Invisibility, Epic (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Seed:Invisibility, Epic
Illusion [Glamer]
Spellcraft DC: DC 40
Components: The Eye of a beholder
Casting time: 1 hour
Range: Self, or one other within 10ft.
Target, or Effect: Self or Others
Duration: 1 hour/caster level
Saving Throw: None, Subject must be willing
Spell Resistance: None

Simplified description: As Sequester except for the following changes, the subject does not become unconscious nor does it break if the subject of the spell attacks. If the target of the spell is living they can be subject to "Detect alignment" but no other scrying type spells not does the alignment spell allow direct location information just the feeling of someone of a specific alignment being near by. This spell also creates a buffer for noise from the subject hiding them from such things as blind-sense and blind fight.

Detailed explanation and examples: This spell is the epitaph of invisibility it renders the subject invisible to all forms of scrying, stave one, they are provided additional protection from normal detections. The spell also protects the subject from being detected by advanced forms of invisibility detection. Blind-sense, blind fight, dark-vision and see invisible do not work on the subject of this spell. If the subject is living the spell negates the sound from movement and breath. Additionally this spell while active may only be dispelled by the subject or the caster. This dispelling effect may be done as a free action by the subject, or as a move action by the caster, if the caster is the subject they may do whichever is faster. The subject of this spell and all their equipment are under the protection of a instant counter spell barrier until the spell wears off or is dispelled, any spell that would be cast to help or hinder or harm the subject is instantly countered but if the spell has a prolonged duration the spell is not countered instead it simply waits until the spell ends before taking effect. Ex. If the subject is hit with a fireball spell the spell simply negates itself but if the subject is targeted by a feather falling spell and the spell lasts longer then the current remaining duration of the Epic Invisibility the feather falling spell begins when the Invisibility ends.

Material Component: Eye of a Beholder

Focus: Face the eye at the subject

XP Cost: 100Exp

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