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Jashinists believe their god Jashin-sama gave humans pain to feel instead of feeling the damage taken by your body. People who know this are Jashinists. Jashinists can control the pain they feel and convert it into happiness. To Jashinists all other religions are considered Atheist. Jashinists do not have to pray at all or anything but the more you show devotion to Jashin the more you can control your pain. Jashinists can do several things that normal people can't do. One of the greatest gifts lord Jashin can bestow upon you is the Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood.


Jashinists are very masochistic and sadistic and will kill everyone and or thing keeping them from their goals. Once satisfied, or bored, with their battle, they will end it in the name of Lord Jashin. They pray to Jashin after every kill, offering the blood and souls of their victims as tribute.

Game Rule Information[edit]

Abilities: Dexterity And Strength are the most important to the Jashinist's fighting style, which is kill as much as possible before/with out "Dying". Intelligence and Wisdom are the most important as far as skills are concerned.

Alignment: A Jashinist may be anything from Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Evil. It would be difficult to be any form of good whilst living up to lord Jashin's standards. More often then not, they are Lawful Evil.

Background: Jashinism is small in actual members, due to what the practices entail. It is relatively secretive otherwise. Members do not usually interact and look out for themselves, more kills for them, the better. The more spread they are, the more overall kills for Jashin. Plus, it is better to spread the word of Jashin that way. People usually find Jashinism by being an outcast and searching for a belief to relate to, by surviving a fight with one and becoming interested in the power. There is also of course those who find it by seeking means of immortality.

Races: Any and all races are welcome to Jashinism, as long as they aren't to pure of heart to handle the tasks that come with worship.

Starting Gold: 3 + 4d6 X 10

Table: Jashinist

Hit Die: d6

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st 1 2 0 2 DR 1/+1, Reverse, Pain Aura (5ft), Immortality
2nd 2 3 0 3 Tough Body +1, Jashin's Ritual
3rd 3 3 1 3 DR 2/+1, Adrenalin Rush 1/day, Voodoo Body
4th 4 4 1 4 Pain Aura (10ft)
5th 5 4 1 4 Greater Reverse, Tough Body +2
6th 6/1 5 2 5 DR 3/+1, Pain Focus
7th 7/2 5 2 5 Adrenalin Rush 2/day
8th 8/3 6 2 6 Pain Aura (15ft), Tough Body +3
9th 9/4 6 3 6 DR 4/+1
10th 10/5 7 3 7 Resistance 1
11th 11/6/1 7 3 7 Adrenalin Rush 3/day, Tough Body +4
12th 12/7/2 8 4 8 DR 5/+1, Pain Aura (20ft)
13th 13/8/3 8 4 8 Resistance 2
14th 14/9/4 9 4 9 Tough Body +5
15th 15/10/5 9 5 9 DR 6/+1, True Reverse, Adrenalin Rush without fatigue
16th 16/11/6/1 10 5 10 Pain Aurua (25ft), Adrenalin Rush 5/day, Resistance 3
17th 17/12/7/2 10 5 10 Tough Body +6
18th 18/13/8/3 11 6 11 DR 7/+1
19th 19/14/9/4 11 6 11 Resistance 4
20th 20/15/10/5 12 6 12 DR 8/+1, Pain Aura (30ft), Ultimate Suffering, Tough Body +7

Class Skills (5+Int modifier per level X4 at lvl 1)
The Jashinist's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex), Craft (Jashin Circle) (Int), Craft (Re-attach limbs) (Int),Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Jashin) (Int), Listen (Wis),Perform (Prayer) (Cha), Perform (Rituals) (Cha)Search (Int),Spot (Wis),Survival (Wis), Tumble (Dex),and Use Rope (Dex).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Jashinist.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Jashinist is proficient with reaping weapons, (Weapons that cut people to pieces, make people bleed, etc i.e. Scythes, sickles, Hooks, Stakes, Axes, Spears, etc.) They usually don't wear armor, and if they do, not heavy.

Reverse: Upon receiving damage in a round, the Jashinist has 3 rounds to make an attack in which half the damage he or she sustained is dealt to one target through a melee attack. Damage is based as if the Jashinist had no damage reduction

Pain Aura: When hit for damage, not only does a fear aura appear to the Jashinist's enemies (Will DC of 10+1/2 Damage received), but allies in this aura are immune to fear and gain +1 damage for every 2 levels of Jashinist. Last 1 round.

Tough Body: At level 2 and evWhen3 levels after, the Jashinist gets a bonus to his Constitution.

Immortality: Starting at level 2, a Jashinist may request Immortality from their lord Jashin as a full round action, once per level. You. Must Roll a D20 + Con Mod. The DC is 20 and lowers by 1 every level until DC10. until it is finally received, then you may freely use Immortality. When they believe they have killed enough in their lords name. To earn Immortality, one must take a minor action to pray to lord Jashin after killing or even bloodying enough foes once they have killed and or bloodied them. Once Granted Immortality, one must constantly pray to Jashin to fuel it. For every kill offered to Jashin, instead of a Saving Throw when you would otherwise die, you roll a dx, (where x= # of rituals performed since last death) for health. You can only heal as much as your max HD, and still subtract the entire damage dealt to you, ( IE, You have 1HD, take 10 dmg, Heal 15, your total after damage step is 6HD) this can be done 3 times per day +1 every 3 levels.

Jashin's Ritual: Starting at level 2, if one has already been blessed with Immortality, if one has paid enough tribute to Jashin, once per level you may pray to Jashin as a full round action to grant you with the knowledge to truly please him. When granted the knowledge of Jashin's Ritual, after a kill, you may take a minor action to draw Jashin's symbol in blood, a move action to lay in it, and an attack action to pierce your own heart, Halving your helost. The turn that follows one must take a minor action to pray, a move action to stand, and an attack action to remove your weapon, returning the health you lost. During those two rounds, one automatically fools NPC's as though they used the move Play Dead and get an automatic attack of opportunity on any creature that gets in range during those two rounds without interrupting their ritual. If done Enough, Jashin may reward you...

Adrenalin Rush: During this 3 round rush, the Jashinist gains +3 str and +3 con. He may also move double his base speed without penalty. Afterwords, the effects are reversed for 3 rounds. At level 15, he/she no longer takes this 3 round penalty.

Voodoo Body: Starting level 3, if one has already been blessed with Immortality and received the knowledge for Jashin's Ritual, if you have successfully proven your worth via Jashin's Ritual enough times,(D20+con mod VS DC20 -1per Level), you are granted the power of a Voodoo Body. After bloodying or attacking one who is already bloodied, you may take a move action to draw Jashin's Symbol and a minor action to transform into Jashin/Voodoo mode. Any damage done to you, self inflicted or otherwise, is dealt to your bloodied foe. If you both are bloodied, you may peirce your heart directly dealing the same damage to both you and your opponent. You can either be hurt 3 times, then take Fort Save DC10+Con Mod per self infliction after, or pierce your heart (Which is treated as critical damage) if able too. Then Voodoo Mode is turned off. If you pierce your heart and kill them, you can go strait into Jashin's ritual unless you are no longer standing in the symbol, in which you must simply walk into it.

Greater Reverse: The Jashinist can now produce healing instead of damage as their reverse. This is still only half the damage sustained and can be used on any creature within melee range, as well as on the Jashinist himself/herself.

Pain Focus: 3 times a day the Jashinist can use damage received as a bonus to their next skill check. Time between damage and the check must be fewer than x minutes, in which x equals the Jashinist's level.

Resistance: Each level of resistance gained grants the Jashinist the ability to shrug off half of one type of damage of his or her choice. This choice is permanent. The Jashinist may not choose normal damage or non-elemental magic damage.

True Reverse: Only with damage (not healing) the Jashinist may return 100% of the damage received from one round to one target on his very next turn.

Ultimate Suffering: Once per day, the Jashinist can take the damage received over the last round and focus it into one powerful attack dealing it all back to one creature. If the creature is unable to make a fortitude save of 10+1/2 the damage dealt, it is killed. Does not work on creatures unaffected by critical hits.

Campaign Information[edit]

===Starting Equipment==== Dagger Rations 10 Flint and Steel 10 Water-skin Sowing Kit 10 Jashin Necklace

Playing a Jashinist[edit]

Religion: The only religion you are allowed is Jashinism, all others are Atheists. The one and only true deity is Lord Jashin.

Combat: The Jashinist is the one who rushes in first to take and deal heavy blows with his/her enemy, thirsty for blood.

Advancement: Jashinists go to where the battle is and are often wanderers.

Jashinists in the World[edit]

"Hell that hurts… You go and stab me all over… Damn both of you… Divine judgement awaits heathens ignorant to the pain of others."
"Yeah hurts good doesn't it? Attacking the vitals is such a waste! This pain, this is the best! As the other dies, their agony radiates through my body! And living through it feels even better!"
—Hidan, Human Jashinist

Daily Life: Jashinists adore their lord and are constantly looking for tribute, be it in villagesm temples, or dungeons. offering tribute to their lord is like breathing to them... even though they don't need to breath...

Notables: After Yugakure deteriorated from a shinobi village to a tourist site, Hidan became infuriated with how things were turning out. He believed that the shinobi that resided there were meant to kill, and thus slaughtered his neighbors before leaving Yugakure, and joining the cult-like faith known as Jashin, a religion that worshiped a deity of the same name. The primary teaching of this faith appears to be outright slaughter, where anything less than utter destruction is considered a sin. Through experiments with Jashin's secret technique, Hidan was granted immortality. Eventually, he joined Akatsuki after seeing Kakuzu, a man who he saw as a pioneer in immortality, and he was later partnered with him.

NPC Reactions: NPCs often fear Jashinists as they do not understand their obsession with pain and fear for their life every moment they are near.

Jashinist Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in Knowledge (History) can research Jashinists to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge (History)
DC Result
5 Jashinists enjoy receiving and delivering pain.
10 Jashinists worship a Deity known as Jashin.
15 Jashinists offer lives of others to Jashin for Immortality.
20 Jashinists can kill others by using themselves as a human voodoo doll.

Jashinists in the Game[edit]

Jashinists are meat shields as well as big damage dealers in a group. Their pain aura also offers good support to those close to him.

Adaptation: Pretty one track minded. They can come from any background, but can NEVER go back.

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