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The Illandian blade, is a scimitar used by the Illandian people, a group of desert Nomads. These metal strapped people always manufacture the few blades they make at the highest quality, represented as all blades being of masterwork quality. For the same reason, they never make large blades, and if they are ever commissioned to make one, they triple the asking price.

The blade itself is created from a special desert ore, which is extracted in nuggets under the sand, formed when iron particles, from any source, collect on the surface of the sand and melt under extreme conditions, flowing into nuggets under the ground. Understandably, these are very rare, so any ore found is treated with a religious reverence. Aside from their rarity though, there is no difference between the metal found in the desert and metal found elsewhere.

What is different, however, is the state of the blades once they are made. Since the blades can pass through lifetimes of wear, they are usually simple blades, easy to clean and store, lacking any protrusions of flanges. They are also insanely hard to break, with 20 hit points, and a -2 to any attempt to sunder them.

The shape of the blade, and it's lack of flanges, make it extremely easy to free from the sheath. The Illandian blade can be drawn as though the weilder had the quick draw skill.

Also, if the blade is ever found in the hands of a Illandian tribesman, it can be assumed their weapon is maintained, and has the benefits therein. There is also a high probability that the knife is soul bound to them by ritual, and can be summoned to their hands with a wisdom check of DC 17. Both men and women of the tribe carry the knives, and both are extremely skilled in the use of them.

Finding Illandian Blades[edit]

These blades are world famous for their quality, and it would not be a stretch to find them in the hands of other fighter and adventurers. The tribe only began selling their blades thirty years ago, and so their blades would not be found in tombs or ancient ruins.

Buying Illandian Blades[edit]

Illandian blades can be purchased from the tribe's village, which is usually found somewhere on the outskirts of the great desert. If the players find it, they can purchase one from the tribe.

It is, however, not an easy proposition. The nomads do not part with their blades, which are often soul linked to them. They will only make weapons for the players, which are not bound, and are simply masterful blades.

If the player brings enough metal (5 lbs), the tribesmen will craft the weapon and charge the player the exact cost of 400, although if the player brings more metal than is needed, the craftsman will lower the price by 1gp/pound.

If the player fails to bring any metal, the player must barter with the craftsman, who will demand 5-10x the actual cost of the weapon. Successful negotiations and bartering can reduce the cost. Craftsmen never react favorably to intimidation, and have been recorded striking down clients who sought to intimidate them in lightning-fast motions.


If a player is purchasing an Illandian blade, they can also, at an additional cost of 20,000 gp and an additional day for creation, purchase a Whetsheath. Any Illandian tribesman over the age of 18 has made their own whetsheath, as part of their coming of maturity ceremony.

DM Notes[edit]

These blades were heavily coveted in a quest I participated in once, in which we witnessed an Illandian duel a barbarian, and defeated him using one of these blades. We spent an entire quest seeking out the village, which had an annoying habit of moving.

My character was the only one who lost his, in the end, and though he has a better one, he still prefers his old blade's balance.

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