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Description: An odd smelling liquid that can be used to disguise one's scent and discourages insects or arthropods from biting the wearer. Commonly used in areas with high insect population. The liquid is trancelucent and appears as water. The Liquid can be diluted in water to lessen the scent that is emited. Commonly mixed with flower petals and oils to lessen the atrocity of the smell.

Use:A vial of Inscet Repellent can be applied to all exposed skin as a full action. An undiluted repellent lasts for 3 hours. A half-water solution will last 1 hour. The undiluted repellent is flammable and can be ignited by any direct exposure to fire. The scent gives the user -5 on all tracking checks against them for the purpose of determining the location of the smell. The scent also grants the user +5 on all checks attempting to determine the smell.

Cost: 20g per vial

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