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Small City
Power Center
Conventional, X, Tier X
Lawful Good
Adult Population
Gold Limit
Language & Diversity
Northern/Cormyri, Mixed (X)


The ruins of buildings ancient at the turn of this Age sleep in the shadow of Nurim's Mountains. Nestled in among these testaments to man's height is the quiet town of Jehanna's Rest. The ruins and the town lie at the intersection of several roads and the River Eldar. Long ago, in the wake of the Flood War, the men of Nurimania built Catralon: a great new city to guard their southern border and watch the Gap of Nurim. The city was a place of trade and high business. A renowned library and university sat alongside mighty guildhalls and a bank with vaults sunk deep into the stone. Catralon was destroyed however, after a 7 month siege by Ramosian troops under the 1st Dynasty. The ruins of Catralon lay untouched for several decades in the wake of the devastation of that war, until the 2nd Imperium solidified and people began to think of trade once more. The ruins then became a stopping point on the roads that traverse the Gap of Nurim. As the years of the 2nd Imperium stretched into decades the ruins became a bustling permanent camp. The Duchy of Onea-Isen never had the money to rebuild Catralon nor the excess population to settle it, so the ruins became a "Wild West" during most of the Second Imperium.

Several centuries passed, and in between raids and small interior wars the settlement did remarkably well - no doubt due to the solidity of the ruins they lived in. The place exists in many contemporary records of trade and was a lynchpin to several then-powerful guilds. These ruins wouldn't see a true revival though until the Rennaisance of the Second Golden Age though. During this time, the peak of the Second Imperium and humanity's magitechnological peak, the ruins were rebuilt as Antocha. High Lord Antiochus the Builder, a powerful southern Cormyri Lord, oversaw the construction of the city after he absorbed the Duchy into his provincial holdings. Antocha became the most important city in his realm after Southcrown. All the money in the city, as well as its location, drew powerful people like flies. The library and university were reformed and many lost texts found in the ruins as Antocha nurtured a proper court. The city remained powerful for more than a century then, and was the base of the Northern Air Fleet during the later stages of that golden age.

Antocha began her decline with the Beast Wars of the Second Age. Initially her walls swelled with men and gold going into the sudden war. Glorious Air Fleets flew forth alongside famous Dragon Riders to fight the hordes of the Beastmen and Fey. But the war drug on: setbacks and drawn out campaigns took their toll on a city fast becoming the Imperium's most important central garrison. Then came the Dragons. Antocha twice suffered attack by dragonfire. Both times the defenders of the city and its garrison beat back the mighty monsters, but no dragon attack is without scars. Anotocha would be used as a pawn during the Tetrarchy, twice sacked. Once the city fell to Ramosia, which claimed what was left of the Norther Air Fleet; then she fell to the Northmen only to be bartered during the Treaty of the Centrality that ended that war.

Even after all that though, Antocha was a large and important city in the reformed Imperium. Her well used workshops and foundries and overworked guilds had been one of the pillars that the Imperium had barely survived upon. XXXNeed to think about the Horde WarXXX Unluckily for Antocha though, this meant that the Riptide Project had many elements take place in the city. XXXX The Riptide Cataclysm didn't directly destroy the city, but Antocha fell to a horrific planar incursion as a result. Outsiders from Gehenna and Acheron laid waste to the city, and the forces of the Imperium and many knightly orders laid waste to it over again to close the rent in the Prime. The horrific damage and lingering curses left the city a haunted ruin for centuries.

The Mages' Council of the late Third Age used the city for experimentation and even training. The university and several towers were rebuilt in the center of the city to house this activity, but all of these were destroyed during the Great Magical Purge. As a result of the Purge, and the celebrations that took place after the mages were defeated here, word that the curses must be gone spread. People moved back to the area slowly, especially as trade restarted and the last territories of the Second Imperium declared independence. The ruins became a trade post under independent Oneans thereafter. People moved into the ruins and built new houses as trade flourished south through the Gap. An Onean knight, Lady Adrian Jehanna, declared the area under her protection as the Imperium fell apart. She fought at the head of a scrappy bunch of locals for years to make the area safe and traveled to promote trade. The town has been remembered for her since.

Jehanna's Rest made the transition from independant Onea to the Third Imperium without batting an eye. A massive column of men moving east to help Ramosia against the Arcadians was the only major Imperial presence the trade town felt. The town had no real lord even for the entire reign of Emperor Edward Tionne, but did gain a House under High Seat Carhane under the reign of his son. Trade boomed during the decades of the Third Imperium though, and Jehanna's Rest grew rapidly. the town may have even become a city in time, but the decline in trade during the early Dragon's War and the ravages of the war after the Wandering One returned stunted Jehanna's Rest. No Warlord ever approached or burned the city, but only because Carhane to the north and Reavestone Keep to the south broke armies. Now part of the Kingdom of Onea, Jehanna's Rest remains the bustling trade town with an epic history, the city that never quite survived.


The ruins that surround Jehanna's Rest will all but certainly strike visitors before they see the small town. The town lies entirely inside the walls of the old Municipal Government and Military Ward of Antocha. Ruins lie more than a mile out from the town in every direction. The roads and rivers leading into and out of the town were once well within Anotcha and were obviously worked in Ages past. The highways have faded with time, and are now mostly dirt. The River Eldar has broken her enclosures in several places, but much of the old canal lines still do flow on either side of Jehanna's Rest. Only water from the old aqueduct, broken a half mile north of the city, flows through the settled part of Jehanna's rest. Tradesmen either drive wagon trains into the town or moor their boats level with the town and haul their goods on the old roads into the settlement.

Jehanna's Rest serves very little purpose in these traders' activities other than to facilitate the meeting and provide food and good inns. It is truly a trade town, producing almost nothing and eating all of the produce produced in surrounding lands (between citizenry and inns). Tradesmen come to the town for convenience on their way south or north and for safety. Since the Treaty of Three Swords Onean soldiers have garrisoned several buildings in the town and there's talk of building a fort to the south. The King wants the vital trade here kept safe, and the border with Amacidia guarded. XXXX

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