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Iron Fist Style[edit]

The style depends mainly on strength and is a true show of raw power of mind over matter. Destroying objects of great density is a common show of power.

Note: These are not fighting styles, but more or less a performance skill used to hone their fighting styles to a greater potential.

Monk Performance Skill: Monk Performance Skill Iron Fist Style.

5 rank bonus (Apprentice): +2 damage to breaking objects hardness.

10 rank bonus (Mediocre): gains the Iron Fist ability doing (+1d4 Small +1d6 Medium +1d8 Large) damage as many times per day as their wisdom modifier the effect is treated like a paladins smite with uses per day. It must be announced before hand and if it misses then the use is wasted for the day.

15 rank bonus (Master): the monk now does +4 damage to breaking an objects hardness.

20 rank bonus (Grand Master): the monk can use their Iron Fist ability up to 2x their wisdom modifier per day as well as recieves a +6 bonus on breaking an objects hardness.

Prerequisites: The monk may choose one performance skill at first level and may take no more thereafter.

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