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The Intieri tend to watch over other races, some help them with knowledge others with skills.

Physical Description[edit]

The race are physically weak and have a constantly changing look, as they can change shape.


Many Intieri help the other races but some like to be solitary, there are also a few resistance groups. Others are adventurers that would do anything for a challenge, or a fortune.


Any, Intieri are a large range of people.


Temperate, they live anywhere they can survive.


Not many practice religion but those that do follow it due to their class or an outsides race's teachings.


Common and Intieri. Intieri have their own language, it is fluent and most words tend to slur together.


Most Intieri have a name given to them but this name doesn't mean anything when living in life, it is like an identifier, this is their middle name in general conversation. Their actual first and last names are chosen by them when they need them.

Racial Traits[edit]

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