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Spellcraft DC: 20
Components: V, S, M, F, X, Ritual
Casting time: 1 hour and 101 days
Range: See Text
Effect: A Phylactery Bound to one Willing Recipient
Duration: Permanent or until Dispelled (see text)
To Develop: 180,000 gp, 4 Days, 7200 XP. Seeds: Hide LifeTaB (+91), Pact of ReturnHoH (+59), Kissed by the AgesDrMg354,54(+91). Pact of return; do no need to make a prediction (ad hoc +41), permanent (x5), Kissed by the Ages; remove the need for the item to be equipped and on person (ad hoc +38) transfer cost of focus to cost of component (ad hoc 0: no functional difference) (720). Mitigating Factors: Increase focus cost by 1,000,000 (-200) Increase casting time by 100 days (-200), Cure light wounds as part of the ritual (-1), additional participant uses Epic spell slot (–19), additional participant uses 5th level spell slot (-9), Increase Material component cost by 500,000 gp (-200), increase XP cost by 8,000 (-80).

Create a phylactery, linked to a living creature (here after referred to as the "recipient"). The following effects last as long as the phylactery resulting from this spell is intact:

  • The recipient has the benefit of Timeless Body (Ex) and can not die from old age.
  • The recipient can no longer be killed by ordinary means; if she would be rendered disabled, dying, or dead, she instead becomes staggered. This acts as the Hide Life spell.
  • If the recipient's body is ever outright destroyed, or she is unable to take actions (such as having her head cut off) she is immediately revived at the location of her phylactery, without her items and without level loss.

The effect can not be dispelled by ordinary means. If the recipient enters an anti-magic field, then she can be killed normally, but she will keep timeless body, will not die from old age, and will still revive when they die. The spell will persist until the phylactery is destroyed, at which point she will begin to age again, and she can once again die by normal means. If she is at negative hit points when the phylactery is destroyed, she will revive at the phylactery's previous location instantly.

Material Component: A gemstone of the recipient's choice, perfectly cut, with words engraved from their native tongue, and resting in a pool of the recipients blood, costing 504,000 gp. This gemstone becomes the recipients phylactery; so long as it is extant, this spell will continue. (Meaning if the material component is ignored through any means, you still cast the spell, but it has no effect and you still experience XP burn and so on.)

Foci: An expertly made 10 ft. diameter circle; cold iron and silver twisted in a double helix around a wolfram ring. Each part precisely inscribed and each rune inlaid with mother of pearl; The silver band with black-glowing Abyssal, the cold iron with red-glowing Infernal, and the ring inscribed in white-glowing Celestial. The ring floats an inch off the ground, and spins slowly, with the two helical bands spinning in the opposite direction, and somehow turning around the ring, staying equidistant from each other. In the center of the circle, a small Stone bowl (made of malachite, marble or granite), filled with the material component, held by a stand of golden lattice inscribed with blue-glowing draconic runes (which are, of course, inlaid with mother of pearl). The basin acts as the "anchor" for the circle; they move with each other. In addition to this, there is a four-bladed adamantine knife, and 3 matching (preferably comfy) thrones that need not be identical, but must be part of a set. The clothes for the ritual are a 3 sets of differently purposed clothing, all made from silk, and trimmed with metallic thread: a set for a caster, consisting of a gown or robe, crown or helm, and an expensive focusing object to be held during the ritual; a set for the chanter, consisting of a capped mantle, and a book that is read during the first hour; a set for the dancer, which consists only of what is worn by all of them, which is a pair of loose fitting pants and shirt, gloves, and shoes. The combined cost of these items can be no less than 1,000,000 gp.

The Ritual: The first hour and day are the most important. The ritual begins with placing the gem into the stone bowl, and cutting the recipient of the spell with the knife, and filling the bowl with her blood; the wound is healed with cure light wounds. The first hour continues with the caster sitting in concentration, one participant chanting passages from the book, while the last dances around the circle. The chant and dance are the verbal and somatic components of the spell, respectively. When the first hour is up, the runes briefly dim and the participants each sit in one of the thrones. During the next 24 hours, they can not leave the thrones, eat, drink or use magic items to sustain themselves. During this 24 hour period, they must spend the last 8 hours at rest, during which they may not communicate or entertain themselves, but may sleep. At the end of this time, the basin erupts in fire, awakening everyone, and then immediately dims down, to a slowly flickering aura just above the blood. The colour of the fire is opposite to that of the chosen gemstone. When this is done, the participant who did not cast the cure spell expends an epic spell slot, and the caster is burned of 18,000 XP. The original caster can not use the epic spell slot used to cast the spell until the end of the spell's casting. In the 100 days that follow, the fire waxes until the 20th day, and then slowly wanes, going out exactly 2425 hours after the cure light wounds spell was cast. The basin will be filled with quick silver (which the blood transfigured into while the fire was burning) the surface of it is exactly where the surface of the blood was when the fire started. The spell takes effect when the gem, which is now the size of an orange, regardless of how large it was before, is removed from the quicksilver and cleaned of all remnants of it. If the spell failed at some point, there is no XP burn, the gem is still usable and, when the fire would erupt, it instead trickles onto the ground as if it's a liquid, before disappearing.

XP Cost: 18,000

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