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Imps are known to be troublemakers or tricksters. On an average day, they would travel around and play tricks on friends and share a laugh, maybe do a few magic tricks. They are fun and playful, but are dead serious when it comes to friends.

Physical Description[edit]

Imps are a light race that has the wall running feature, this means they cannot weigh over 130 lbs, however, they can weigh down to 60 pounds. They are a Medium sized race, so they stand between 5 feet to 8 feet.


Imps ,due to being tricksters, get along with races once they share a joke with them. This leads to nice relations and peaceful trade. They are hardly looked down on.


Imps are usually Chaotic and almost never Lawful. They get this way from playing tricks on others and joking around.


Imps prefer to live underground, preferably in mountains. This is the perfect enviroment for them due to how they have a great ability to fly underground for a time.


Imps are ones to follow gods of Trickery or Travel. This is because of how they love to be good jokers and show the land their magical abilities.


Imps speak Common, Elvish, and Infernal. They can learn any other language besides Secret Languages like Druidic and Abyssal or Celestial.


Imps name themselves at birth usually on granting themselves a first name unless taking a clan's last name.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Dexterity, +2 Intelligience and Charisma, -2 Wisdom: Imps are nimble and athletic. They need a memory to remember spell key words and their joking attitude seems to draw friends to them. This, however, leaves them without some common sense.
  • (Fey) Humanoid: Imps are a form of Elven race that have a Natch for Dark Magic.
  • Medium: No Bonuses
  • Imp base land speed is 40 feet (8 Squares): Fly: 90 (18 Squares), Swim: 20 (4 Squares)
  • Flight (Su): Imps can fly with wings that can be summoned and dismissed at will, but cannot fly for more than 10 minutes. They have good maneuverability with these wings and have a flight speed of 90. They must attempt to fly outside, outside of combat as well. They must try three times before they can fly, and there must be 2 hours between attempts. They can fly only under Sun/Moon light, however, Imps can fly underground for a short duration. They can fly underground, such as Caverns or Dungeons, for 1d6+2 rounds. The wings look Bat-Like. They retain these wings until death.
  • Dark Magic Specialist (Sp): Imps have a knack for destructive magic. At Level 1, They can cast 4 Spells from the Sorcerer's spell list. They can choose up to level 4 spells. They can only use damaging or harming spells, such as polymorph or fireball. These spells still need to be selected at Day rise, but can be cast by standing still for one round and preparing. At the beginning of the next round, the spell is cast and you can act as normal. If they give up two spell slots, they may take Baleful polymorph.
  • Wall-Run (Ex): At Level 1, Due to being at light race Imps can run up walls. Normally they can get up to 10 feet, however if they have a Dexterity modifier above +5 they can run up to 30 feet as a Full Round Action as if using the Run ability. They must end on a surface that they could stand on, if they do not make it to a surface as like, they may flip off of the wall and end their turn in the air.
  • Night Vision(Ex): At Level 1, Imps gain Night Sight that allows them to see 60 feet in Moonlight, Torchlight, Dim Light, or No Light situations. They Retain colour when doing this, but cannot see through Magical Darkness.
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Elvish, Infernal. Bonus Languages: All Besides Secret Languages like Druidic, Abyssal or Celestial.
  • Favored Class: Sorcerer.
  • Level Adjustment: +1

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