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Holy Waters Domain[edit]

The Domain of Holy Waters is worshiped by those who have realized the potential of the oft overlooked liquid. They spend years bathing in Holy Water, drinking Holy Water and only eating food grown with Holy Water so that its essence suffuses them to the core. These Clerics are always in service to a Good aligned deity, due to the nature of what they wield. One of these Clerics at a high enough level can make all the difference in battle, being a versatile skirmisher, healer and blocking blows aimed at their comrades. A large enough army of them could very well cleanse the River Styx, destroying the lifeblood of the Lower Planes. Fiends and Undead beware, the Clerics of Holy Water are coming.

Sky Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells
1st Shape Holy Water, Cure Wounds
3rd Healing Spirit, Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
5th Wall of Water, Mass Healing Word
7th Watery Sphere, Ice Storm
9th Holy Weapon, Maelstrom

Blessing of Water[edit]

You are blessed by the pure water of the heavens. At 1st level, Holy Water begins circulating across your body as several streams of its own accord. The maximum amount of Holy Water on you is equal to the number of your spell slots (one spell slot = one vial of Holy Water). This Holy Water can't be decanted into vials for resale, leaving you turns it into mundane water. A stream evaporates when you use a spell, and when you use a stream for any of the following features it acts as if you have used a spell slot for it. You lose access to a spell slot of your choice when used.

As an action, you can use one stream as if you were throwing or splashing a flask of Holy Water on a target, range (20/60). You use Wisdom for the attack rolls and are proficient in this action. You choose which spell slot to lose.

After a long rest, a small cloud forms above you and rains on you refilling all uses of holy water. After the rain, any excess water not flowing on your body evaporates harmlessly leaving no trace.

Channel Divinity: Cloudburst[edit]

Starting at 2nd level, you can cause the Holy Water circulating your body to bring widespread damage for your enemies and salvation for your allies. As an Action, you may conjure a rain cloud in a location of your choice within a range determined by your level times 5 feet. The diameter of the cloud is a size determined by half (rounded down) the Holy Water Streams that are currently circulating your body times 5 feet (minimum of 5 feet, not counting any streams currently Holy Ice). You choose what effect your cloud does:

Cats and Dogs: The rain beats down upon those you deem to be foes. Each hostile creature in the area of effect must make a Constitution saving throw or take Xd4 bludgeoning damage, half on success. X is determined by half your streams rounded down.

Water of Vitality: The rain heals all allies within its area of effect. Any creatures that you regard as an ally in the effect are healed for Xd4 Hit Points. X is determined by half your streams rounded down.

Blessed Water User[edit]

Beginning at 6th level, the Holy Water that you can buy in shops or make through a ritual may be used as a component for Shape Holy Water. This doesn't allow you to cast more spells, but supplements the cost of creating armaments via Shape Holy Water.

Additionally when you perform the spell Ceremony to make Holy Water(SRD), you produce twice the amount.

The Water Burns![edit]

At 8th level, you gain the ability to bring out more power from Holy Water to vanquish your foes. Your attacks with Holy Ice deal an additional 1d4 radiant damage and 1d4 cold damage. In addition Fiends and Undead now take the normal 2d6 radiant damage associated with Holy Water when subjected to Cloudburst and 1d6 radiant damage when you are wielding Holy Ice weapons.

At 14th level, this damage changes to 1d6 Radiant and 1d6 cold for Holy Ice. Fiends and Undead are now dealt 3d6 radiant damage by Holy Water and 2d6 from Holy Ice.

Holy Water Savant[edit]

Starting at 17th level, you are a true master of the Holy Waters and Holy Ice. Additionally, you can quickly bless some water making it Holy Water by taking an action to spill some of your Holy Water streams into mundane water. This creates quadruple the quantity of Holy Water that you spend but does not replenish the spell slot cost. The excess can be used to throw at someone or shape into armaments, not cast spells. You regain use of this ability after a Long Rest.

Shape Holy Water[edit]

You have access to the signature technique of your Domain. Shape Holy Water is a cantrip that is cast as an action to form any weapon/armor from the holy water circulating across your body, turning it into Holy Ice. The weapon can be of any melee type you are proficient with using it's statistics, except that it uses the damage calculation provided and you use Wisdom for attack and damage modifiers. The armor form acts as a bonus to whatever armor you are currently donning, having no effect on it's class. Once formed into a item, it takes an action to change from one form to another. I.E. You've previously created a Hammer for 5 streams, you can take an action to change it into a coat of armor for 3 streams and then another action on the next turn for a dagger using 2 streams.

When in weapon/armor form you cannot use the holy water to cast a spell(s), when not in a Holy Ice form the water returns to coursing around your body and you can use spells again.

Shield form is used to add a bonus to AC for yourself or to a creature you can see being attacked within a 15 foot range as a reaction using Holy Water Streams. Because the shield is made hastily it shatters and evaporates after the attack is resolved, regardless of if it was effective or not. You can't use Holy Ice for this form.

The downside of this technique is that it is brittle. When your armor augmentation successfully negates an attack that would have otherwise hit, part of it chips off causing it to lose one stream worth of Holy Ice. When you hit with a weapon the damage follows suit, losing a degree of power. I.E. Your 7th level Cleric has a Shortsword at 6 streams, ice armor for 3 streams and 2 on their body in liquid form. The cleric makes a successful attack against an enemy, their armor wards off one blow, while they use their reaction blocking an attack for a comrade at the cost of 2 streams. Your Cleric now has a Shortsword at 5 streams, armor for 2 streams and no liquid on their body.

Shape Holy Water table
Streams of Holy Water Weapon Damage Die | Shield AC| Armor AC|
1 Streams 1d2 (1-2) | Shield AC 1 | Armor AC 1 |
2 Streams 1d4 (1-4) | Shield AC 2 | Armor AC 2 |
3 Streams 1d6 (1-6) | Shield AC 3 | Armor AC 3 |
4 Streams 2d4 (2-8) | Shield AC 4 | Armor AC 4 |
5 Streams 1d6+1d4 (2-10) | Shield AC 5 | Armor AC 5 |
6 Streams 2d6 (2-12) | Shield AC 6 | Armor AC 6 |
7 Streams 2d4+1d6 (3-14) | Shield AC 7 | Armor AC 7 |
8 Streams 2d6+1d4 (3-16) | Shield AC 8 | Armor AC 8 |
9 Streams 3d6 (3-18) | Shield AC 9 | Armor AC 9 |
10 Streams 2d6+2d4 (4-20) | Shield AC 10 | Armor AC 10 |
11 Streams 3d6+1d4 (4-22) | Shield AC 11 | Armor AC 11 |
12 Streams 4d6 (4-24) | Shield AC 12 | Armor AC 12 |
13 Streams 3d6+2d4 (5-26) | Shield AC 13 | Armor AC 13 |
14 Streams 4d6+1d4 (5-28) | Shield AC 14 | Armor AC 14 |
15 Streams 5d6 (5-30) | Shield AC 15 | Armor AC 15 |
16 Streams 4d6+2d4 (6-32) | Shield AC 16 | Armor AC 16 |
17 Streams 5d6+1d4 (6-34) | Shield AC 17 | Armor AC 17 |
18 Streams 6d6 (6-36) | Shield AC 18 | Armor AC 18 |
19 Streams 5d6+2d4 (7-38) | Shield AC 19 | Armor AC 19 |
20 Streams 6d6+1d4 (7-40) | Shield AC 20 | Armor AC 20 |
21 Streams 7d6 (7-42) | Shield AC 21 | Armor AC 21 |
22 Streams 6d6+2d4 (8-44) | Shield AC 22 | Armor AC 22 |

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