Improved Inner Depths Of The Soul (3.5e Feat)

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Improved Inner Depths Of The Soul [Epic, Magical]

You have honed your inner reserve of power that allows you to reduce XP costs further.
Prerequisite: Inner Depths Of The Soul taken 18 times, Int 49, Wis 49, Cha 49
Benefit: Any time you cast a spell with an XP cost, manifest a power with an XP cost or create a magic or psionic item, the XP cost is reduced by 4%. Fractional XP costs are rounded down to the nearest whole number (minimum 1 XP).
Special: This XP cost discount stacks with the XP cost discount from Inner Depths Of The Soul, resulting in a 99% reduction of XP costs. This feat may be taken an additional time increasing the requirements by 10 (to 60) and the percentage by 1% (to 100%) and thereby negating all further XP costs.

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