Infinite Pockets (5e Spell)

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Infinite Pockets
1st-level Transmutation
Casting time: 1 bonus action
Range: Self
Components: S
Duration: Instantaneous

You temporarily store a number of items equal to your spellcasting modifier in a small pocket dimension. This pocket dimension cannot be inhabited by living beings, and can be accessed only by the spellcaster. When this spell is cast, an invisible gate opens to this pocket dimension, and handheld items(such as weapons, shields, coin pouches, backpacks, etc.) can be placed within the space. You may create as many gates as you have hands, placing items within the space and retrieving other items, replacing the ones already inside. Retrieving or storing items counts as a bonus action, but doing both (Taking out an item and storing another and vice-versa) counts as an action. Larger items, such as weapon, shields or instruments are counted as individual items, whereas adventuring tools, artisan's tools and professional tools are counted as one item as long as they are within a bag or container (your DM may clarify which items count for this specification).

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