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About the Iconic Planes[edit]

The iconic planes are the origin of all things that are absolute: good, evil, nature, fire, etc. These are not "real" planes. You can't go there. These are influential planes. When they overlap a physical plane, they change the nature of that physical plane.

Creative Planes
Creation through skill and ritual.
Creation through spontaneous generation.
Creation by word and deed.
Creation by reproduction.
Elemental Planes
The home of all things air.
The home of all things earth.
The home of all things fire.
The home of all things water.
Exemplary Planes
The origin of all forces of change.
The origin of all forces of virtue.
The origina of all forces of consistancy.
The origin of all that is evil.

Pervasive Planes[edit]

The pervasive planes are planes that touch upon all planes. They always interact with world. People may interact with them.

Astral Plane (SRD Planes)
This is the plane of everything that is not. When you reach the end of the world, you reach the infinite expanse of the Astral realm. When you look into the sky, you see the Astral plane. Scholars state that the world exists as an exception in the grand expanse of the Astral plane. They theorize that traveling across the Astral plane can bring you to other clusters of planes yet unknown by the learned.
Ethereal Plane (SRD Planes)
The Etherial Plane may or may not be a plane. It may simply be a trick of magic.
Land of Dreams
Realm of Rem. An inexplicable realm of the sleeping soul.
Plane of Shadow (SRD Planes)
Possibly a plane. Use by some to shorten the distance between two points.
The Timestream
Possibly a plane. Used to explain why there is time. In theory, anyone able to access this plane should be able to move freely in time. However, that is theoretical.

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