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Imperial Conditioning

You cannot harm (or by omission of action allow to be harmed) a human being. You have received the highest order of conditioning against taking human life—qualifying you as a graduate of the Suk medical school.
The character now bears the marks of Imperial Conditioning—a diamond tattoo on his forehead and silver Suk ring for his long hair—indicating his superior medical training and absolute trustworthiness.
Prerequisite: Pyretic Conscience, Treat Injury 8+ ranks, Wis 13+, House affiliation.
Benefit: In addition to stabilizing, you can make a Treat Injury check to perform combat medicine. The DC of a combat medicine check is 20 +current wound points of the target.
A successful check heals the target 1 wound point for every point that the roll is over the DC up to the target’s normal maximum wound total. Combat medicine is a full-round action (that precludes a 2-m step) for both you and the target.

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