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Janochian Chronicles[edit]

This is where the history of this Dungeons and Dragons world will take place in. The story of an entire world from beginning to end.


In the beginning, there was Uppishiun. The very essence of to be and father of everything in the world. He had created the heavens and its inhabitants. One by one, the planes and its inhabitants were created. There was great joy in his heart upon seeing the universe filled with life.

But among the servants of Uppishiun, darkness grew in the heart of Laghathti. He had become so filled with pride that he believed he was Uppishiun's equal. His pride had severed the populace of the heavens as he lead a revolution to overthrow Uppishiun and make Laghathti the Lord of All.

However, Heironeous, stood up for Uppishiun and raised an army to defend him. After months of fighting, the army of Heironeous was victorious. Laghathti was stripped of his form and turned him into a foul beast resembling a black oily octopus. He was, also, stripped of his name and renamed Bane. Thus, Hell was created as a prison. Bane and his followers were cast out of Heaven and into the Abyss as punishment for their rebellion. There were servants who didn't take either side. They were removed from the heavens, but can choose a home for themselves until the chosen time in which Uppishiun chose. These servants would become the great elementals.

Pre-Cataclysm Janochia[edit]

Meanwhile on Janochia, two beings were created. These two beings were Alphus and Genesis, the first man and woman to reside in this world. From them, they would have twelve children. And from these twelve will form the line of man, elves, dwarves, goliaths, gnomes, and xarnel.

human + human = human, elf + elf = elf, dwarf + dwarf = dwarf, human + elf = xarnel, dwarf + elf = gnome, human + dwarf = goliath

However, there was also a thirteenth child whose name has been forgotten. One day while he was wandering about in the world, he would stumble onto the sealed entrance to Hell. Out of curiosity, he entered the abyss. He encountered Hextor, one of the rebellious servants of Bane. After a long and persuasive dialogue, the thirteenth child released Hextor from Hell. That child would become so twisted and corrupted, his form would be an abomination. And he would be renamed Lemuttu.

One by one, Lemuttu had corrupted his siblings with his poison making them subject to Hextor's wicked temptations and from this death was brought into the planes. But Alphus and Genesis didn't fall from grace, they resisted against the dark desires. They had prayed to Uppishiun to spare them and Uppishiun promised redemption for them and their descendants.

As the races spread out, they diversified into different humanoids of many shapes and sizes. Some of the elementals would look on the beauty of these mortal women and decided to take them as wives. The offspring of them would create the most exotic of all races.

One such mortal woman was Iltani. She was a kobold who became the wife of a great elemental. But she would be completely overshadowed by the children that she would bear and bring into the world. They were Bahamut and Tiamat, the first two of dragon-kind.

But despite all the differences they may have, everyone considered all one people united in brotherhood. However, even though this is the case, tension was building between the races as their civilizations grew and grew. Until one day during an argument, a hot-tempered dwarf ended up murdering an elf in blind rage. This act started the extremely bloody and terrible race war. This would be the Forgotten War, for the war was so terrible and tragic the races wish they could forget that it ever occurred.

During this time, there was a desire amongst the xarnel whom wanted to be accepted by the elves just as elves. But this was going on during the Forgotten War. The elves completely rejected them, they cried out wanting to be elves. Lemuttu heard their cries and promised to make them elves right now. Half of the xarnel accepted Lemuttu's offer, while the other half rejected it. Using his dark magic, Lemuttu turned the accepting xarnel into the dark elves, which the other elves would call 'drow', which at the time meant 'fraud' or 'false'. These dark elves were cast into the underdark. Also during the war, spells were cast on all races preventing any more hybirds from being born. So if a human and an elf would have a kid, it would come out either as a human or an elf.

All the while, Lemuttu would fornicate with the demons and devils to create the abysmal races. The ones that should never have existed. But his prized offspring would be known in future generations as kythons, whom would be a scourge upon Janochia.

The Great Cataclysm[edit]

Uppishiun had watched as Janochia ripped itself apart through the Forgotten War. All civilization had been destroyed; many lives were abruptly ended; and entire races were wiped out forever. He had tried again and again to tell them to stop this madness; but they refused to listen. Thus he declared that he'll let the races destroy themselves, should they not listen to him.

Along came a human wizard, whose arrogance and pride was beyond comprehension. He had declared to be all-powerful and would perform the ultimate miracle. The wizard pointed to the sky at the gas giant named Nydirekon. He will bring the giant to Janochia for all people to see. He had used all of his magical power to move Nydirekon out of its place in the sky and towards the world.

Seeing these events occur, he had turned to Parjanaza, a human man whom which he had found favor. He had told him to warn all people of the destruction of the world that would happen soon. He had also informed him to be resilient for many will mock him, but there will be many who will listen. He even told Parjanaza how the disaster will play out.

After all of the good and just were warned and protected, Uppishiun allowed Nydirekon to pass by Janochia. Megadisaster after Megadisaster struck the world, everyone whom was exposed were destroyed. Uppishiun had punished them with the state of perpetual undeath.


When Nydirekon had passed through the orbits of the other planets in the star system. He passed the first two causing them to collide with each other creating a planet with rings around it. The one on the divine throne (Uppishiun) had used his power to spare Janochia. Then, it consumed the last planet and took up that planet's orbit. And Lemuttu was sealed away in the Netherworld.

After the cataclysm was over, the survivors emerged from their shelters and gazed upon the landscape. They saw how completely foolish the Forgotten War was. They had realized that it was through it that everything that they cherished was destroyed. And the cataclysm, itself, was the fruit of such a war. The survivors gathered around Parjanaza and all races had made amends with each other. He had bestowed upon them the Code of Brotherhood and all races agreed to these laws. Thus never again will there be war among the races. They had rejoiced that Uppishiun had given the survivors a second chance and start anew. As they looked into the heavens, the people had saw two moons in the night sky.

Parjanaza would only be with them for only a short time before he himself would perish. That second moon would disappear from the sky, but would briefly return for a time before being from the people's sight. Thus they named the second moon, Parjanaza.

The millennium that followed the aftermath of the Great Cataclysm was a peaceful one. All the people of Janochia lived in harmony. Though there were disagreements and conflicts, there was no true war. During the thousand years, the roots of the twelve tribes of Janochia had formed.

These tribes were Arkadan, Ditoŋabe, Kaliwaka, Pathironga, Prytulok, Rāch Xāna, Sarıgüneş, Shangchi, Tlaxcoco, Troigia, Tsopanu, and Valorix. Every one of them containing a mixture of all the remaining surface races.

Season of Eternal Night[edit]

After one thousand years of peace, it had came to an abrupt end. The sky had completely darkened over the whole world. The drow saw this as an opportunity to strike back for what had happened back during the Forgotten War and began to invade the surface in revenge. They had brought the idea of war back to Janochia. The surface dwellers created an army for the first time in a thousand years to fight back against the drow onslaught.

But not all were successful. For the Tsopanu, their main city was destroyed and the populace was forced to run and move from place to place trying to stay out of the dark elven sight. For the Valorix, they got the absolute worst of the drow. They have taken over the tribe and enslaved every member; the Valorix were treated like dogs.

Halfway through the war, the gloamings had emerged from the Underdark. As much as the drow have lived in their underground caves, they still had no idea that the gloamings even existed. They had warned the two sides that a much more malicious force would come from the Underdark and attempt to destroy them all. The army of Abhorrant monsters (aberrations) had emerged from the Underdark just like the gloamings had warned and began to terrorize the land. Because of the dire situations, the armies of the surface and the drow army was forced to team up to eliminate the common threat even though they were still at war with each other. However, those who looked in the sky would notice a small magenta star still in the sky giving a little light to the world.

A group of heroes found out that the Season of Eternal Night was an Illithid plot to eclipse the whole world; so they can take over. They had used a powerful spell to block out the sun to shroud the world in darkness. The heroes fought against the mind flayers and were able to bring an end to the spell. Then the light from the sun returned to Janochia, driving the invaders back into their caves.

Drow's Fate[edit]

Every nation had treated the drow differently based on the different experiences each nation had with them. Seeing an opportunity, a slave known as Valorix from which the tribe, Valorix would be named after, had lead a slave revolt. They overwhelmed the drow and slaughter every last one of them. They entered their Underdark cities and razed them to the ground. The fire burned for days on days on end. Over in Sarıgüneş, they disarmed the drow; thus removing any capabilities for them to ever build an army again. Over in Shangchi, the drow were expelled out of their homes and cast out of the Shangchi Underdark. They had allowed the Grimlocks to reside in the cities the drow used to occupy, while the gloamings got to share positions in the Imperial court on the surface if they wanted to.

But the most unexpected case was Troigia. Hearing of all of the stuff that they had heard across Janochia, the drow were terrified on what the Troigians would do to them. They were shocked that Emperor Romulus had shown mercy upon them. The ruling house of the drow, House Maximo, was grateful to the emperor in sparing their people. The emperor had a vision of bringing the Troigian drow into normal society, a very risky dream but a possible one.

Skepticism on the Rise[edit]

After the Season of Eternal Night, the population started to become doubtful and suspicious of Uppishiun. It is no longer enough to just believe in him. They now want some proof. There were two directions that people started to go down.

Some people stopped worshiping him altogether. But this is publicly frowned upon, thus those who have done this meet in secret. They have formed cults with like-minded people. At best, they end up worshiping a random creation or nature itself. At worst, they end up worshiping an infernal power.

When Uppishiun saw that the people of Janochia needed guides, he had permitted celestial veneration. And he had allowed his faithful servants to be focus points to stay on track with what is true and what is not. He had even allowed temples to be built as places where people can pray.

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