Its Inhabitants Kind (3.5e Flaw)

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It's Inhabitants Kind[edit]

Your experiences with some of more elaborate and brutal monstrosities of the undead has left you scarred and spooked. The threat of Bonewheel Skeletons lurks around every corner.
Effect: You are considered shaken when in the presence of undead, and this condition persists until you are no longer able to see the creature. Furthermore, you are instead considered panicked when in the presence of Bonewheel Skeleton for 1d4 rounds. Once this condition expires, you are thereafter shaken, as above.
Roleplaying Ideas: Why did it have to be Bonewheels? You curse the name of the necromancer who thought up these twisted creatures! Perhaps you had a traumatic incident with them in your past, or maybe you just have common sense. Either way, you will attempt to avoid combat with these monstrosities at any cost.

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