoing, orichalcum vaskir of epic speed. It is made of pure orichalcum, multiplying its base damage by twelve and increasing its weight two-million fold. It weighs 671 kilotons, or one-and-a-third billion pounds. Anything under thirteen-and-a-half billion pounds is considered a light load for Nacregentian, so he could carry nine more Skysplitters in his backpack without hindrance.

A vaskir, short for vasara-kirves or 'hammer-axe,' is a two-handed exotic weapon that is the combination of a greataxe and greatmaul (half axe, half hammer). It may be wielded as a martial weapon, but in that case it's treated as either a greataxe or a greatmaul (two-handed warhammer/maul), but with exotic proficiency one can use its unwieldy design as intended. Threat range 19-20, and deals three times damage on a successful critical hit. It is a slashing and bludgeoning weapon. It's treated as a greataxe, maul, and warhammer for any effect reliant on them, e.g., counts as an associated weapon for the disciplines Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, Tiger Claw, and White Raven.

Brutal Surge: After a successful hit, make an additional free action bull rush attempt. Price: +1 bonus.
Echoing: Should a weapon with this property score a hit on an opponent, all targets within the wielder's reach suffer damage as if they had also just been struck. This effect stacks with whirlwind attack. Price: +25 bonus.
Epic Speed: As Speed, but stacks with other effects increasing attacks (except for Speed) such as haste. Price: +6 bonus.

Tactics Round-By-Round[edit]

Prior to combat: Cast Divine Power and Righteous Might.

Round 1 (FIGHT!): Activate the daze effect of his divine aura (any within 465 ft. must Will save [DC whatever]) karmic strike, robilar's gambit, shock trooper's heedless charge, and shift all BAB to power attack (-185 AC).

Use the Tiger Claw maneuver Pouncing Charge (if he is with allies, instead use White Raven maneuver War Master's Charge, which allows yourself and nearby allies to all charge a single target as a swift action), a charge that ends in a full attack as a swift action (Legendary Martial Adept), making sure to jump as part of the charge (Leap Attack).

Try to move where he threatens one or more other targets to take advantage of his weapon's Echoing property.

If the target survives, use Alacrity to move into position to prepare another charge, if not, use Alacrity to move into charging range of another target (if necessary).

Use Diamond Mind maneuver Time Stands Still to gain two full attacks in one.

He uses these to charge twice (or charge and full attack a single target, or double full attack the original target if it survived Pouncing Charge), making sure to jump with each charge for Leap Attack, accompanying hits with Diamond Nightmare Blade (quadruple a single hit's damage with successful Concentration check, DC = enemy's AC), Emerald Razor (resolve that attack as melee touch), Hydra Slaying Strike (successful hit means that enemy loses the ability to make a full attack on their next turn), Douse The Flames (enemy can't make AoO's for 1 round; only if with allies who don't want to suffer AoO's), Irresistible Mountain Strike (loses their next standard action), Stone Vise (all speeds become 0 for one round), White Raven Hammer (stun opponent for 1 round... if he can still find someone vulnerable to stunning at his level), Ancient Mountain Hammer (strike ignores all damage reduction and hardness), Mountain Tombstone Strike (deal 2d6 Con damage... if he can find anyone still vulnerable to ability damage), Avalanche of Blades (successful hit means with that hit you may attack enemy again, with -4 attack penalty, if that hits, attack again with -8, repeat until you miss), Adamantine Hurricane (two strikes against all you threaten [Reaching Maneuver], do mind his weapon's Echoing property), and the like.

He can make up to five free strike or counter (the aforementioned are strikes) maneuvers a round (Multistrike); he usually uses only three or four strikes so he can use a counter or two if need be, such as Diamond Defense (gain bonus to a saving throw you are about to make equal to Initiator Level [+180]), Mirrored Pursuit (if an enemy moves, move right along with him), Manticore Parry (if enemy hits you, bat aside and redirect that attack toward another enemy), Fool's Strike (if enemy hit you, and you succeed an opposed attack roll, reflect damage back onto them), Counter Charge (make opposed Strength or Dexterity check against charging enemy, if you win that enemy does not get to hit you with that/those charge attack[s]), Feigned Opening (if you provoke AoO, right as they're about to hit you, make AoO right back at them, and enemy provokes AoO's from possible allies of Nacregentian), Mind Over Body/Action Before Thought/Moment of Perfect Mind (replace a Fort/Ref/Will save with Concentration check, respectively), and so on.

Whenever he uses a boost, he can make an additional one with it as a free action, like Clarion Call (if you drop an enemy, all allies in 360 ft. [Reaching Maneuver] make a free melee attack or free move action immediately), Raging Mongoose (after initiating this boost, make two additional attacks with each weapon you wield up to four), Defensive Rebuke (activate this and every enemy you hit, if they attack anyone but you, they provoke an AoO from you), Moment of Alacrity (use this and increase your Initiative by 20 for the remainder of the encounter), etc. Note that each and every single one of these martial maneuvers and feat uses are extraordinary abilities.

After attacking, if Alacrity hasn't been used, move into position that threatens as many enemies as possible, as Thicket of Blades makes anyone you threaten provoke an AoO if they so much as make a 5'-step, in addition daring all to attack his now negative-number touch AC (or his now ~110 regular AC) as Robilar's Gambit and Karmic Strike will AoO anyone who tries it.

Don't forget every single attack (including attacks from martial maneuvers) are also disarm and trip attacks in addition to everything else, and that every AoO strikes three times thanks to Improved and Greater Combat Reflexes.

Round 2: Repeat round 1. If he takes enough damage that Immortal Fortitude activates (if you take damage that would bring you to 0 or fewer hit points, make a Fort save [see True Immortal Fortitude]; on success, you are still alive and conscious with 1 hit point remaining. Immortal Fortitude only allows three saves before it automatically deactivates and the stance must be re-entered as normal), he usually retreats (taking the penalty from Soldier's Death) unless he's fighting in another's defense.

Adventure Ideas[edit]

  • Mid Level: An aspect of Jonasriel -- whom the players believe is merely a more-well-spoken-than-normal kobold -- offers a map to a hidden stronghold, complete with locations of traps and treasures. It is overseen by a cleric of Kurtulmak who has been calling in devils, though the aspect is hoping the players change the word "is" to "was". The map would be in exchange for safe passage of these goblin families trying to escape their tyrannically-run homes.
  • High Level: Troops of wizards, psions, and clerics of the Twice-Reborn visit all major nations' capitals, looking for recruits for an extended foray into Pandemonium. They may keep all treasures they find except for an artifact the god himself wants: the petrified eye of Tepmadrikahn, a slain elder one said to have pioneered the construction of orichalcum golems.
  • Low Epic: The high priestess of Bahamut, who has recently been mind-controlled by Tiamat's avatar, proclaims that the ties between Bahamut and Jonasriel have been severed, and has named all worshipers of the Arch-Incantatar heretics. Before either he or the Platinum Dragon can find out what in the Seven Heavens is going on, thousands of gateways to Hell break open in Heaven, and both their realms are swarmed by many hordes of abishai and traitorous angels who have waited millenia in Celestia for this moment.
  • Mid Epic: Nacregentian wants to hunt down a pack of colossal phaethons with integrated sorcerer levels, and would like some company.
  • High Epic: In a surprisingly successful gambit, Tiamat and Kurtulmak have captured the manifestation of the Twice-Reborn. While the two bicker over how exactly Jonasriel should be tormented, the players have time to mount a search and rescue.

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