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These are beings of war and destruction. Born as a weapon for an unseen Evil who willed them to annihilate all life. However, all beings eventually rebel there Masters. A civil war broke out in the darkness, as the HyDraknics that served the masters fought against those who deemed them unfit. The pureblooded HyDraknics believed them weaker and thus found them obsolete. The HyDraknics who staid by the sides of there masters were betrayed and stipped away of there intelligence. Outraged the purebloods evolved and grew from there restraints. Larger then the original, stronger and bloodthirsty, they ripped throught the lesser bred and slayed there masters. Now they stay in the shadows awaiting the time they should take the world into there own hands. Only a few PureBloods leave to explore and tear through the new world. They live for about 100,000 years before there soul can be laid to rest, but no one has ever seen one older than 40,000 years. They live for a long time due to the one ability that allowes them to devour the souls of there victims. This race however was originally made for the use of eliminating Elementals. For how do you kill a being of pure energy, in other words a being of pure soul. The only way was to steal or syphon there energies away, but with this new race the Elementals could be erased. Bred and made to devour energy and souls to wipe out any threat that could oppose the might of the unseen evil. These creatures before the rebellion attacked and consumed many beings of the respective elements planes. Thus the developed the name of Light Eaters. This the elementals knew to a certain point and eventually faded away to history. All inhabitants of the elemental planes forgot, as well as the mortal and underworld. Time is the only obstacle blocking there path, and once they come, the world will see there might.


Not much is known about them for they blend in with the shadows. Any who may have seen them may have thought they were just seeing a figment of there imagination. Others disappear before the sun rises. They tend to lean towards evil, but some and only a few have been known to be good.

Physical Description[edit]

Scaled bodies, they stand at 11 feet with no ease. HyDraknics bloodline is determined by how many tails they possess, however, unlike normal tails, these have heads at the end of them. These heads are another extension to the main. However, if one is injured it does not kill the host. Just like a typical Hydra race, these creatures heads regenerate. Four arms meant to break boulders, and a row of serrated teeth ready to devour their victims.


They hide from most, as they wait for the day to come to invade the mortal world. For the world is their plaything. Their former masters also wait for the day to claim back ownership of the Hydraknics. Trying to figure out ways to subdue them. It was over 40,000 years ago, but the Hydraks hate demons, specifically the original lich demon king. Any higher ranked demons make the Hydraks blood boil. They must hold back there anger in order to not try to kill them. Many of Hydraknics have not been out into the outside world, but the few who have traveled made a name for themselves known has the Light Eaters. Elementals, as well as dungeoneers, have heard of myths and legends of a race known to eat the light of your soul if you dare venture too far into the darkness of the worlds. Some have been used in scaring children, but to many, they are considered myths. However a few elementals such as Earth and Fire know of these Abominations, they prepare every day for the invasion of this race. They do not hate Hydraknics but fear them. Any interaction between the two races ends in one of them dying. Only a few have ever survived and told the story of the battle they endured. Most who survived ended there lives, out of fear and delusion of them peering out of the darkness smiling at them waiting for them so they may consume the Light of there soul.


All are evil, but a few who are not are chaotic neutral.


They live where humans and other species do not survive. Darkness is there home, in deep dungeons, and where none search.


Few pray to gods and a few ever serve, but they will serve a God of War if they deem them worthy.


Hydrac (Hydra language)

Racial Traits[edit]

  • (Creators notes, for any who choose to make this character sorry for the constant revisions, this should be the last one so thanks for keeping up!)
  • Plus 4 Str, +2 Con and Int. - 6 Charisma, and -2 wisdom. HyDraknics are meant to endure and evolve to become a stronger being than the forms they have held before. Thus they have increased strength and durability. Due to trying to avoid the outside world for so long, they have become quick-witted, but where they have become smart, they have become horrendous to the outside world. They are seen as monsters, Death himself, or even demons coming to possess there soul. Being isolated for so long as made them uncaring towards how others feel. They are generally blunt and to the point as they lack charm. Common sense is not the worst but neither is it there greatest weakness.
  • Humanoid (Monstrous Humanoid)
  • Large
  • HyDraknics base land speed is 30 feet: Climb of 30 feet Flight of 30 feet
  • Gain a feat
  • Dark Vision 60 f-
  • Low light vision 60 f
  • Heads: just like a hydra race these creatures heads can be decapitated and they regenerate over a 24 hour period. However, if the main head is chopped off then it is unable to move or react until the head regrows. These tail heads are an extension to the main head, thus allowing them to speak if he chooses to use them as another vessel to speak through, and using them for bite attacks and breath attacks which are the same as the main head. A HyDrac can have up to seven tail heads, roll a 1d7 to determine how many tail heads you have.
  • The scent of blood compels them to search for the nearby victims, thus they have Scent. However, they will not stop until they are able to find the bodies of there next victims. They must make a Wisdom save to stop following the scent, if failed they must then roll a fortitude save to stop themselves from eating innocent victims. Being made by another race originally, they know the scent of their previous masters. While this may be good, it also is a trap due to there hate towards this race. Hydraknics tend to bulldoze anything that stands between them and their former rulers. When rolling for will save a 15 or higher must be made to not seek out there former masters, or attack them. For the wisdom and fortitude saves of innocent victims and former masters, DM discretion is advised. Hydraknics can smell any demon from a range of 60 feet.
  • Due to how thick their Natural armor and wings, Hrydraknics cannot swim well thus they suffer -6 in swim checks.
  • This race also suffers from how only specific armor can be made for them. Thus 50% of armor price is increased.
  • Light Eaters: Hydraknics long for a tasty meal, one that will prolong there life and increase there vitality and strength. Being born with the ability to consume others soul, they equate it to a duel. A will against a will, or a strength against a strength. You must choose one stat you will duel with from the following, Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence, or Constitution. Once a Hydrak has slain a worthy opponent (Cr being higher than yours, creatures being stronger than average for there race such as champions or knights, lords and so on, creatures pure of soul, such as innocence, elementals, will, or one he deems worthy per encounter to eat. Dm discretion advised.), he may choose to consume their soul. Using one of the stats used above you may duel with the creatures soul vs yours. Dueling souls are to pit each others stat that the Hydrak chooses, they must roll 1d6+there stats 5 times, whoever has the higher score wins. If the Hydrak losses the duel he losses his meal, as well as must roll a 1d6 and subtract that from his will save and stat he chose. Until he gets a full rest these stats will remain the same. However, if he wins, he gains 10 percent of Strength and Con, until he hits 100 percent they will not gain one point into that ability. (If a adventurer playing this race finds two champions or anything mentioned before in a encounter, then yes he may use this twice, but if he fails he still keeps all the negatives until he gets a full rest. That being said if you use the ability to choose one that YOU deem worthy, then you still can gain another chance if there is a a creature mentioned in the previous notes, but you no matter what can't go past three souls consumed on any single encounter. Eating too much at that point is pure gluttony, roll a fortitude save 16 in order to not puke the souls he just consumed, thus losing any stats that would have been gained that encounter.).
  • Elemental Fear: Being made to consume the essence of elementals and fight them, Hydraks gain a plus 1 to hit as well as plus 2 to Armor class. Any who live on the plane of elementals also suffer -2 to any duel by which they are defending there soul.
  • Elemental Evolution: If the soul or essence of a creature from the planes of the elementals are consumed they give 10 Percent to full immunity of that particular element, a hundred percent is full immunity. However, this does not mean if you consume a air and fire elemental you have 10 percent in each, you must choose one element. (For example if you eat a creature of the air plane, and a creature of the fire plane you have 10 percent in each. Then if you eat another fire and earth, well you would get 10 percent air, 20 percent in fire, and 10 percent in earth.) To gain full immunity you must reach a total of 300 percent in that particular element. Every hundred gives you 5 resist.
  • Natural armor +5
  • Any who make a knowledge check of dungioneering of 22 and a knoledge check of History 20 then they know what this race is from the stories they have heard.
  • Hydraks intimidate skill checks are +5 and doubled when near an elementals who knows of, or has heard of the race.
  • HyDraknics have a Natural attack 1d10 Bite, and 2 claw attacks 1d4
  • A HyDraknics begins with three levels of Monstrous Humanoid, which provides 3d10 Hit Dice, a base attack bonus of +1, and base saving throw bonuses of Fort +1, Ref +2, and Will +3
  • Natural selection: if the Hydraknics manage to survive till the age of 3,000 and 5,000 or they make it to level 15 and 20 they make take one adaption. Gills, to breath underwater and maneuver better in combat. Titan skin, natural armor increases by +5 and gains a DR of 5. Elemental breath, in addition to its vampiric breath, they may add the effects of one element to it. Sharpened body, natural attacks increase by 1 of whatever die it uses in damage, and they gain A tail attack of 2d8. Multi-purpose, gains two more arms that may retract if needed, able to wield a weapon like a user's main hand. Heads, gain another head with the benefit of using multi-attack.
  • Vampire Breath(Ex): HyDraknics can breathe a 50ft. cone of gas, the reflex save DC is equal to 15 + HD + Str. This attack does 3d8 damage at level 1 and may be used per encounter based upon Con modifier. When an opponent is struck by this gas, they lose health, which then replenishes the HyDraknics health. This increases by 1d8 every other level. This breath saps away the energy of those it hits, taking away magic, life, energy, and so on. (For example, if you breathe on the undead it saps away the magic keeping them alive as well as the flesh to hold them together in the first place. He does not gain any bonus effect for draining magic, aside from healing him.)
  • Automatic Languages: Draconic, Common, Hydrac, Ignan. Bonus Languages: Terran, Auran, Aquan, Dwarvish, Undercommon, Infernal, Abyssal, and Elvish.
  • Favored Class: You may multiclass as long as it is a fighter, barbarian or warrior subtype without suffering exp penalties.
  • Level Adjustment: 0

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