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Though not common, there are some diseases that can not be healed with magic. You are afflicted with one of these diseases. Perhaps you want to cure your disease, using your travels to do research on a cure. You may have become entrenched in your sickness, preferring to live the rest of your short life doing as you wish. Maybe you’re just crazy, wanting to spread your sickness across the world.

Skill Proficiencies: Choose 2: Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Nature, Medicine, Deception.

Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit or 1 instrument.

Languages: Any two common languages of your choice

Equipment: A bedroll, an alms box, 3gp, a vial of medicine, a set of cold or hot weather clothes.

Feature: Help a brother out[edit]

While your affliction isn’t horribly detrimental to you, convincing others that it is isn’t hard. You can use your reputation to garner pity from more compassionate people who will give you small items and trinkets as gifts. Very rarely will you receive something you can use on your journey.

Alternate Feature: Withstand[edit]

Your reputation among the commonfolk as an afflicted hero causes them to look to you in awe and wonder as you inspire them to be the best they can be. People will offer you housing and take care of you and your companions if it means they can have a story to tell. This rarely extends to nobility.

Alternative Feature: Infection[edit]

The infection that you are carrying may be a serious one that could spread to others. During your travels, you put other's at risk of falling ill to your infection as well. At the DM's discretion, people will randomly fall ill and become infected by your disease. Not even your Party member's are safe from this.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Infected individuals vary quite a bit.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I can do anything you can do, just watch me
2 Oi, wanna get a drink? Sick? Oh yea. Forgot the damnable thing
3 Why do I have to suffer?
4 I will withstand, I won't give in, I must stand strong, For them...
5 Are you ill? perhaps I can help you. I should know about this type of thing.
6 I could care less about myself, it's the others you should worry about
7 I will die soon anyway, why keep The Grim Reaper waiting
8 I'm NoT sIcK, i HaVe EsSeNtIaL oIlS
d6 Ideal
1 Hope. There is a cure, I will find it. Even if it kills me (Any)
2 Anger. Why would the Gods curse me like this?! I will make them suffer as I have! (Evil)
3 Loving. I have my friends behind me, and that's all that matters (Good)
4 Suicidal. Who cares anyway, I'll die soon anyway. Let's get it over with (Chaotic)
5 Determined. I WON"T GIVE IN, NOT YET, NOT NOW! (Any)
6 Insane. kArEn, WhErE aRe My EsSeNtIaL oIlS (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 I have a child, andI will see him off, no matter what it takes.
2 My family is worried about me... I think about that too much.
3 My home had this affliction swipe through it. I will come back with a cure, or in a coffin.
4 The Gods put me here for a reason, lets find out what yours is.
5 I see these people, they need a hero. I'M THE HERO THEY... have
6 EvErYoNe Is SiCk ExEpT fOr Me!
d6 Flaw
1 I am a bit too used to pain.
2 I am somewhat easily distracted.
3 I do not seek death, but I do not flee its embrace.
4 I complain a lot.
5 I'm absurdly superstitious.
6 I want to bring as much suffering to the clean.

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