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Indomitable Barrier Elementalist Utility 9
You roar at your foes then drop your palms on the ground and the Earth rises, augmented by the Elemental Chaos and your own vast pool of energy.
Daily Star.gif Primal, Conjuration
Standard Action Area Wall 20 within 10 squares.
Prerequisite: There must be earth on the floor in order to use this power.
Effect: You create a wall made completely of earth similar to the earth this power was used on. Before using this power sacrifice any number of healing surges. The wall can be up to 20 squares long and up to 10 squares high. Each square has 30 hit points and has resist 5 for each healing surge expended and has an equal value for all its defenses. In addition, when making the wall you can choose to have some of the wall to bend and create a canopy thus making it impossible for escape without destroying the wall. You may dismiss cubes a cube of the barrier at a minor action. The barrier lasts indefinitely or until you dismiss it as a move action.
Earth Preferrence: Each square has resist 5 for each healing surge expended + constitution modifier.

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