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Hydrogen Peroxide in high concentration acts as an extremly powerful oxidiser. When diluted with water in small concentration hydrogen peroxide acts as a disinfectant.

Description: Hydrogen Peroxide appears as a very pale blue liquid that may be diluted in water easily. A Craft (Alchemy) check with a DC of 17 is required to determine the substance in its pure form is Hydrogen Peroxide.

Use as a Weapon: A solution of Hydrogen peroxide with a concentration greater than 70% exposed to air may explode at tempertures exceding 70°C. The Blast radius for a vial of Hydrogen Peroxide is 5ft dealing 3d4 Fire Splash damage to all within the radius.

Other: A solution of aproximately 3% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water may be used as a disinfectant to kill non-magical diseases. In a concentration of 3%, the solution may kill 1 sqare foot/vial. Spot applications can be made to open wounds each application consuming 1d2 uses. A single vial contains 4 uses. Hydrogen Peroxide cost 150g/vial in it's pure form or 5g/vial in a 3% concentration.

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