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Iconic Profile [Honing]

Your superhero's costumed presence brings out the best (or worse) in people.
Prerequisite: Use of the Super or Sinister supplemental mechanic, BAB +5
Benefit: Your character is a local hero (or villain), and individuals react to your presence. When in costume, you receive a +5 to all Diplomacy or Gather Information checks from individuals with a shared alignment component as you and a -5 to all with two opposing alignments. For example, the superhero Montage Man is Chaotic Good, and can possibly get a bonus from anyone who is Chaotic Neutral or Lawful Good, and even in odd situations from a Chaotic Evil person. However, a Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil individual will incur the negative modifier.
Normal: A character would normally not have these skill check modifiers applied.

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