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Brotherhood of Nod - Summary[edit]

While most consider this to be the most recent group to have emerged on Vasuda, the Brotherhood claims to have existed for millenia. This orgnization is dedicated to providing a sense of belonging to those that society abandons. Furthermore, it also holds Tiberium as the key to "Ascension", a vague prophecy of the enhancement of sentient beings.

Kane of Sarajevo[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: N/A

Role: Founder, Prophet

While the Prophet Kane of Sarajevo is believed to have died long before the emergence of Tiberium, many consider him to be the catalyst of the destruction in the Knights' Templar - Nod Wars. His prophecies are the touching stone of the Brotherhood, and center around creating a society that excludes no one. However, since the Church of Saint Cuthbert regularly exiled heretics who violated the Church laws, the Nod has many members whom the Church will not deal with. Perhaps the most significant of Kane's prophecies is that of Tiberium; that if it were allowed to spread, the Ascension of mankind would be at hand. This prophecy lead to virtually all of the conflicts between the Templar and the Brotherhood.

Anton Slavic[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Dwarf

Class: Fighter

Role: Military Commander

Anton Slavic was the highest commander of the Nod's military, and a member of the Inner Circle, the Nod's leaders. While he isn't quite as convinced of Kane's prophecies regarding Tiberium, he does hold providing the lost with shelter as the highest goal; he himself was a driven out of his village after being falsely accused of murder. Slavic's guerilla tactics is credited with providing the Brotherhood with important victories, and allowing it to survive despite the Templar's overwhelming force. After the Ion Strike of the Liquid Tiberium in 1435, Slavic went into hiding, like the rest of the Inner Circle. Most believe he returned to Czechoslovakia, his homeland.

Allessa Costello[edit]

Gender: Female

Species: Gnome

Class: Expert

Role: Researcher

The Brotherhood does not discriminate against anyone who has been placed into a lower place in society, and many women can be found in its higher echelons. Abbott Allessa Costello, a member of the Inner Circle, played an important role in decoding the Nod's fragment of the Tacitus, and provided the Brotherhood with a number of critical technological innovtions, from Pitals to combustion engines. As the Nod was fleeing during the Second Knights' Templar - Nod War, she disappeared during the Templar's attack on the convoy carrying what was though to be the entire Inner Circle. If she had known of Kane's Final Prophecy, she may have been able to wrn the Brotherhood of the calamity that would follow the Ion Strike on the supply of Liquid Tiberium.

Eric Marcion[edit]

Gender: Male

Species: Half-Orc

Class: Cleric

Role: Proselytizer

Brother Eric Marcion was responsible for stirring up the members of the Nod so that they would be willing to die for their cause. He is credited with having given the Brotherhood its psuedo-religious trappings, so that members would feel a part of something larger than themselves. Despite his brutish features, Brother Marcion was able to convert hundreds of people from all walks of life to sacrifice luxuries, necessities and even their lives in the name of Kane. As a member of the Inner Circle, he was the always the first to uphold the teachings of the Prophet Kane in all of the Nod's actions

DM's Note[edit]

What about the Invasion? Who lived and died?

This is something you will have to decide for yourself. It is not likely that many of the important characters could have survived the 20-odd years of alien domination, but you might decide that one of these people is important to your game. An entire adventure could be based on tracking down and saving one of leaders.

Was Kane insane?

At first glance, probably. However, while he brought to Scrin to Vasuda, they have been defeated, and those who remain now have the Scrin's technology. Perhaps this is what he meant by Ascension.

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