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Intimidating Mage[edit]

I was making a revenant evocation/nethermancy mage and, without really intending it, her Intimidate check was pretty high - and Charisma was barely above average. Here I'm going to see how far I can push it.


Revenant (Heroes of Shadow), selecting Dexterity and Charisma as the ability score bonuses. Skill bonuses are Endurance and Intimidate.


Mage (Heroes of the Fallen Lands). You will be taking the Evocation school, and later the Nethermancy school.

Ability Scores[edit]

Including racial bonuses, your ability scores at first level are:
Strength 8, Constitution 14, Dexterity 11, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 11, Charisma 18

Intelligence is your primary ability for your spells, and Charisma is needed to maximize Intimidate. Since this gives us good Reflex and Will, we make Constitution a tertiary ability score for Fortitude, hit points and to capitalize on the revenant's bonus.

Heroic Tier Progression[edit]

Level 1

Take the Evocation School.

Choose whichever Cantrips you like (Ghost Sound would be appropriate), but don't take Spook - your Intimidate check will be higher than your Arcana check anyway.

Your At-Will spells are Magic Missile, Scare and Arc Lightning.

Add the Encounter spells Burning Hands and Twilight Falls, and the Daily spells Fountain of Flame and Ray of Fatigue to your spellbook.

Your starting feat is Skill Training (Intimidate).

Your Intimidate skill at level 1 is +9; so far not that impressive.

Level 2

Take the Skill Focus (Intimidate) feat. Your Intimidate skill is now +13.

Add Summon Shadow Serpent and Spectral Image to your spellbook.

Level 3

Add Shock Sphere and Ebony Razors to your spellbook.

Level 4

For your ability score increase, improve Intelligence to 17 and Charisma to 19.

For your second Apprentice Mace feature, choose the Nethermancy school.

Take the Arcane Familiar feat and choose the Bound Demon, who will grant you a +2 bonus to Intimidate.

Level 5

You become an Evocation Expert gain a +2 bonus to Endurance and Intimidate, which synergizes nicely with the Revenant bonuses.

Add Fireball and Summon Shadow Beast to your spellbook.

Your Intimidate skill is now +18.

Level 6

Instead of adding utility spells to your spellbook, take one of the intimidate skill powers, Everybody Moves or Try the Stick (Player's Handbook 3).

Level 7

Add Lightning Bolt and Murderous Twin to your spellbook.

Level 8

For your ability score increase, improve Intelligence to 18 and Charisma to 20.

You take the Nethermancy Expert features: +2 bonus to Intimidate and Stealth.

Your Intimidate skill is now +23.

Level 9

Add Ice Storm and Mirage Arcana to your spellbook.

Level 10

Instead of adding utility spells to your spellbook, take the Snap out of It Intimidate utility power (Player's Handbook 3).

Become an Evocation Master. We're not interested in the Nethermancer's skulking-in-the-shadows since our Stealth isn't great.


A wand of fear (Modrenkainen's Magnificent Emporium) should be on your wishlist. By 10th level you will hopefully have a +2 wand of fear, which grants a +2 bonus to Intimidate, and gives you a fear-based encounter power to push a target.

With this your Intimidate skill at the end of the heroic tier is +26. You are scarier than the so-called scary barbarian at this level.

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