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Improved Draconic Legacy [Draconic][edit]

You have truly mastered your draconic spellcasting powers.
Prerequisite: Draconic Heritage CA, Draconic Legacy CA
Benefit: If you have class levels in bard, sorcerer or another class that can cast arcane spells without preparation, you are able to learn bonus spells based on your Charisma attribute, as per the Table: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells from the SRD. However, these spells are added to your number of spells known; this feat does not increase the number of spells that you can cast per day.
Normal: Bards and Sorcerers are normally fixed in their number of spells known per level.
Special: The bonus spells provided by this feat cannot be combined with the bonus spells provided by any other feat (based on ability score) other than Cantrip.

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