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The 12 Labors of Heracles[edit]

1. Nemean Lion[edit]

Heracles' first labor was to defeat the Nemean Lion. The lion's skin could not be broken, so Heracles eventually had to strangle it. The Nemean Lion is an advanced Dire Lion with 16 hit dice and added several added abilities, namely Immunity to Slashing and Piercing Weapons and SR 19.

2. Lernean Hydra[edit]

The Lernean Hydra is a twelve-headed Hydra. One of its heads is immortal, and--if sundered off--continues to attack as a medium viper (but with speed 5 feet). If the immortal head regains contact with one of the stumps, the body of the hydra reanimates (but only with the one head). Burned stumps regrow a head in a week.

3. Cerynitian Hind[edit]

4. Erymanthian Boar[edit]

5. Stables of Augeas[edit]

Hercules's fifth task was to clean the stables of Augeas, king of Elis. He had to do this in a single day, which was easier said than done because the stables of Augeas were by far the dirtiest in the entire world. To clean them, Hercules had to divert an entire river into the stables, which washed away all of the filth.

6. Stymphalian Birds[edit]

7. Cretan Bulls[edit]

8. Mares of Diomedes[edit]

9. Belt of Hippolyte[edit]

10. Cattle of Geryon[edit]

11. Apples of the Hesperides[edit]

Heracles had to retrieve the Golden Apples from the Hesperides, daughters of the Titan Atlas. To find out where the garden of the Hesperides was located, Heracles had to find and and catch Nereus, the shape-shifting sea god who would tell him where to look. To get these apples, Heracles went to Atlas himself. Atlas offered to get the apples if Heracles would hold up the sky for him, which he did, but when Atlas returned with the apples, he didn't want to take the sky back. So Heracles tricked Atlas by asking him to hold the sky again for a moment so that he could get into a better grip on the sky. When Atlas retook the sky, Heracles left with the apples.

12. Hound of Hades (Cerberus)[edit]


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