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Holy Ram [Divine][edit]

You can crush the walls that your enemies hide behind with holy power.
Prerequisite: Turn or Rebuke Undead, divine spellcaster level 3+, Destruction Domain
Benefit: Using the Holy Ram uses up one of your turn undead attempts for the day. Used against a natural wall, roll for turning damage (2d6 + cleric level + Cha modifier) and multiply by twenty. If the number surpasses the structural hit points of the wall, it is crushed. If you don't succeed, no damage is done. Against a magical wall, such as a wall of force spell, roll for turning damage (2d6 + cleric level + Cha modifier). If your roll is higher or equal to 11 + the spell's caster level you dispel it. If used against a prismatic wall, each use of the Holy Ram only destroys one colour layer of it. The Holy Ram can only be used to dispel spells with "Wall" or "Barrier" in the name.

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