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They act like south american indigenous peoples, very naturalistic, living in the forests but civilizated to, they like nature but they are inteligent as much as humans beings.-

Physical Description[edit]

Capuchin Monkeys with 5 inches tall


Humans tend to have preconception about them beeing animals, but they don't care about it and don't take as offense because they know some humans know them and they are better then humans at social environment and empathy, all animalistic races tend to like Humates.


As a Humate all aligments match, Except with Lawfull Evil.


Dense or not Forests, Caves.


They dont have any religion cultivated into they cities, but some of them who have contact with religions accept it as well.


-Humatian, Common Language, Animal Language.


(South American, Latin and African names) Talents when kids give their names related as what he do and what he likes, for example an Harvester who likes to run form the adults- Colerre ("coletar" harvest, correr "run").

Racial Traits[edit]

+2 Charisma +2 Wisdom, their empathy and good manners contribute to the charisma and they nature and civilized knowledge to the wisdom

base land speed is 20 feet: - +10 fts in forests

Automatic Languages: -Humatian, Common Language, Animal Language . Bonus Languages: Elvish, Dwarvish, Orcish.

Favored Class: -Ranger ,Beast Master, Shaman, Witch Doctor, Nature classe types

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