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Janochian Beings[edit]

This is a list of all of the more well-known individuals and entities in the Janochian setting. This cosmology is a mixture of different beings and gods put together into an arrangement from the official books, but a few custom ones as well.

Cosmic Entities[edit]

This section contains all of the deities from the highest heaven to the lowest of hell and everywhere in between.


This is the eternal ruler, one who is the very personification of existence. There are only two things that he is composed of: truth and love. And because of this, he is his own reason why he exists. He does not have a domain of his own.


This was once the favorite servant of Uppishiun until his rebellion out of pride. He was defeated at the hands of Heironeous. He was renamed Bane and cast out of Heaven. He, now, rules over Hell as the ultimate prisoner.

He is only called Laghathti by his fellow prisoners and those whom follow evil gods. To all others, he is called Bane. Like Uppishiun, he too does not have a domain of his own.


This was a mortal who was a child of Alphus and Genesis. But was twisted and warped into an abomination after he freed Hextor from Hell. He and Hextor were among the driving forces of the Forgotten War. He was cast into the abyss in Hextor's place.

Within a Doubtful Heart[edit]

After the Season of Eternal Night, the people of Janochia became worried about faith for the first time. It was no longer enough to believe in Uppishiun; they needed proof. There were people who would turn away from the divine throne all together and started to worship other things. These would become various secret cults. They would meet in secret so as not to be shamed by the people who didn't join them.

The Twelve Patrons[edit]

When Uppishiun saw that some of the people were becoming lost and uncertain, he had asked from among his faithful servants whom he will send into the world to be guides to allow the mortals to focus on what was true. Twelve of the heavenly servants volunteered and Uppishiun sent them down. He had permitted celestial veneration to his people. And he had granted permission to the twelve patrons to empower their followers.

However seeing this, Hextor slipped within the cracks. He would try to tempt the populace of Janochia away from the truth and steer them to what is not. Thus he is referred to as the "anti-patron".

The chart below has each patron in alphabetical order.

The Twelve Patrons
Deity Alignment Domains Weapon of Choice Symbol
Chaav Chaotic Good Chaos, Good, Joy, Trickery Quarterstaff A Bunch of Wildflowers
Corellon Larethian Chaotic Good Chaos, Community, Good, Protection, War Longsword A Silver Crescent Moon
Ehlonna Neutral Good Animal, Celerity, Good, Plant, Sun Longsword A White Unicorn
Heironeous Lawful Good Glory, Good, Inquisition, Law, War Longsword A Hand with a lightning bolt
Hleid Neutral Good Animal, Good, Healing, Winter Trident A Jagged Triangle surrounding a Vortex of Blue Fire
Lastai Chaotic Good Chaos, Good, and Pleasure Grasping Pole A Peach
Moradin Lawful Good Creation, Earth, Good, Law, Protection Warhammer A Hammer and Anvil
Pelor Neutral Good Glory, Good, Healing, Strength, Sun Heavy Mace A Golden Sun with a Face
Phieran Lawful Good Endurance, Good, Law, Protection Unarmed Strike A Broken Chain / Shattered Rack
Rao Lawful Good Community, Good, Knowledge, Luck, Purification Light Mace A Crane among Clouds
Solanil Neutral Good Animal, Good, Healing, Protection, Summer, Travel, Water Quarterstaff A Pool of Water at the Base of a Date Tree
Valkur Chaotic Good Air, Chaos, Good, Ocean, Protection Cutlass A Shield with a Cloud and Three Lightning Bolts
Hextor Lawful Evil Destruction, Domination, Evil, Law, War Flail A Black-Armored Fist with Six Arrows

The Twelve Wicked Destroyers[edit]

Seeing that there was doubt in the people's heart, Laghathti had established a council of Twelve of his followers to guide the destruction of Janochia. This would be partly done as a mockery of the Twelve Patrons. However, Uppishiun had spotted this and had sent a volunteer to rebuke the destroyers. This is done in order to bring the lost people following the wicked to return to light. The one whom volunteered and became the "anti-destroyer" was Eilistraee.

Like the previous table, all of the wicked destroyers are listed in alphabetical order.

Note: All deities on this list, except Eilistraee, have the evil domain in addition to what is stated here. Eilistraee's domains were selected until I can find some official stuff. If it is impossible, we will leave it as is.

The Twelve Wicked Destroyers
Deity Alignment Domains Weapon of Choice Symbol
Azul Lawful Evil Law, Plant, Thrist, Water Whip A Jagged Red Line enclosing Drips of Water
Gruumsh Chaotic Evil Chaos, Domination, Strength, War Spear A Purple Stone Eye
Incabulos Neutral Evil Death, Destruction, Pestilence Quarterstaff A Skull with Boils on top of Pale Green Bones
Kurtulmak Lawful Evil Law, Luck, Trickery Spear A Ring of Rainbow Colored Scales
Levistus Lawful Evil Cold, Diabolic, Trickery Rapier A Thin Sword thrust into a Block of Ice
Lolth Chaotic Evil Chaos, Destruction, Trickery Whip A Black Widow Spider
Rallaster Chaotic Evil Destruction, Pain Shortsword A Toothy Mouth clamped down on a Bloody razor-thin Blade
Scahrossar Lawful Evil Pain, Death Whip A Blackened Heart stabbed by a Knife
Tharizdun Neural Evil Chaos, Destruction, Force, Madness Chest Foee (Whatever that is) A Blood Red Viper with Bright Yellow Eyes
The Patient One Neutral Evil Darkness, Corruption Flail A Mouth surrounded by Eyes
Umberlee Chaotic Evil Chaos, Destruction, Ocean, Storm Dagger A Blue-Green Wave curling on both Left and Right Sides
Vecna Neutral Evil Knowledge, Madness, Magic Dagger An eyeball in a Cupped Hand
Eilistraee Chaotic Good Chaos, Charm, Good, Moon, Renewal, Portal Great Sword An Unclad Woman in front of a Full Moon

The Twelve Limbo Deities[edit]

As cults formed when people became doubtful of the existence of Uppishiun, some of them did start to worship deities that were not locked in the abyss. But these deities aren't in heaven either. These ones let the mortals worship them but transfer that worship to Uppishiun under the table without telling their followers. Like the other two, they had picked twelve to be the main ones of their group.

The Twelve Limbo Deities
Deity Alignment Domains Weapon of Choice Symbol
Auppenser True Neutral Balance, Mentalism, Protection, Strength Kukri An eye within a hexagonal shaped sapphire
Aurifar True Neutral Fire, Luck, Summer, Sun, Travel Heavy Spike Shield A Golden Disc with a mirror-like sheen
Azuth Lawful Neutral Magic, Illusion, Knowledge, Law, Spell Quarterstaff A Human Left Hand pointing upward outlined in Blue Flame
Boccob True Neutral Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Oracle, Trickery Quarterstaff A Bronze Pentagon with an Eye in the Middle
Dumathoin True Neutral Cavern, Craft, Earth, Knowledge, Metal, Protection Maul A cut-faceted emerald inside a Mountain
Ishtishiia True Neutral Destruction, Storm, Ocean, Travel, Water Warhammer A Cerulean Waterspout
Llerg Chaotic Neutral Animal, Chaos, Competition, Strength Battleaxe A huge Silver Bear
Obad-Hai True Neutral Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Weather Quaterstaff A Face made from Oak Leaves and Acorns
Olidammara Chaotic Neutral Celerity, Chaos, Luck, Mind, Trickery Rapier A disfigured Black and White Drama Mask
Tekhur Chaotic Neutral Air, Chaos, Cold, Strength, Winter Shortspear/Shortbow A leafless Tree in a Field of Snow
Wastri Lawful Neutral Animal, Law, Protection, War Glaive A Red and Blue Frog
Wee Jas Lawful Neutral Death, Domination, Law, Mind, Trickery Dagger A Ruby Wrinkled Face on a Brass Coin
Tempusesse True Neutral Time, Mysticism, Dream, Destiny, Fate, Oracle Halberd A Wheel with Two Sets of Wings

The last one, Tempusesse <Tempuses>, is a custom-made deity made for the Janochian Setting. After he was removed from paradise, he looked for a place to call his own. He noticed that the world of dreams is unoccupied, thus he decided to move there. Now, he watches over the world of slumber. His cult prays for pleasant dreams at night and to allow those pleasant dreams to become reality.

This list will contain more characters as time goes on.

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