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Items of Legend[edit]

The Dragonsteel Blades[edit]

These ancient blades, crafted in the Age of Wonders (2nd Age), are forged through a lost process where exceptional Adamantium or Mithril is forged together with Dragonscale and a small amount of extraplanar Immaterium. The result are blades of singular craft and strength. Originally crafted for the great heroes and Lords of the 2nd Age now only a few remain, without exception regarded as artifacts or epic heirlooms.

Weapon Damage Critical Weight Type Special Properties
Longsword, Dragonsteel 2d6 17-20/x2 2 lb. Slashing Bypass Hardness less than 20, does not rust
Bastard Sword, Dragonsteel 2d8 17-20/x2 3 lb. Slashing Bypass Hardness less than 20, does not rust
Greatsword, Dragonsteel 2d10 17-20/x2 4 lb. Slashing Bypass Hardness less than 20, does not rust


One of the twin white blades made from scales from Vargash the Storm, Aspirant is a longsword originally crafted for the Eastern Paladin's Master of Cavalry. The hilt and crosstree are wrought from Dragonbone (that of Cordellyon the Scourge, a Silver Dragon from beyond the Crowded Sea) in the form of a crowned Vetruvian Man. Thoros Rantar, the first weilder, was called the Black Knight or the Black Death, and may have named the blade as a warning to the Western Paladin. He notably slew Sheikh Amahd Ali al'Binwa, heir to the throne of Sura, while campaigning in the east; and Rafiq al'Takar, the Great Imam of Karnak and a renowned fighter, while fighting in the south. But Randall Astar, the "Viper of the North" and First Sword to the Northern Paladin, killed him and ended his aspirations of greatness. From there the blade came to Randall Astar, who made the blade a heirloom of the Northern Paladin's service and there it stayed well into the Third Age.

The blade was lost fighting a Cabal sect in the Sanhedron Waste in Western Paladonia, and passed from one hand to another for several centuries. It was the subject of one notable quest into the Verge, to take the blade back from Orcs who took it. Peter the Betrayer, a fallen paladin, took the blade next - prying it from the hands of the Orc warlord who'd held it for 17 years. XXXX

Aspirant now serves as the Sword of Office for the Commander of the Fists of Hextor detachment in Sutulak. XXXX


Crafted from a scale from the Gold Dragon Iacton the Aegis, Bulwark is the hand-and-a-half sword crafted for the Lord Robert of the House Stoddard. It is one of the Victor Blades made for the Lords and exceptional Knights that served King John. The exceptional bastard sword sports the crest of House Stoddard between the crosstree wrought in the shape of laurel leaves.

Scott Stoddard, called 'The Red' for his hair, was the last Stoddard bearer of Bulwark and fought alongside King John of the 1st Imperium during the Alliance Wars. He ruled Thomasbridge the citadel of Nurim's Watch after the wars but was dissatisfied with his position. After receiving what he felt was unfair treatment during the was against Redface Halfhand's Orcs he began to plot rebellion.

House Stoddard brought together a coalition of Ramosians and several minor Houses on the then-eastern border of the 1st Imperium and marched on King John's under-construction capital of Centara. Lord Stoddard won battles at The Red Fork and Dunning Forest before King John was able to rally enough support to meet his decisively at The Battle of Aegis Plains before Centara (later called The Crucible). The battle lasted on and off for a week and, with King John's banners slowly coming in, Lord Stoddard was finally forced to press the attack or be overwhelmed. King John personally led the counter-charge and lanced Lord Stoddard through the heart.

After the battle the Stoddard's forces submitted. King John had every member of an Imperial House present in the Stoddard's host killed and appointed his own sons and cousins as regents of the western frontier. Bulwark he gave to House Steward, whom he charged with the maintenance of Centara and the manning of it's gates in perpetuity, a job they have performed faithfully ever since.


Crafted from a single scale from the Elder Red Dragon Darigaaz the Inferno, Conflagration burns with Dragonfire whenever it is drawn. John of Troy, first High Heirophant to Igneon, God of Fire, crafted the blade in the forges underneath the temple he built, quenching it in the blood of an Angel willingly given. The brilliant red blade is carved with flame patterns and the hilt set with Fire Opals filled with Darigaaz' fire. The hilt of the blade is the hilt of John's original sword, The Flame of Troy, which he melted down for its mithril to forge Conflagration.

As the Avatar of Igneon and the first of the Fire Invokers, John weilded the sword across the face of the post-1st Imperium Westlands. In the murky decades after the Flood War John adventured across the Westlands with his disciples and followers, originally a small band but after half a decade they were an Army. John gained and lost several armies over his adventures and returned to his Temple having left his mark. At his death he left a large amount of wealth and a thriving Church to Igneon on the plains north of the Narrow Sea. His church would last well into the 3rd Age but would fall during the Illûnan Revolution. Conflagration would fall into the possession of Keyan Tamir, mercenary captain of the Brotherhood of Valor. Tamir would lose the blade along with his life fighting pirates in the Sword Coast and the blade would stay in the hand of Antonio Valdara until his death at the hands of Andrew Altham, heir to the Seat of Eastern Amacidia.

The sword has been an heirloom of the House, weilded by the best fighter of their blood, ever since. Andrew discovered the sword's true history and nature before his death and made sure the sword would forever be woven into the House's fate. The blade was nearly lost in the Najiki and again in Sura during the Third Campaign of the Wandering One, and currently rests on the hip of Matthew Arrington. Matthew is the heir to House Arrington, which has held the High Seat of Amacidia for a century now. Matthew is currently fighting with the Coalition's Southern Army and is actively training with the Andoran Skyback Drake riders.


The immense Greatsword that is the heirloom of House Aryth. The milky yellow blade was crafted under uncertain circumstances, but the scale was supposedly freely given by Kaldarion the Great - a Gold Dragon.


Crafted by Aetherborn before the Flood Wars, it is a blade of great power and mystery.


This stark black bastard sword was crafted from the browplate of Jharldon the Hammer, a black dragon of the Northlands. The sword was crafted for the Knight-Commander of the Svaarguard in Illûna, a bastard son of King, after he slew the beast. Eclipse became the weapon of office of the Svaarguard for several generations until Sir Gordan the Gallant, a dragon rider from Strakenland, fought and killed the commander of the Svaarguard in a chance encounter in the Verge. Sir Gordan carried the blade for X years before XXXX


Reforged from Light and Storm, Frost is one of the few examples of Dragonsteel work post-2nd Age. Light was an ancient blade, crafted from a scale from the White Dragon Treyva the Illuminator who gave the scale freely; and Storm was crafted from a scale from Okaris the Typhoon, a Blue Dragon who terrorized Beldron until the Hero Jason of Tarragonne slew him atop the battlements of Ospria. Alan Langer, Heirophant of Heironeus, bore Light into battle and Alex 'Krakenbane', descendant of Jason's House Wyse, bore Storm. Both were killed at The Battle of Aphetto during the Wandering One's Second Campaign and the swords were destroyed.

The shattered and melted remnants of the two blades were born reverently back west after the battle by the remnants of the two men's Companies, both too shattered to be an effective fighting force. Along the way the despondent men made a resolution to see the blade reforged in memory of their Lords and in order to return as Heroes rather than defeated and broken men. They adventured high into the Verge north of Tel Jerrod, braving goblins, orcs, and worse. They finally reached the Dwarven city of Irondeep and the Dwarves were so overjoyed at having the right to craft Dragonsteel after hundreds of years that they begged for the honor.

So Frost was born, a blueish white blade the color of glacial freeze. The almost block-y looking Greatsword is etched with Dwarven runes in lieu of a blood channel and the hilt is enchanted granite from the wall of the great chapel of Irondeep. The cross-tree is wrought from Adamantium as effigies of Jason and Alan. The Sword became the House Blade of Illûna until the House's failed revolution. After the revolution, it hung in the Hall of the Vanquished in Centara until The Wandering One sacked the city. It is now borne by Jacob Tionne, last of House Tionne and son of the Last Emperor. He leads house Tionne's remaining forces and a cadre of the Eternal Legion as part of the Northern Alliance's effort to reclaim the Imperium.




Also known as Shadowheart, this blade was crafted using a scale from the Black Dragon Villiç the Cursed, and was the blade upon which the Order of the Black Sword was founded. Villiç's scale would not take well to the smelting and forging process and the sword was a warped thing from the outset. More like a shard of glass in shape than a sword, it was impossibly sharp before the smith was even finished and Lorgar, the sword's original wielder, had to call in an artificer to build a scabbard capable of containing it. Lorgar's sword was a perversion from the very beginning, and it is said that even as he drew it from the forge the light in the room tried to draw away. The hilt, carved in the shape of a torch with fire-bracket faced down, began to glow with a sickly light as the light retreated. The cross-tree Lorgar had carved in the shape of a scroll that he could magically unroll and store secrets in.

The sword has an incredibly varied history including nearly a dozen wielders and a lengthy stay inside the tomb of Amenophis III Amsu, last of the Dhazanti Caliphs [Note on Sarnian expansion and Daru expansion?]. After Lorgar's death, it passed between 7 Riders in the Black Sword, 2 of whom died to other Riders who killed them for the very sword. After the Second Campaign of the Wandering One ended at the Battle of Dragonfall, the Black Sword entered a slow decline. The last Rider of the order who wielded the sword was Darkurian Ironbound, and he carried the sword until the last days of the order. He died 3 days before Aerion of Rishdan, but the Black Sword effectively died with Darkurian. The sword was then carried by Lucas of Felix, the Arcadian officer who killed Darkurian in the ruins of the White Swords' Tower. He passed the sword down two generations of his family but his grandson lost it on an expedition north of the Arixo Wastes and there it lay in Amenophis' tomb for three centuries.

The sword was recovered by Arkantos the Sigilite, a planar adventurer and gladiator from Sigil. He was a founding member of the Adventurer's Company of Shawn and Rocco, and helped the Company rise through the ranks of Sigil to be regarded as one of the finest groups of contract adventurers. Arkantos was killed fighting with the Ten Thousand Swords in Beldron and after his death the sword passed to Logan Ingramar, the Dragon. Logan wielded the sword through the rest of his Beldroni days and bore it back to the mainland when his father died and the High Seat of Ghaeldan passed to him. Logan bore the sword throughout his rebellion and bears it still on the throne of the Centrality.


The second of the twin blades made from Vargash the Storm's brilliant white scales, Narcissus is a duelist's blade beyond compare crafted in the katana style of the Thorian Blademasters who suceeded the Cartaan Blaedrome. It was crafted for the half-elf Lornar Theryan, Lord-Commander of the Cabal's Dragon Riders and Vargash's Rider. The gently curved blade's hilt bears the classical wrap pattern of the Blademasters done in silver, and the ridges were crafted to fit Lornar's hand perfectly. The beautiful circular handguard bears profane glyphs recounting Lornar's deeds and victories.


Known as the Emerald Blade, this longsword was crafted for the Sylvan Elf Prince Sammen Lysos from a scale from Vasenya Silvereyes. The golden hilt is shaped like vines encircling an Oak trunk and the crosstree is the spreading branches of the great Oak of the Vale. Sammen rode Vasenya for almost 300 years and was said to be her lover, as she could take human form.

He abdicated the throne to fight The Wandering One when he attacked the ancient Elven Kingdoms across the desert. Vasenya was mortally wounded during the Autumn War (part of the First Campaign) and Sammen lost his left arm. Broken, he returned west by ship with Vasenya's bones and presented the sword to his brother Mykal before passing.

The Emerald Blade was been the ancestral blade of the Sylvan Elves for an Age and a half, weilded by 7 generations in 2 suceeding families. Following the War of the Dragon and the the Sylvan Elves triumphs at the Battles of Spirewatch and Amacidia, the sword passed to Orelon 'Darkbane' Pelar, Captain of the forces of the City of Glass and renowned paragon of the Sylvan Elves. He now fights with the coalition astride his Hippogriff Fleetwing.



Spirit was crafted from a single scale from the Silver Dragon Rayneris Lightbringer, Guardian of the River Kingdom. The sword was made for a Lord Michael Drake, cousin to King Aden II of the River Kingdom after his victory against the Minotaur Lords in the then Onean Mountains fighting for the Federation Independencia. The longsword's hilt and crosstree are elegantly simple in the manner of the River Kingdom, and bear the Shield of House Drake just below the blade. The silvery blade was always regarded as the most beautiful of the Dragonsteel colors, and Spirit was given its name for the opalescent spray of colors that run up and down the blade under any light. This sword is notable in that it was crafted in the Third Age and is one of the last recorded Forgings.


This dark blue longsword is the Kingsblade of Valmorra, currently held by Sir Aberly Morgan of Ebou Dar. Storm was crafted from a scale taken from the corpse of Okaris the Typhoon.


Crafted from a scale from the mighty Red Dragon Varshea the Torrent after her death outside the ruins of Cartaan. The bastard sword is a dark red hue, and it's golden wire-wrapped hilt bears a diamond vial of Varshea's blood at the bottom. The cross-tree is Dragonbone and carved in the shape of a pair of dragon heads with closed eyes. The sword was crafted for King Agron of Dacia and his family held it until Dacia's fall in The War of the Three Rivers. After Dacia fell, Thomas Martel took the sword from the ruins of Stallionhall and wielded it as the head of The Companions of Dacia for 15 years. After winning the Balmorran Sucession for Duke Payne, Thomas was knighted and took up lordship of Riverwatch. The sword stayed in his family until Roger Martel took it to war against Gargash-Kun's Orc Horde. He fell at Blackskull Pass but passed the sword to Roderic Marksson, his Banner Sergeant.

After the war, Sir Roderic 'The Wolf' of Balmorra wielded it at the head of the Balmorran Army until the Unification Wars. He led the army against Adam 'the Jackal' and fought him to a standstill. Roderic negotiated the peace and then fought alongside Adam until he was killed by an assassin. Thirst is now the personal sword of Adam 'The Jackal', High Seat of Ak'kritar.




This longsword is the heirloom of House Valan [Royer] of Orleon. The sword was crafted from a scale from the Bronze Dragon Tyros the the Razer, one of the Dragons who terrorized Beldron alongside Okaris the Typhoon.


After the fall of the city, Doge Sebastian Ragos took the blade form the hands of Sir Andros Valan and gave it to his brother Adrian Ragos. Adrian weilded the blade as lord of Orleon and passed it to his son Gregorio when he came of age. Now Marquis Gregorio Ragos weilds Vindicator as lord of Orleon.

The Elemental Artifacts[edit]

Many magical items are attuned to a certain element or paraelement, but these items are the exemplars of the art.

The Crystal Scepter, Paraelement of Ice[edit]

The Crystal Scepter is the staff of Anastasia Lotanya, the dread Lich Queen of the Frozen Sea. It is a fearsome artifact that she has crafted over the centuries, pouring her malevolent intelligence into making this staff an extension and amplification of her might. It is the most powerful artifact crafted after the Protheans departed Dominaria, and so long as she bears it she is nigh on invincible.

The Crystal Scepter: This staff appears to be a gleaming spear of ice, bound with a dull silvery metal at several points. It counts as a +3 Keen, Icy burst, Unholy, Quarterstaff of Frost.

  • If anyone but Anastasya touches the Crystal Scepter, they must suceed at a DC 45 Fortitude Save or die instantly, a DC 45 Will Save or have their soul trapped in the staff (regardless of the result of the first check) to power the epic spells, and a DC 55 Fortitude Save or be frozen solid and kept in suspended animation if both of the above two fail. The staff is also Anastasya's Phylactery.

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