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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a sword with two purple eyes behind
Home Plane: region of dreams
Alignment: neutral good
Portfolio: Honorable combat, Mystical Insight (wisdom), Dreams, destiny & hope
Clergy Alignments: good, true neutral (rare)
Domains: Dream, war, oracle, Nobility, Destiny, protection, knowledge, good & Renewal
Favored Weapon: mercurial greatsword

His titles include the guidance, the lone walker, the dream walker or the wise sword; he appears as a male figure of grand beauty with a tan skin color, dressed in a white glowing cloak or wearing a simple yet elegant chain mail and armed with two swords, has a long dark hair and deep purple eyes which are usually close for they cause strange feelings in those who look upon them and always bearing a serene unchanging expression… Ivelios is a deity that stands as a giver of hope and wisdom.

Among the gods he is known as a capable combatant, one who’s martial prowess matches his wisdom and one who should be taken into account since this being brings a warning of the great dangers that lie beyond this thing we call reality… indeed all beings who know this deity, and those who see the power he wields, leave with a great feeling of dread since this deity has taken to himself the task of showing anyone (anyone worthy of this knowledge) the things the exist beyond: the plane of dreams, the temporal energy plane, the far realm… all places where things more powerful than even the deities exist and those things just might come here and visit you!


Ivelios doesn’t promote an a special agenda (apparently) instead he rules over oracles, tacticians and wise men proclaiming the importance of wise decisions, hope and the courage to make those things even against overwhelming odds, so he instills others the strive to be better, stronger and wiser; watching over all of his believers when in need. Ivelios exhorts his followers to do good, to be reflexive and be in peace yet ready to rally against dishonor, against evil and against ignorance.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Priests of Ivelios are known for their ability to inspire people, to guide them and for their knowledge of dreams and omens, Temples and shrines always have an ever burning scent of incense and other aromatic herbs with white as a dominant color and sometimes made with grand luxury or sometimes with simple décor; it is not unknown to go to a temple of Ivelios to seek advice or divination spells and as such they are either more effective or a little cheaper in the case of spells, even education is imparted in such temples.

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