Howling Blast (3.5e Invocation)

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Howling Blast
Greater; 7th; Eldritch Essence

This eldritch essence invocation changes your eldritch blast into a howling blast by duplicating the howling winds of Pandemonium. A howling blast deals sonic damage. Against objects, the gale-force winds of a howling blast ignores one-half of their hardness and inflicts full damage instead of half, and it has a chance of blowing away the object at the DM's discretion.

Against living targets, a howling blast inflicts only nonlethal damage, but the target must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC equal to 10 + ½ your effective caster level + your Charisma modifier). If they fail, roll 2d6 and consult the following table.

2d6 Effect
2 The target is confused for 1d3 rounds
3 The target is cowered for 1d2 rounds
4-5 The target is deafened for 1 round
6-8 No additional effect
9-10 The target is knocked prone
11 The target is knocked down
12 The target is blown away

Secondary effects from multiple howling blasts are not cumulative. Instead, the most recent effect replaces any previous ones.

This has no effect on other pre-existing effects of a similar nature, however.

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