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The Fall of House Tassarini[edit]

House Tassarini was once a powerful Low House, the fifth most powerful House among the Ramosi Houses, and a valued vassal of House Starna. During the Unification Wars however, Adam Renzel and his Army met the Starna, Tassarini, and Jordan forces to the south of the Kraken Keep and beat them badly at Gorgon Bridge. The Ak'kritaari Army then preceded to march on, seige, and sack the Kraken Keep. Every member of the family except the Seat's brother Karlon was killed. Karlon continued to fight in the next two battles against Ak'kritaar, including the near-victory at Riverwatch. Karlon led the remaining Tassarini men and fought for House Telas under the Tassarini banner until Lady Lara's father was slain and the House surrendered. After the war Karlon returned to his Balmorra estate and worked for the next 35 years as a sucessful trader on the Melidaa and then, after he built an estate in Riverwatch, the Daan. He paid the House's tax as a Low House and mustered levies or mercenaries under his own coin in times of war. During the rise of the Dragon and the Dragon Wars Karlon built a small but grand and luxurious walled castle on the road from Balmorra to Riverwatch and raised a permanent company of men-at-arms to guard the road for House Starna. At about this time, he XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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