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A tall shield that is made to be more offensive than defensive; the strap and handle of this shield are rotated 90 degrees compared to other shields so that length of the shield follows the forearm. The shield is 4' long, is 2'6" from the wearers knuckle and is 1'6" wide at the widest. It has a sharpened steel edge and a frame with a wooden or steel interior (5lbs extra) for a total weight of 20lbs (25lbs with a steel interior). When you perform a Shield Bash with this shield, you may choose to do slashing damage instead of bludgeoning damage. Shield spikes may be added, but they cost 2x gold due to the length of the shield, your shield bashes may now choose between slashing and piercing damage (They may no longer deal bludgeoning)

Property Modifier
AC Bonus +1
Armor Check Penalty -5
Max Dexterity Bonus +4
Chance of Spell Failure 25%

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