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Holy Knight of Purity[edit]

Holy Knights are warriors who gained power from ancient arcane texts, spoken in a language long forgotten yet somehow still able to be read by the one chosen to become a Holy Knight. Only a select few can become a Holy Knight, each one gaining powers unique to them alone in all of existence.

Among them, the Holy Knight of Purity is the skillset of a man with the resolve to kill all who would bring evil or misfortune to the world, as well as any who would stand to protect those people, even should they be innocent and unwilling. Someone that's taken up this title admits to the worthlessness of evil, and any laws that might protect evil. Their hatred for evil beings is materialized in the form of abilities focused on pure power and carnage, and defensive abilities to prevent defeat at the hands of evil..

Making a Holy Knight of Purity[edit]

A warrior of high stats all-around, versatile in many different situations with a specialty for combat. Offensive abilities to get through DR and immunities, and defensive abilities to prevent being defeated by the hands of evil. Very selfish class, with little in the way of assistance for teammates.

Abilities: Strength will determine the power and usage of the majority of class abilities.

Races: The most likely race to become a Holy Knight is a Human, due to the personal bias of those that pick and choose Holy Knights and their racist views on non-humans. With effort or perhaps thievery however, any race is able to become a Holy Knight should they meet the physical requirements.

Alignment: Any Chaotic.

Starting Gold: None.

Starting Age: As fighter.

Table: Holy Knight of Purity

Hit Die: d12

Level Base
1st 1 12 12 12 Relic Weapon +10, Purging Strength x3, Eye of Victory 40, Reset, Holy Ability, Bonus Feat
2nd 2 12 12 12 Eye of Victory 45
3rd 3 12 12 12 Soulripper, Sacrifice Tier 1, Bonus Feat, Eye of Victory 50
4th 4 12 12 12 Mental Immunity, Eye of Victory 55
5th 5 12 12 12 Relic Weapon +15, Purging Strength x4, Bonus Feat, Eye of Victory 60
6th 6 12 12 12 Sacrifice Tier 2, Eye of Victory 65
7th 7 12 12 12 Bonus Feat, Detect Alignment, Eye of Victory 70
8th 8 12 12 12 Sacrifice X, Enduring Soul, 20 Souls of Victory, Eye of Victory 75
9th 9 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
10th 10 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
11th 11 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
12th 12 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
13th 13 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
14th 14 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
15th 15 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
16th 16 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
17th 17 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
18th 18 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
19th 19 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->
20th 20 12 12 12 <-class features for this level->

Class Skills Unlimited skill points
All class skills.

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Holy Knight of Purity.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Simple and martial weapons, all armor, all shields.

Bonus Feats: At 1st level, and every 2 levels thereafter, the Holy Knight gains a bonus combat feat.

Reset: A character cannot start as a Holy Knight. They must become one through a ritual which has a high likelihood of killing the individual. Should they become one however, all previous levels in all classes are consumed, and they become a level 1 Holy Knight. Relating to class, the individual will retain all feats, traits, bonus ability scores from level ups, and hit points. Additionally, they gain bonus hit points equal to their former class' total maximum HP at level 20 assuming maximum rolls per level, including constitution per level, favored class HP and HP feats.

Holy Ability: At level 1, all of a Holy Knight's ability scores become 25 before racial bonuses and bonus ability scores from being level 4+ before becoming a Holy Knight.

Purging Strength (Ex): At level 1, the Holy Knight of Purity gains Purging Strength x3. The Holy Knight multiplies his strength by 3 for the purpose of damage, and also adds it to his BAB permanently. This bonus increases to x4 at 5th level, x5 at 10th level, and x6 at 15th level.

Relic Weapon +10 (Ex): At level 1, the Holy Knight of Purity gains a Relic Weapon. This weapon is bound to him, cannot be disarmed, ignores DR, and is considered extraordinary. It must be a melee weapon. This weapon gains 10 slots of enchantments at level 1, each considered extraordinary despite being considered magic enchantments. At level 5, 10, 15 and 20 the Relic Weapons gains another +5, gaining 5 additional enchantment slots each time. In addition, should anyone besides the Holy Knight bound to the weapon touch it while they're not in attendance of it, they will gain 1d4 negative levels unless they pass a Will save DC 10 + 1/2 the Holy Knight's level + the Holy Knight's highest ability modifier. Should they fail the save, they will lose those levels - even those immune to ability/level damage will lose the levels. Even if they succeed the save, they will drop the weapon at their feet immediately. They will not be immune to the effects for 24 hours like most effects, and will need to repeat the save once again upon picking it up. The Holy Knight can call for his weapon as a free action from any distance, teleporting either into his hand or into any scabbard it may have.

Eye of Victory (Ex): Level 1. As a standard action, the Holy Knight stares into the eyes of his target, and a small glance into another world can be seen through his eyes. A wasteland of dead souls, sinners and bloodshed becomes visible through his eyes, and the target must roll a d100. Should they fail, they will gain 2 insanity points due to the carnage and violence they've witnessed. At level 1, they must roll a 40 or higher or else suffer the effects. Every level from 2 onward, Eye of Victory increases by 5, up to a maximum of 85 at level 10. In addition, they will understand the danger of the Holy Knight's Relic Weapon, and should they be hit by it within the next 1d4 rounds, they will gain an additional insanity point.

Soulripper (Ex): At level 3, gain Soulripper. Creatures that have been hit at least once by a Relic Weapon will become souls within the Eye of Victory upon their death, regardless of distance as long as it's on the same plane. They can be fueled for Sacrifice abilities detailed below. A maximum number of souls can be stored within the Eye of Victory equal to your level + your highest ability modifier. A creature is only able to enter the Eye of Victory if they have a soul at all at their time of death.

Sacrifice 1 (Ex): At level 3, the Holy Knight of Purity gains access to tier 1 Sacrifice abilities. With tier 1 abilities, the Holy Knight can sacrifice 1 soul from the Eye of Victory for a temporary boost. These can be activated as a swift action.

Speed Up: For 1 cost, increase movement speed by 10 feet until the end of your next turn.

AC Up: For 1 cost, grant a +1 misc bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.

Change Type: For 1 cost, change the weapon damage type of your Relic Weapon until the end of your next turn.

Mental Immunity (Ex): At 4th level, the Holy Knight of Purity gains immunity to all mind-altering effects both magical and non-magical, and all fear effects. They can also no longer be intimidated by evil-aligned creatures, or lose morale from the actions of evil-aligned creatures.

Detect Alignment (Ex): At level 6, the Holy Knight of Purity gains Detect Alignment at will. When used by a Holy Knight, it is treated as extraordinary for the purpose of bypassing anti-magic zones and for being detected by Detect Magic or any kind of divination spell or ability used to detect arcane/aura.

Sacrifice 2 (Ex): At 6th level, the Holy Knight of Purity gains access to tier 2 Sacrifice abilities. These abilities cost 2 souls per use, and have slightly more significant boosts and buffs. They are activated as swift actions unless otherwise stated.

Improved Immediate Action: For 2 cost, gain 2 extra immediate actions until the end of your next turn. Can be activated as a standard action instead of a swift action, should the user choose.

Soul Savior: As an immediate action upon being targeted by an effect requiring a saving throw, you may spend 2 souls to add your Relic Weapon's enhancement bonus to your saving throw. This can be done even while flat-footed, unconscious or otherwise helpless.

Opt Out: For 2 cost, the Holy Knight may avoid the first Attack of Opportunity made against them on the turn this ability is used.

Reach: For 2 cost, temporarily turn the Holy Knight's Relic Weapon into a weapon with Reach, increasing its range by 5 feet. Effect lasts 1d4 rounds, or until dispelled as a free action.

Sacrifice X (Ex): At 8th level, the Holy Knight of Purity gains access to Sacrifice X. A unique sacrifice tier that doesn't have its own set ranking due to how its abilities work. An ability qualifies for Sacrifice X if it either gives a cumulative bonus depending on how many souls you spend, or if it's gained as a plot exclusive sacrifice ability.

Damage X: After confirming damage on an enemy, the Holy Knight of Purity may add an additional amount of damage equal to double the souls they spend. This damage ignores all DR and immunities, and bypasses concealment.

HP X: As a full round action, the Holy Knight of Purity may spend souls to gain double the souls they spent in temporary hit points, capping out at a number of temporary hit points equal to 1/2 the Holy Knight's level. These hit points last 24 hours, or until removed via damage.

Movement X: As a free action, the Holy Knight of Purity may spend increments of 5 souls to move 5 feet, able to move up to a total amount of additional feet equal to 1/2 level x 10 without being considered full movement. Movement made in this way ignores difficult or magical terrain, as well as in places that can't usually be moved across such as water or thin air as long as they end on a square of regular surface, but still provokes attacks of opportunity moving through threatened squares.

Range X: As a swift action, extend the range of a thrown weapon (including melee such as the Holy Knight's Relic Weapon) for the weapon's next thrown attack. The distance increase is equal to souls spent x 10, and the soul spending cap is equal to the Holy Knight's level. There are no range increment penalties for a weapon thrown in this way.

Ability Regain X: As a full round action, the Holy Knight can spend a number of souls equal to their level to regain a single usage of any ability they have that has a daily number of uses, or any magic item they're holding that has a number of charges.

Victory Enhance X: As an immediate action upon summoning one of his 20 Souls of Victory, the Holy Knight may instead choose to have their soul materialize for a number of hours equal to souls spent rather than rounds. Maximum amount of souls spent this way is equal to level, and must be decided upon summoning.

20 Souls of Victory (Ex): At 8th level, gain the 20 Souls of Victory. From now on, upon killing somebody with your Relic Weapon, you may choose for them to either be sent into the Eye of Victory to be used to fuel Sacrifice abilities, or added to the exclusive "20 Souls of Victory" - a unique location within the Eye of Victory where memorable souls of the Holy Knight are stored. As a full-round action, the Holy Knight of Purity may summon one of his 20 Souls of Victory back into the material plane - or any other - temporarily, for a number of rounds equal to level. They are absolutely obedient and are prevented from saying or doing anything that would hinder or harm the Holy Knight, even through mind control. They can be allowed to retain their personalities, but must still follow those rules. This can be done a number of times per day equal to half character level, and only one soul may be summoned at once. As a result of the summoning, the Holy Knight gains the exhausted condition until their next turn. Should a Soul reach 0 HP, they will de-materialize back into the Eye of Victory and cannot be summoned again for 24 hours. As an immediate action however, the Holy Knight can choose to grant them 1 HP to stay materialized upon their reaching 0 HP.

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