Horizontal Mounted Tall Shield (3.5e Equipment)

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A tall shield that is made to be more offensive than defensive. the strap and handle of this shield is rotated 90 degrees compared to other shields so that length of the shield follows the forearm. the shield is 4' long, 2'6" from the wearers knuckle and 1'6" wide at the widest. It has a sharpened steel edge and frame with wooden or steel interior (5lb) for a total of 20lbs 25 with steel interior. This shield may be used as a slashing weapon for 1d6 damage but suffers all the penalties you would if you were performing a Shield Bash attack, all bashing feats apply to this shield and its attacks. you may choose to bash or swing at your opponent for bludgeoning or slashing damage respectively. spikes may be added but cost 2x gold due to the length of the shield and change the bludgeoning damage to piercing.

Property Modifier
AC Bonus +1
Armor Check Penalty -5
Max Dexterity Bonus +4
Chance of Spell Failure 25%

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