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Indigo Magic
Natural Skills

When you choose this archtype at the first level you gain the following benefits

  • Proficiency in One martial or Exotic weapon ( You gain a +1 when using weapons of the same type chosen )
  • your Hit-Die increases from D6 to a D8

Counterfeit Magic ( 1st level )

Starting at the 1st level you gain the ability to copy other creatures spells and abilities. (But not weapon attacks) In order to copy a spell you must pass a charisma check

  • (Spells) DC10+spell level
  • (Abilities) DC10+ half "casting creatures" CR

you must be within 10 ft of either the caster or target area of the spell or ability in order to copy it. All spells are copied at the lowest level and take up a spell slot of the same level. You may keep the spells and abilities that you copy but they will occupy a spell slot and count towards spells known. you may remove them anytime you are able to change spells. counterfeit spells once forgotten can only be learned by a creature with that ability. Abilities may take up any spell slot but expand a slot when cast. abilities such as regeneration and spider climb last for 1 min when cast.

Shade Shifting ( 6th Level )

you gain the ability to add a D8 of elemental damage of your choice to your weapon attacks. you may use this ability twice per long rest. Extra damage last for 10 min

Cobalt ( 10th level )

You gain the use of 2 reactions on each of your turns, and may use your reaction to intercept an attack made against an ally within 30ft of you that you can see. provided you are not prevented from taking part in movement. you may make a Counterfeit magic DC on the attack made if applicable.

Shade Shifting ( 14th level )

If an ally within 10 ft of you is hit by an attack ( that is not AOE. It may still be a line target ) you may use your reaction to make up to your dexterity modifier in attacks or cantrip casts to that target. all attacks or casts after the first take a cumulative -2 to hit.

Indigo ( 18th level )

May cast 2 spells at the same time, spells must target creatures or objects within 10ft of each other and the spells may not be AOE.( May use line target spells) both spells still expand a spell slot. this ability may be used a number of times equal to your charisma modifier per long rest.

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