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I am the one who goes before the pack. I find prey first, and I make sure that none escape.
—Grimrus, Gnoll Bard/Ranger

Prerequisite: Gnoll, proficient with military ranged weapons.

You are the elite scout of your pack, whether that pack is of fellow gnolls or an adventuring party. You know how to follow prey, strike unexpectedly from a distance and disappear without a trace. While you can stand on your own easily, you do your best work supporting your pack from a distance. Your stealth attacks devastate your enemies before your allies even join the fray, and your great skill from a long range ensures that no enemies escape you.

Huntmaster Path Features[edit]

Stealth Hunter (11th Level): Once per round, when you have combat advantage against an enemy and are using a ranged weapon, an attack you make against that enemy deals an extra 2d6 if the attack hits. You decide whether to apply the extra damage after making the damage roll. This stacks with the Sneak Attack damage from the Rogue class.
Pack Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point and attack an enemy, each ally adjacent to the target can make a basic melee attack against the target.
Pack Hunter (16th Level): You deal an extra 5 damage on melee or ranged attacks against an enemy that has two or more of your allies adjacent to it. This supersedes the 2 damage granted by the Pack Attack racial feature.

Fading Shot Attack 11
You fire one powerful shot at your enemy and then disappear before he can retaliate.
Encounter Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Ranged
Requirement: You must be wielding a bow or crossbow
Target: One creature
Attack: Dex Vs. AC
Hit: 3[W] + Dexterity Modifier damage
Effect: After making this attack, make a Stealth check to hide from your target. You may make this check even wihle observed as long as you have some way to hide. Your target suffers a -5 penalty on Perception checks to find you, and your target's allies suffer a -2 penalty.

Piercing Eye Utility 12
Even in the darkest night, none can escape your well-trained eyes.
Daily Star.gif Martial
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you gain Darkvision.

Fatal Arrow Attack 20
With a single well-aimed arrow, you ensure that your enemy will not trouble you for much longer.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Weapon
Standard Action Ranged
Requirement: You must be wielding a bow or crossbow.
Target: One non-bloodied creature
Attack: Dexterity Vs. AC
Hit: 3[W] + Dexterity modifier damage.
Miss: Half damage
Secondary Attack: Dex Vs. AC.
Hit: 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage.
Effect: The target takes ongoing 10 damage (save ends). If the damage from this attack reduces the target to its bloodied value, make a secondary attack against the same target.

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